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Stunning November Phone and Desktop Wallpapers you need this month!

Discover over 55 beautiful phone wallpaper backgrounds and desktop wallpapers for you to choose from and get into the vibe.

These beautiful, crisp November calendar wallpaper backgrounds are perfect for celebrating the end of fall and the start of winter.

Each of these November backgrounds displays a miniature calendar so you can see the month at a glance whenever you’re on your device.

November calendar desktop wallpapers are perfect for encapsulating those November vibes.

Get in the mood for the season with beautiful wallpapers featuring beautiful scenery, thanksgiving aesthetics, and cozy vibes.

You’ll find wallpapers with winter walks, snowy mountains, crunchy leaves, frosty landscapes, and cozy interiors.

These November phone backgrounds give you ultimate vibes.

backgrounds with river scenes

winter mountains & scenic backgrounds

nights of november wallpaper

November scenic sunsets wallpaper 

winter mountains and fall forests

misty mountain scenery backgrounds

scenic november backgrounds

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