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Bill Payments Calendar


Do you know what bills you’re actually paying? Do you know when the money comes out and how much it is? Other than the main bills like mortgage, rent, electricity and gas, do you log other bills? Like a phone bill? Or the monthly Netflix subscription? 

Have you ever actually looked at your bills altogether? 

Do you know the total cost monthly of all these bills?

Are you paying for things that you don’t even really use?

The bill payments calendar is a beautifully designed two page calendar that can be used to log your bills over the course of a week. You can note when your bills are due to come out, how much and make sure you have budgeted for them. 

When you download the bill payments calendar you will receive the item in four different styles – Botanical, Classic, Cursive and Soft so you have the choice of style that suits you! The design of this fits perfectly as a double page spread in your favorite planner so you can see easily where you stand with your bills.

Check your bills at a glance so you can make sure you are ready for them!

The Bill Payments Calendar is an instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

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