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November Calendar Wallpaper | 80 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Stunning November Phone and Desktop Wallpapers You Need This Month!

These beautiful, crisp November calendar wallpaper backgrounds are perfect for celebrating the end of fall and the start of winter.

As the leaves fall and the air gets crisper, we welcome the enchanting month of November with open arms. It’s a time when nature’s palette shifts from the vibrant hues of autumn to the subtle, earthy tones that mark the transition into winter.

To celebrate this cozy and contemplative season, we’ve created a collection of 80 mesmerizing November wallpapers for your desktop and phone backgrounds. These wallpapers not only capture the essence of November but also serve as an at-a-glance functional calendar always easily found on your desktop or phone screen, keeping you on track with your daily activities and important dates.

Our free November calendar aesthetic wallpapers feature autumn leaves and white winters. Enjoy beautiful scenery, fall aesthetics, and stunning architecture on your phone or desktop this month.

There are over 80 beautiful iPhone wallpaper backgrounds and desktop wallpapers for you to choose from and get into the vibe.

Check out our desktop wallpapers below, or you can jump straight to our November calendar phone wallpaper backgrounds if you’re looking for wallpaper for your phone.

November Desktop Wallpaper

Our November wallpapers come in a variety of styles, each designed to resonate with the unique vibes of the month.

These free high-quality November calendar desktop wallpapers are perfect for encapsulating those November vibes. Get in the mood for the season with beautiful wallpapers that feature beautiful scenery, Thanksgiving aesthetics, and cozy vibes.

To use our free November backgrounds simply click on the image and save it to your desktop or phone.

Choose from any image below to get a stunning November 2023 calendar wallpaper desktop background, and don’t forget to scroll down for our amazing November phone backgrounds!

Be sure to try out a few of them to find the perfect wallpaper for your device and remember to come back again whenever you need to change your wallpaper for something else. We have many more aesthetic wallpaper backgrounds and calendar wallpaper for your phone and desktop.

November Desktop Calendar Wallpaper
November Desktop Calendar Wallpaper 4
November Calendar Wallpaper
November Calendar Wallpaper Sunset
November Calendar Wallpaper Rain Background
November Calendar Wallpaper Pumpkins
November Calendar Wallpaper Lighthouse
November Calendar Wallpaper Fox
November Calendar Wallpaper Fox in Forest
November Calendar Wallpaper Forest Deer
November Calendar Wallpaper Fall Leaves
November Calendar Wallpaper Deer
November Calendar Wallpaper Cute
November Calendar Wallpaper Butterfly
November Calendar Wallpaper 16
November Calendar Wallpaper 14
November Calendar Wallpaper 13
November Calendar Wallpaper 12
November Calendar Wallpaper 10
November Calendar Wallpaper 9
November Calendar Wallpaper 8
November Calendar Wallpaper 2

November Calendar Phone Background Wallpaper

Now it’s time to find a perfect November aesthetic wallpaper for your phone. You’re in luck because we have over 60 gorgeous phone backgrounds to suit every style.

You’ll find wallpapers with winter walks, snowy mountains, crunchy leaves, frosty landscapes, and cozy interiors. These phone backgrounds give you the ultimate vibes.

As you set your favorite November wallpaper as your phone background, take a moment to appreciate the simple joys of life: the crisp air, the comforting aroma of hot cocoa, and the beauty of the world as it transforms. Let November be a time to savor the present and express gratitude for all that you have.

These November wallpaper backgrounds for phones are high-definition, so they’ll be crisp, sharp, and stunning on your phone.

I love styling my phone screen to match the season and I hope you love what we’ve created for you.

November Phone Wallpaper
November Phone Wallpaper window rain
November Phone Wallpaper Window City View
November Phone Wallpaper Watercolor Scene
November Phone Wallpaper Street at Night
November Phone Wallpaper stormy lighthouse
November Phone Wallpaper Sitting Fox
November Phone Wallpaper Rio
November Phone Wallpaper rain on window
November Phone Wallpaper Pumpkins
November Phone Wallpaper pebbles
November Phone Wallpaper night sky
November Phone Wallpaper Mountain Scenery
November Phone Wallpaper Mountain Climber
November Phone Wallpaper Mountain Climber Background
November Phone Wallpaper Mountain and forest
November Phone Wallpaper Lion
November Phone Wallpaper Lighthouse Painting
November Phone Wallpaper lighthouse at night
November Phone Wallpaper Leaves
November Phone Wallpaper Galaxy
November Phone Wallpaper Fox
November Phone Wallpaper Fox Background
November Phone Wallpaper Forest Fox
November Phone Wallpaper Feather
November Phone Wallpaper fall
November Phone Wallpaper fall leaves
November Phone Wallpaper Deer
November Phone Wallpaper Deer Forest
November Phone Wallpaper Cute
November Phone Wallpaper Couple
November Phone Wallpaper Couple Walking at night painting
November Phone Wallpaper colorful
November Phone Wallpaper Cabin in Woods
November Phone Wallpaper Autumn
November Phone Wallpaper autumn leaves
November Phone Wallpaper Autumn Colorful Leaves
November Phone Wallpaper Abstract
November Phone Wallpaper Abstract Background
November Phone Wallpaper 58
November Phone Wallpaper 57
November Phone Wallpaper 55
November Phone Wallpaper 51
November Phone Wallpaper 50
November Phone Wallpaper 47
November Phone Wallpaper 43
November Phone Wallpaper 40
November Phone Wallpaper 34
November Phone Wallpaper 23
November Phone Wallpaper 21
November Phone Wallpaper 18
November Phone Wallpaper 5
November Phone Calendar Wallpaper 46
November Phone Calendar Wallpaper 27
November Phone Calendar Background 28
November Phone Calendar Wallpaper 17
November Phone Calendar Wallpaper 13
November Phone Bakground 29

I love each and every one of these wallpapers and I will probably change my phone wallpaper weekly with the different options.

If you want to check out more backgrounds then take a look at our full collection of free wallpaper backgrounds if you’re looking for great wallpapers without a calendar.

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See any wallpapers you like? Get your favorite November calendar wallpaper right here

I hope you’ve found the perfect wallpaper(s) for you. It’s time to embrace the end of the year and get ready for those frosty days ahead.

Remember to check out our full collection of free calendar wallpapers including many other months of the year, for colorful cute aesthetic wallpapers, and much more! We’ve got you covered.

So be sure to come back and check out our Free December Desktop and Phone Wallpapers! If you love the holidays, you will love these!

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