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Hey, I’m Ellie, designer and co-founder of World of Printables. I run World of Printables with my amazing hubby but he’s camera shy so I guess I’m the face of it!

We started World of Printables because we wanted to bring all of our designs together into one place where people could discover and download great designs for their home, or usable things to help them stay productive.

We saw how others were making and selling their own printables and thought ‘we could do that too’ so we did!

First, we started selling printables on Etsy and we made some income from that but it wasn’t until we started our own website (Urban Artwork) selling printables and prints where things really took off for us.

We still run that successful business but we also wanted a place where we could give away many of our printables for free and help other people make and sell their own printables too.

Which is why we started World of Printables. 

Why give our designs away for free?

Many of our designs are free because we enjoy giving back but we don’t give all of them away for free. We have some bigger packs and premium printables that we sell along with printed and framed versions of our printable wall art. We send these directly to our customers which saves them the time of printing and framing themselves or makes a perfect gift.

Aside from our printables, we also want to help people learn how to make their own printables, whether that be for their own homes, or gifts for others, or better yet, to sell and make some money from. After all, it’s so easy to make and sell printables and it’s one of the most enjoyable ways of making extra money!

We write a lot of posts on how to design your own printables, how and where to sell them, and even how to sell them as framed prints just like we do here and on Urban Artwork.

So that’s an insight into us, this site, and everything we do (and how you can do it too!).

I hope you find something you love to print from our blog, or find something nice to buy from our store, or even just find a guide on our blog that helps you get started on your printable journey too, whether that’s for fun or for profit!

Just follow us on Instagram or Pinterest and keep in touch! We love our followers and we’d love to see what you’ve done with our printables or things you’ve made from our guides. Or simply ping us an email and say ‘Hi’!

Take care, Ellie

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