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Teacher Planner – 64 Useful Pages For Every Teacher

Looking for a teacher planner for the new term? Then look no further!

We’ve created this 64-page teacher planner 2023 binder, that’s full of useful pages to help you make the most of your year. With calendars for 2023 and 2024 included.

You’ll find useful pages such as lesson plan templates, class rosters, class schedules, assessment trackers, assignment trackers, behavior logs, inventory, projects, and much more.

You’ll also find more familiar planner pages to help you with your day to days, such as daily and weekly planners, to-do lists, and many other pages to help you stay organized. You’ll find a full list of all of the included pages below.

Best of all, it’s totally free! Simply print, or import into your favorite digital planner app, and make the most of the school year ahead!

teacher planner 2022

The only teacher planner that you’ll need

Our stylish teacher planners are not only packed full of pages that you’ll find very useful, but they’re also professionally designed in two optional styles.

You can choose from a simple stylish version, that features subtle colors and a classic layout. Or if you prefer something more fun, then there’s a totally cute version that’s full of colors and great for anyone who wants something a little more quirky.

Start planning and stay organized

Our teacher plan book will help you with your lesson planning and organization.

Your lessons might run from Monday to Friday but we know as a teacher that your work doesn’t end with the work week.

This teacher planner is packed full of useful pages, lesson planning templates, and tools to help you make the most out of teaching, planning, and creating a confident learning schedule for yourself and your pupils.

Read on to learn about our teacher planner, why it is important to use one, and how to get it as a printable planner or as a digital planner!

Teacher Planner Free

What is a Teacher Planner?

A teacher planner is a great organizational tool that helps teachers, tutors, mentors, or homeschooling parents manage their time and workload. It’s an ideal tool to have that will help you plan lessons, inspire your class, understand your class better and create an educational experience that will ensure success.

This planner is perfect for all stages of education. It’s flexible and versatile enough to use from early years, through school, and into adult education. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher, a high school teacher, a special education teacher, or a college professor, the teacher planner will benefit you.

Do I need a teacher planner?

If you want to be at your best from the start of the academic year then I strongly recommend a teacher planner.

A teacher planner will allow you to plan and schedule everything that is important to your teaching and learning experience, and having it all together in a teacher planner will allow you to stay on track.

What should a teacher planner have?

A good teacher planner should be well thought out, genuinely useful, and have a focus on both the teacher and the pupils throughout the school year.

There are many different pages and elements that can be incorporated into a teacher planner to offer the best experience and with a planner like ours, you can add additional and custom pages to make it the planner perfect for you.

Before you spend $40+ on a teacher lesson planner, give our free teacher lesson planner a try – I promise you will love it!

Best Teacher Planner

Our teacher planner has been designed with a focus on both the teacher and the student and will help you streamline the classroom experience.

Our teacher binder is ideal if you love to rearrange your pages, remove pages or add more pages to suit your own needs and teaching style. Using our printable teacher planner allows you to consistently change your planner around, adding more when you need more rather than worrying about running out of space.

Teacher planners tend to have space for August to the following July, so you can use a new teacher planner for every new term for free!

We think it is one of the best planners available, so give it a try and see for yourself!

Free teacher planner

See what’s included in this free teacher planner

The teacher planner comes with 64 useful pages, designed to help you make the most of your time as a teacher.

The pages include:

Cover page

The Teacher planner comes with a beautiful cover page, so no matter how you decide to bind your printable planner, you will have a cover page for the front.

2023 year calendar + 2024 year calendar

The yearly calendars are extremely useful for planning the academic year and the year ahead. There are two annual calendars – one for 2023 and one for 2024.

Teacher Planner Year Calendar

To Do List

Teachers are extremely busy and outwith the teaching periods, they still have 101 other things to be doing. Let this to do list help you prioritize your daily tasks.

Teacher Planner To Do List

Weekly To Do List

Make sense of your weekly tasks with this weekly to do list. From marking homework to requesting new supplies, this weekly to do list will help you see your tasks at a glance.

Teacher Planner Weekly To Do List

Daily Planner

Use the daily schedule to plan your lessons down to a tee. Having a daily schedule allows you to keep structure to your day and with our daily planning pages, you can add or remove them as you see fit.

Teacher Planner Day Planner

Class Schedule

Plan your class schedule to a tee with our handy class schedule pages. Print as many as you need whenever you need them.

Class schedule

Weekly Planner

The weekly pages are ideal for lesson planning, keeping a note of projects or homework, and other weekly activities.

Teacher Planner Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner

The monthly planner is amazing for helping you see what’s coming up at a glance. Whether it’s a month of meetings and parent’s evenings or if a field trip is due, you will see it all with the monthly planner.

Teacher Planner Month Planner

Monthly To Do list

When planning your month, take the tasks that need to be done and list them on the monthly to do list pages. From there you can allocate them to different weekly to do list pages.

Checklist pages

Use these pages to create checklists for anything end everything you need.

Month in review

The month in review page is a great tool for helping you reflect on the month. This is super handy for a teacher as you can see what worked in your lessons and what didn’t quite reach the mark.

Year Overview

Focus on long-term plans with curriculum maps, yearly overviews, goals planners, and monthly schedules. Our teacher planner offers space for planning field trips and any other activities that might be on the horizon.

Next year at a glance

Pencil in some long-term goals and plan ahead with the next year at a glance page.

Improvement planner

The improvement planner pages are great for both teacher and student! Print one out for every pupil and let them fill it in. They will learn to recognize and understand any difficulties they have and what they need to improve with. This allows you to understand the child’s needs better.

Goal Planner

Plan your goals with the goal planner. What do you want to achieve this term? What do you want to work on and what steps will you take to get there?

Class Project Planner

Use this page to plan your class projects. Planning any projects will make sure you have everything ready from the start, making sure you are prepared and leaving less room for error.

Teacher Planner Class project

Notes page

Make notes with the notes page. Add as many note pages as you like.

Blank lined paper

Use the blank lined paper to make additional notes, drawings, brainstorming, or anything else you might need it for. You can also choose from a selection of blank lined paper in various styles to add to your planner.

Blank dot grid paper

Use the different page layouts for different needs. You will find blank dot grid pages included in the teacher planner, along with additional note pages. There are also graph pages in different formats if you would like to add these to your planner.

Contact list

Use the contact list to keep important contact information for your students.

Password tracker

A password tracker is a great way of keeping the password for shared devices in the classroom, whether that’s online learning websites or something the students can access for fun during breaks.

Daily work log

Use this page to keep a log of your daily workflow and stay on track.

Weekly work log

Keep a record of your weekly work log so you can see what you have worked on throughout the week.


Use the timesheet to log the days you worked and whether they were half days or full days.

Student list

The student checklist is perfect for helping you keep a record of students and can be used for your needs in and outside the classroom.

Teacher Planner Student List

Class roster / attendance

Keep track of your pupil’s attendance with this class roster. Use it daily and then figure out their attendance percentage out of 100% at the end of each term.

Class roster

Expenses tracker

Keep a log of any expenses you might have before filing them with the admin team. This could be for classroom supplies, or any business expenses covered by the school.

Things to do planner

Got ideas for things you need to do or what you can do with your class? Keep a note of them here.

Class inventory list

Use the class inventory list to keep a track of the things your need to help your classroom run smoothly.

Teacher Planner Class Inventory

Class schedule

The class schedule will help you plan the week of lessons and activities down to the hour.

Assessment tracker

Use the assessment tracker as a template for carrying out any relevant assessments throughout the school year.

Teacher Planner Assessment tracker

Seating chart

One thing that adds structure to a classroom is a seating chart. Use the seating chart at the start of the term and reevaluate it based on pupil performance and concentration.

Teacher Planner Seating Chart


Whether it is a school fete, school sports day, or someone to help in the classroom, keep a note of any volunteers with this page.

Behavior log

A behavior log can be very beneficial to a teacher. It’s not about a naughty or well-behaved child, it’s about noticing patterns of behavior that could hint at something that needs to be addressed or might be happening outside of school.

Teacher Planner Behavior Log

Communication logs

Communication logs are an essential part of any teacher planner and you can use this page to log communications with co-workers, parents, and others.

Teacher Planner Communication Log

Class groupings

Use the class groupings list for developing lessons for small groups or intervention documentation.

Teacher Planner Class Grouping

Assigned reading tracker/list

Keep a note of any assigned reading throughout the term and make a note as to whether the students enjoyed the book and how they understood it.

Assignment tracker

Keep a log of any assignments allocated to pupils or even yourself.

Teacher Planner Assignment Tracker

Grades tracker/grade book

There is also a space for keeping a log of any student grades, so you can see their progress at a glance and reflect on how far they have come or recognize any students that might need a little extra help.

Teacher Planner Grades Tracker

Lesson plan

Use the lesson plan to really hone down on what you need for a successful lesson such as the standards and objections, the materials and procedure to use, and how to approach the lesson for different levels.

There’s a lesson plan template to help you plan the lesson, along with materials required, learning objectives and any assessment details.

You’ll also find a weekly lesson plan template to help you see all of the lessons that you plan on teaching for the week ahead.

Teacher Planner Lesson Plan

Conference schedule

Teachers are always learning too and have opportunities to go to conferences and other educational gatherings. Use the conference schedule to keep all of these important opportunities in check.

Teacher Planner Conference Schedule

Student Birthday Log

There is plenty of room for keeping a record of class birthdays, medical information on students, and other important info.

Teacher Planner Student Birthdays

Teacher Planner Stickers

You will also get free teacher planner sticker sheets included, and better yet, we have tons of free planner stickers available for you to use too. Just take a look around and get your favorites.

How to get this free teacher planner

The teacher planner is available in two styles, and you can get them right here. Choose the version that you want below.

Printable Teacher Planner

To get the teacher planner, click the download button below to go to the archive page.

Printable teacher planner

Cute Teacher Planner

To get the cute style teacher planner, click the button below.

Teacher Planner

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