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Digital Journal – Free 100 Page Journal For 2024

If you like to journal and want to go digital, then this digital journal is everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s totally free!

A digital journal combination of a planner and a journal, a place where you can plan important things, but also journal too.

Here you will learn what digital journals are, and how to use them. We’ve also created a digital journal for 2024 that you can use for free and you’ll find it right here.

See how to get the free Digital Journal below.


I have been using journals for as long as I can remember, and over the years I’ve accumulated many paper journals, some of which I used frequently, and others I barely touched.

At one point a few years ago, I asked myself “Can journaling be done digitally?” that’s when I learned all about digital journals and I just had to try it. When I started, I found it so much better and haven’t looked back since.

Best digital journal

If you already have a device like an iPad that you use daily for things like emails, notes, grocery lists, etc, then you will likely find that using the device for journaling is a great next step.

A digital journal is not only convenient, but it’s also more secure. It won’t cost you a penny either, as you won’t have to buy replacement journals when you’ve used them, you can simply start a new one, erase existing pages, or copy blank pages.

You can use a digital journal to do everything you can do with physical journals, and so much more.

You can easily search your journal for entries, rather than having to flick through pages trying to find something you’ve written previously.

Thoughts and notes page

Introducing our new Digital Journal

Get this free digital journal, with over 100 cute pages, packed with journal pages and useful templates, covering everything you need to journal and plan your life.

Every page of this digital journal features a cute design that looks stunning with its quirky aesthetic that really motivates you to use it, along with hyperlinked tabs that will help you quickly find everything you’ve planned so far.

As well as regular journaling, you can do so much more, such as plan your schedule, and write down tasks and everything you need to do. You can use it for productivity, money and budgeting, health and well-being, home organization, meal planning, goal setting, projects, and more. 

Then journal how you got on, with the relevant notes sections found on most pages.

A digital journal helps you be more productive and more focused, and best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny.

Read on to see what’s included and how you can get this digital journal for free.

Free Digital Journal
Free Digital Journal

See what’s included in this digital journal

This hyperlinked digital journal is designed to work on any PDF annotation app and is great for those who love DIY journaling.

Key features:

  • Hyperlinked tabs and index for easy navigation.
  • Blank dot grid pages for daily, weekly, and monthly journaling.
  • Blank notes pages for any type of note-taking.
  • Blank pages – for journaling, creativity, doodles, and more.
  • Custom Sections (x6)
  • Stylish Cover

This digital journal features many useful pages and templates to help you plan and keep track of everything important to you, such as goal planning, budget, mood tracking, notes, ideas, and so much more.

It’s nicely organized and reusable and you can use it for any kind of digital journaling.

Over 100 useful pages, including:

  • Calendar Journal
  • Weekly Journal
  • Daily Journal
  • Monthly Journal
  • Habit Journal
  • Mood Journal
  • Food Journal
  • Goal Journal
  • Project Journal
  • Budget Journal
  • Savings Journal
  • Debt Journal
  • Spending Journal
  • Weight Journal
  • Calorie Journal
  • Recipe Journal
  • Self Improvement Journal
  • Plus many more useful pages

Let’s look at the included pages in more detail.

Calendar Journal

The calendar journal combines a year calendar next to space for writing important dates and events so that you can review your experiences and thoughts over the year.

Calendar journal
Calendar journal

There’s a year calendar for 2024, and also one for 2025.

Weekly Journal

Use the weekly journal as a personal diary or planner to record events, thoughts, and reflections or write down ideas all on a weekly basis.

Weekly Journal
Weekly Journal

You can use a weekly journal to reflect on your experiences, use it as a place to vent frustrations or process your emotions, or use it as a source of inspiration and motivation.

You can also use it to keep track of appointments, or tasks, for the week ahead, as well as set your weekly goals and track their progress.

Overall, the weekly journal is something you can use in a variety of ways to help you stay organized and focused on your life each week.

Daily Journal

Use the daily journal as a planner or personal diary, to write down reminders, events, thoughts, ideas, and reflections each day.

Daily Journal
Daily Journal

Use a daily journal as a place where you can write down everything that is happening in your life each day, from tasks, appointments, or goals, or as a place to reflect on your daily emotions, which can be useful for helping you make positive changes to your life.

Monthly Journal

Use the monthly journal to write down events, thoughts, and reflections on a monthly basis.

Monthly Journal
Monthly Journal

You can use a monthly journal to keep track of your appointments and tasks each month, set goals, and track your progress. Or you can use it as a place where you can reflect on the month, from things you have experienced, to emotions that you’ve felt.

When reviewing your monthly journal, you can see how far you’ve come, or what improvements you need to make in your life going forward.

Habit Journal

Use the habit journal to keep track of habits and routines on a regular basis, such as exercise, meal planning, healthy eating, or positive thinking. You can use it to keep track of your progress when trying to form any new habits.

Habit Journal
Habit Journal

When reviewing the habits that you’re tracking, you can see which ones are working and others that you need to improve which will help you increase the likelihood of the habit sticking.

Mood Journal

Use the mood journal to keep track of your moods over time. This will help you notice any changes or patterns that emerge, as well as identify anything that may affect your mood.

Mood journal
Mood journal

Overall, a mood journal is a great way to help you reflect on your emotions and can be a useful way to help you improve your wellness so that you can make positive changes to your life if necessary.

Food Journal

Use the food journal as a planner or diary to keep track of your food intake and eating habits on a regular basis.

Food Journal
Food Journal

You can write down your meals and snacks, portion sizes, nutrition intake, and more.

The food journal is a great way to monitor your eating habits, whether that’s healthy eating, unhealthy snacks, or skipping meals.  By regularly reviewing your food intake and eating habits, you can recognize areas for improvement so that you can make positive changes to your diet.

Goal Journal

Use the goal journal to set and track goals, and see the progress that you’re making toward those goals.

Goal Journal
Goal Journal

You can set short-term, or long-term goals, that you can track over time and review your progress, note any setbacks, all of which will help you stay on track, and make adjustments that will motivate you towards completing them.

Project Journal

Use the project journal to plan and track any projects that you may have. You can use it to plan projects in detail, brainstorm ideas, note any research, or track your progress as you work on your projects.

Project Journal
Project Journal

By reviewing your project journal, you can keep track of your progress which is a great way to keep you organized and motivated while you work on your projects.

Budget Journal

Use the budget journal to keep track of your income and expenses on a monthly basis.

Budget Journal
Budget Journal

Using a budget journal can help you identify where you might be overspending, or not managing your budget well, all of which will help you manage and improve your finances going forward.

Savings Journal

Use the savings journal to set savings goals and keep track of your savings on a regular basis.

Savings Journal
Savings Journal

You can use it to see areas where you might be able to save more money.

Debt Journal

Use the debt journal to see any debts that you may have, who they are to, and how much they are, and track the payments that you’re making towards reducing your debt.

Debt Journal
Debt Journal

The debt journal is a great way to stay on top of your debt and can even help you find ways to make changes to your budget that can help you manage your debt better.

Weight Loss Journal

Use the weight loss journal to keep track of your weight loss progress. 

Weight Loss Journal
Weight Loss Journal

You can use it to set weight goals, and milestones, and track each pound you lose on a regular basis.

by regularly reviewing your weight loss journal, you can see your progress and identify where you may need to make improvements toward your goals.

Calorie Journal

Use the calorie journal to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

Calorie Journal
Calorie Journal

You can use a calorie journal to make sure you’re consuming the right amount of calories for your goals, which could be weight loss or weight maintenance.

You can also use it to monitor your nutrition, find where you may be consuming too many or too few calories, and make adjustments to your diet where necessary to help you maintain or reach your goals.

Recipe Journal

Use the recipe journal to write down your favorite recipes, as well as any new recipes that you’ve tried or want to try.

It’s also useful for meal planning or helping you stay organized in the kitchen.

Recipe Journal
Recipe Journal

You can write down cooking notes, ingredients, how long a recipe takes, and other relevant information.

A recipe journal is a type of personal planner or diary that is used to record and organize recipes. It can be a physical book or notebook, or it can be an electronic document or app.

Self Improvement Journal

Use the self-improvement journal to keep notes on areas where you’re trying to make improvements in your life.

Improvement Journal
Improvement Journal

You can use a self-improvement journal to set and track goals, such as learning new skills, improving your wellness, or as a place to reflect on your experiences. 

It’s a great way to reflect on your personal growth and find areas of your life where you would like to make improvements, as well as work towards them.

Spending Journal

Use the spending journal to keep track of your spending on a daily basis.

Spending Journal
Spending Journal

It’s a great place to see areas where you might be overspending. By regularly reviewing your spending you can make changes to your budget to manage your money better.

Other useful pages

There are also many other useful pages that you can use to stay organized, focused, and motivated toward the things that matter.

These pages include

  • Year Overview
  • To-Do Lists
  • Home Planner
  • Personal Planner
  • Bills
  • Weight Chart
  • Grocery List
  • Checklists
  • Contacts
  • Important Dates
  • Custom Sections

There are many useful pages that can help you make improvements to your life. Use them to review and for reflection from time to time.

Digital Journal Personal Planner
Personal planner
Digital Journal Notes
thoughts and notes pages
Digital Journal Meals and Workouts
meals and workouts journaling
Digital Journal Home Planner
home organization journaling
Digital Journal Grocery List
Grocery list

The digital journal can be downloaded for free below. But read on to learn more about what a digital journal is and what you can do with it so that you’re able to use it more efficiently.

What is a digital journal?

A digital journal is simply an electronic version of a traditional physical journal, and like any other journal, it is a place where you write down anything and everything.

There are different ways of journaling digitally, from using a simple word processor like Google Docs, notes such as Google Notes, or online apps.

If you use a device like a tablet you can have a digital version of a journal right on your tablet, which looks like the real thing, complete with pages, covers, and more. You can even insert photos and other media right into them, without having to print them first.

You’ll find a free digital journal right here on this page, and advice on the best journaling apps to use it with below.

Digital Journal Example

How do you use a digital journal?

You can use a digital journal for anything. From simple daily journaling, or more in-depth journaling similar to how you would use a bullet journal.

As well as using it to write down thoughts, ideas, tasks, goals, lists, and notes, you can do much more with it, like planning, tracking, budgeting, and more.

You can even use it as a work journal, to keep a log of your activities at work.

You can basically use it for anything. For the best journaling experience, you shouldn’t feel pressured into journaling each day, some apps can send regular prompts, but this can be off-putting and the unnecessary pressure to use it can actually stop you from using it completely.

There are no notifications prompting you to write in your journal unless you create them yourself within your iOS devices.

Whether you use it as a five-minute journal or go days or even weeks without using it, a digital journal can be a place to store any kind of notes or plans.

Week Journal

How to start a digital journal

1. Choose a digital journaling app

If you’re asking yourself “What is a good free journal app?” then there are many apps that you can use for digital journaling. Depending on the device you use, you’ll find popular apps on the relevant app store on your mobile device.

For iPad and iPhone, the most popular app is GoodNotes, rated as the best journal app, that’s used by many people for digital planning and journaling. GoodNotes is a one-time purchase, whereas some others such as Notability are yearly subscriptions.

On Android, popular apps are Xodo and also Penly which many users consider to be a great journal app. 

2. Get a digital journal

Once you’ve decided on an app, you’ll next need a digital journal to use with the app.

There are many places where you could get these, such as Etsy, and they often cost around $10. However, we’ve created many digital planners that you can use with these apps, and they’re all free. Also here on this page, you’ll find a digital journal that we’ve created just for journaling.

All of our planners and journals are free, and they’re better than many that you’ll find elsewhere that cost you money. We’d rather you save your money and simply recommend us to others.

3. What to write in your digital journal

You can write anything you want in a digital journal, there are no rules as to how you should use it.

A digital journal is simply a personal space where you can write anything, from your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, in any way that you choose.

You can use one to document your daily life, writing about things that have happened, and how you feel about them.

You can use it as a way to explore your thoughts and emotions and write about your goals, dreams, and challenges.

Digital Journal Template
Digital Journal Template

Many people also use it to plan and track their daily lives.

You can also use it for creativity, by writing poetry, short stories, song lyrics, brainstorming, or simply just doodling.

4. Add photos to your digital journal

It is easy to add photos to your digital journal.  Using your digital journaling app, you can use the import feature to add photos, images, stickers, or any type of multimedia to your journal pages. Import them from your photo gallery on your phone, tablet, or digital camera, or even import them from your cloud storage right into your journal.

You can also use a scanner to scan physical photos and add them to your digital journal, cropping them right within the app, and adjusting them as required.

A digital journal is something that you can use to express yourself freely, and using it every day will help you build a habit of using it.

Many YouTube videos show you how to use a digital journal, as well as other social media such as TikTok, so you’ll find lots of useful tips on how to get the most from journaling digitally.

Get a free digital bullet journal

If you like this digital journal, why not also check out our digital bullet journal? It’s full of pages that you can use for anything, ready to set up with your own custom pages.

Free Digital Bullet Journal

Get your free digital bullet journal right here on World of Printables.

Is it better to journal digitally or on paper?

Choosing whether to journal digitally or on paper is a personal choice and there are pros and cons to each medium.  

Writing in a physical journal can be therapeutic, it can be enjoyable to feel the pen or pencil on paper and it may allow you to express your thoughts and emotions more freely. 

Digital journaling can be faster and more convenient, as you can access your journal on different devices, and it is also easier to organize and do quick searches to review your journal entries later. 

Digital To Do List

Digital journaling also relies on your device encryption, so if you’ve enabled password protection on your device, your journal will be more secure than a regular physical journal. 

Deciding what works best for you is by thinking of how you would use it, and what you would get the most out of it. 

If using a physical journal is easy, but you’re less inclined to use it due to its drawbacks, then there’s no point in sticking with something that you don’t use. Whereas if digital doesn’t feel as therapeutic, but you stick to it due to its convenience, then you’re still on to a winner.

No matter what your preference is, why not start the new year with a digital journal and give digital journaling a try? It might just be your dream journal!

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