Here you will find help if you’re having difficulty downloading an item from our website or making a purchase.

Please read this page before trying to contact us. Most questions that we get asked have answers on this page.

Download help

Freebie codes can be redeemed in our Freebie Vault.

Most people are able to download without issues, but if you’re having difficulty, then the likely issue is as follows:

Not received your code?

Depending on the code that you’re trying to use, see the following options:


If you have signed up for a freebie and expecting a code but haven’t received it yet, then it might be your spam blocker. Alternatively, get your code instantly by watching our videos displayed on every page of our website.

To make sure you keep getting these emails, please add our email address to your address book or whitelist us. You can unsubscribe at any time.

hello {at} worldofprintables {dot} com

Get your code instantly – no need to subscribe

Tip: You don’t need to subscribe to our newsletter to get your code!

The download codes are displayed in our website videos. Simply watch our website videos and you’ll find the latest codes within them. If you can’t see the videos, simply disable your adblocker and refresh the page then wait here for the video to cycle through to the code video.

Wherever you signup for the product, you’ll also find a direct link to get the product next to the signup form. Just click the link to go straight to the product and you’ll see a video on the page which displays the code to get it for free, so no need to sign up.

Our video with your freebie code:

If you can’t see the video above, simply disable your ad blocker and refresh the page.


NOTE: Please don’t contact us for help unless you are a Love & Pixels user as we don’t offer technical support or advice on codes for our freebies.

Better yet, why not get your Love & Pixels code? With Love & Pixels you’ll not only get lifetime access to all of our premium printables and digitals, including new releases and updates, but you’ll also get instant access to any of our freebies throughout our website.

Please do not contact us saying ‘code is not working’ or ‘I haven’t received my code’. The help for these can be found above on this page.

If you need to contact us: hello {at} worldofprintables {dot} com

Code not working?

We assure you that the code you have received is correct as they have been tested. If your code isn’t working it is likely that you’re entering the code for a different item.

Your email will tell you the name of the item. Search for this on the page and enter your code.

TIP: Make sure you enter the password to download using the code that you received in your email. Enter it exactly as shown in the email, i.e. ALL CAPS

Also, make sure you’re trying to download the correct one. Look at the pictures next to the planner you’re trying to download.

NOTE: Each download uses a different password for each to prevent misuse. To download more than one item, simply get a code for each item you need, using the link next to each item, or get the universal code from our video. This changes regularly.

If for some reason you don’t see the password box pop up, make sure you disable your popup blocker or ad blocker as this may prevent the password prompt from showing.

Universal Code

We offer a universal code that works with all of our products, freebies, and more. Saving you time and convenience. Get your universal code from our Love & Pixels page.

Lost your Love & Pixels code?

If you have bought our Love & Pixels that gives you access to all of our premium printables and planners that can be downloaded via our Love & Pixels hub and various pages throughout our website.

When you buy Love & Pixels access, you normally receive a code as soon as you complete the purchase, which is displayed on the screen, along with your download link to get your access code.

If for some reason you don’t have your code or have lost it, please get in touch and we will get back to you with your access code as quickly as possible.

GoodNotes Help

GoodNotes has two ways of using digital planners, edit and read-only.

If you’re in read-only mode, it won’t let you use it as a planner.  Going into edit mode lets you use it as a planner, writing on the pages, using the tabs, etc.

Here is more on read-only mode from GoodNotes and how to turn it off.