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Browse this collection of health planners and fitness planners. Plan your workouts with the workout planner, track your weight loss and more. Templates for Men, Women, and beginners.

Blood Pressure Logs

Blood Pressure Trackers

Choose from this large selection of blood pressure trackers that you can print and use for free. You’ll find a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Use these free printable blood pressure chart templates to help you keep an eye on your blood pressure levels and keep a log of the results each […]

Free Water Tracker Stickers - Printable and Digital Planner Stickers

Water Tracker Stickers – Free Printable and Digital Planner Stickers

Use these gorgeous water tracker stickers to track your water intake. Available free as both printable planner stickers and also digital planner stickers. Drinking water is so important and everyone should be drinking their daily amount – me included. I’m not here to preach because I definitely go days, and weeks without drinking a single […]

20 best health planner templates

Create A Health Planner With These Free Printable Templates

Use these free printable health planner templates to help you keep track of all aspects of your health and maintain or improve your overall health. Why you should use a health planner Using a health planner, which consists of a health diary or health journal and several other health-related trackers is a great way of […]

Personal planning template

Free Personal Planning Template – Time To Focus On You

Use this printable personal planning template to focus on self-improvement, helping you be both physically and mentally healthier and happier. This is the planner template that lets you focus on yourself. This template isn’t just about organizing your week ahead, it’s been designed more for helping you set yourself some goals that will help you […]

Free workout templates

Free Workout Template – Track Your Workouts Easily

Use this free workout template to plan and keep track of your workouts to help you continue to push yourself further each time. Stay motivated, push harder and you’ll continue making improvements to your fitness. This workout template is designed to help make this simple. Sections available in this template: Date Workout Activity Sets Reps […]

Exercise schedule template

Free Printable Exercise Schedule Template

Use this awesome free printable exercise schedule template to plan and track your workouts. If you’re serious about exercise then this simple schedule template will help you plan your weekly workouts in advance. Sections available in this exercise schedule: Days of the week (Monday start) AM Workout/Exercise PM Workout/Exercise Notes This exercise schedule template has […]

Meals and workouts template

Printable Meals And Workouts Template

Use this meals and workouts template to keep track of your daily meals over the course of the week, including calories consumed. You can also log your workouts, duration and calories burned. Sections available in this template: 7 Days Meals (Monday to Friday) Meals Calories Eaten Workouts Workout Time (Duration) Calories Burned You can plan […]