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The Kaizen Planner

The Kaizen Planner is more than just a planner.

It’s a philosophy for continuous improvement in life and work, to change for the better.

It’s a tool to help you organize and improve every aspect of your life, it’s designed to encourage you to plan, set your goals, push for improvement, and dream big.

This planner wasn’t just created to make your life easier, it was designed to make your life better.

We’re all on a journey, exploring and finding ourselves, striving to make our lives better each day.

The Kaizen planner helps you to live each day better.

The Japanese concept of Kaizen, which means “constant improvement” can be applied to all aspects of your life and work.

The Japanese approach to life is very different from that of the west.

Kaizen is the reason why Japanese manufacturers dominated the world for years.

The philosophy benefits all walks of life in Japan. Put it this way, if you do the same thing over and over, improving a little each and every time, each and every day, you’ll always aim to achieve more.  If you continue to improve you’ll reach the top, you’ll see success at your goals, habits, finances, life, and work.

In Japan, everything matters, including the little things. The Japanese pay so much attention to the little things and to those who aren’t used to their way of life, it may seem time-consuming. But the effort in the details pays for itself over time.

The Kaizen planner takes this concept of continuous improvement and applies it to life. It can help transform how you live your life, how you work, and how productive you can be both at work and at improving your relationships, life and wellbeing.

The Kaizen Planner is exclusive to World of Printables.

You’ll not find a planner like it that not only helps you plan, organize & schedule, but also helps you to continually improve your life each day you use it.

The Kaizen Planner Bundle

The Kaizen method helps you continually improve all aspects of your life for the better.

With Kaizen you’ll:

Plan better

Each day is a new opportunity to achieve things. It’s your opportunity to live each day better.

Sleep better

Make improvements to your sleep, improve your health, immune system, concentration and wellbeing.

Think better

Take control of your thinking for more focused action, process your emotions, make better plans, decisions and learn to think big.

Eat better

Making healthier choices and eating better will improve your health, focus, wellbeing and ultimately benefit your life.

Exercise better

Strive to make constant improvements to your physical health, make plans and track your progress.

Feel better

Take control of all aspects of your life will lead to positive changes and the cycle of positivity will continue.

Budget better

Being organized with your budget and finances helps you be less stressed and more in control of your life.

Save better

When you set goals for big things that cost money, you’re setting yourself up for big rewards.

Work better

Consistently improve your work, achieve things in your professional life, your projects, and your side hustles. 

Live better

The cycle of constant improvement

Available in two styles

The Kaizen Planner is available in two styles, Cute & Classic.

The Cute Kaizen Planner in pink

The Cute Kaizen Planner

The Classic Kaizen planner in black

The Classic Kaizen Planner

Both editions come in a range of stylish colors.
All are included with your purchase.

See what’s inside…

Strive Better

The Kaizen Planner has method helps you strive for continuous improvements to all aspects of your life for the better.

Kaizen Printable Improvement Planner
This Months Focus

Improvement Planner

This is where it begins. The improvement planner is where you start the cycle of constant improvement. To live each day better.

This page is where you write the things that you want to focus on this month.

You start by writing about the things that can be improved in your life.  This starting point helps you focus on what you need to do to focus on improving, which is what you’ll write in the what I’ll focus on improving section.

Next, you’ll write what you want to achieve this coming month. It’s important that you set goals, this is the fundamentals of the Kaizen method, by striving for constant improvement. 

We all need to learn new things if we want to continue to develop and advance through life. So use the what I want to learn section to jot ideas for things you would like to learn over the coming month. This could be anything, from a new recipe to a new social network.

Life is about making memories. If we do the same things over and over life will be one big blur. But if we do things that are new, refreshing, or different we make new memories.  Use the memories I want to make section to jot ideas down for things you’d like to do that arent your daily or weekly tasks.  Like visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or going places you’ve never been before. Making new, positive memories is good for our mental health and wellbeing.

Finish up the month by writing how next month could be better. Kaizen is about constantly improving. Sure, you might have had a good month, but what could have been better? Use this section as a learning experience, to be honest, and say what could have been better so you’ll know what to strive for when you plan your next month.

You can use the improvement planner at any point in the month, setting up ideas for the next month that’s coming.

Kaizen thoughts and notes page
Think Better

Thoughts & Notes

Thinking better means writing your thoughts and ideas down so that they’re not overwhelming your mind, so we don’t forget about thoughts, ideas, plans and goals.

When you write your thoughts down or take notes for anything, you’re much more likely to be able to follow through on them. You’ll also release them from your mind so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Writing thoughts down is a great way of figuring things out that are important to you.

Writing things down enables a higher level of thinking, which results in more focused action.

When your brain isn’t busy trying to remember so many things, it’s much better at processing things.  Writing things down helps our brains prioritize the things we need to focus on.

It might seem easier to just store things in your brain rather than writing them down, but writing things down helps things get stored in our long-term memory, which means that you’re much more likely to remember them than the many passing thoughts you have each day.

You’re also much more likely to remember your thoughts by seeing them written down in your planner, as you use it each and every day.

It helps us process our emotions.

You know how helpful it can be to talk through your thoughts and feelings with a friend or loved one? Well, writing things down has the same effect, but rather a self-soothing one.

It gives us a record of the past. You’ll gain a sense of achievement. It helps you think big. It makes you feel more committed.

Our thoughts and ideas are what make us who we are. Writing them down helps you make better plans and decisions.

It helps you think better.

Kaizen Tracker
Be Better

Kaizen Tracker

The Kaizen tracker helps you track the progress you are making to continuous improvements to your life each day.

Similar to a habit tracker template, which is also included in this planner bundle, we’ve also included a Kaizen Tracker.

The Kaizen Tracker features pre-set self-improvement goals so that you can see how you’re progressing with each element that makes up the Kaizen Planner.

The Kaizen Tracker will help you:

  • Plan better
  • Sleep better
  • Think better
  • Eat better
  • Exercise better
  • Feel better
  • Budget better
  • Save better
  • Work better

You’ll track each element each month which will help you stay focused and motivated on your journey of constant improvement.

By striving to use the Kaizen tracker to track your goal progress for each element, will ultimately help you to live better.

Kaizen Printable Goal Planner
Strive Better

Goal Planner

If you want to achieve a goal, you need to write it down. Writing your goals helps you strive better.

Studies show that those who write their goals down are much more likely to achieve them.

The more vividly you describe your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success.

Use this goal planner to set yourself new goals for things that you want to work towards. Each page helps you focus on two goals at once. You’ll set a realistic deadline for when you aim to achieve them.

You’ll break each goal down into actions that need to be taken in order to progress with achieving your goals and you’ll check these off when they’ve been actioned.

Finally, you’ll reflect on your progress and ultimately what you achieved and the results from reaching your goals.

You can then keep this in your planner for future reflection. By seeing the goals that you achieved previously and what you did to achieve them, you’ll feel even more empowered for setting and achieving more goals in the future.

You’ll continue to strive for constant improvement.

Live Better

The Kaizen Planner helps you live better.

Kaizen Printable Personal Planner
Live Better

Personal Planning

The personal planning page is like a personal planner but rather than a weekly planner page, this is where you focus on YOU.

It’s where you write down the things you want to focus on this week that relate to your own self improvement.

What do you want to focus on this week that will help you or improve you? Your mental health? Your physical health?

Use the important reminders area for anything that relates to you. Do you have a health appointment?  Do you have a dinner date with a friend? Do you have a class or activity scheduled? Whatever it is that is YOU focused, write it down here.

Goals – similar to the main goals page, but this section of the personal planning page is for goals that you want to accomplish this coming week. Not necessarily big goals, but things that you want to work on improving, or achievements you want to reach.

Remember, with Kaizen, it’s important to always strive for continuous improvement. You need to set goals to accomplish things.

Health & fitness. Use this section to plan or keep track of what you’re eating, striving to make healthy choices throughout the week. Also, use this section to note if you’ve worked out or had any exercise each day. Eating well and getting exercise is crucial to physical and mental health.

Everything else can go in your day or week planner pages elsewhere in this planner.

Kaizen Printable Home Planning
Live Better

Home Planning

Being organized at home helps you be more organized with everything else in your life, the things that matter.

We all need to keep our homes organized and running smoothly. We spend so much time at home and our homes are important to our daily living.

When things at home are chaotic, our lives are chaotic.

Planning your meals ahead of time, including the grocery shopping, housework, and errands you need to run, all help you stay organized and takes the chaos out of your life for more smooth, focused living.

Plan Better

The Kaizen Planner helps you schedule the things that matter, organize your days and weeks ahead and plan better.

Kaizen Printable To Do List
Plan Better

To-Do List

Focus on the things you need to do each day. By breaking them down into actionable tasks and prioritizing, you’ll get things done and make progress with the things that matter.

This to-do list lets you focus on your tasks. This printable to-do list can be used for a project, or as your daily to-do list.

Featuring an area for your priorities, these are the things you want to focus on and are more important than the items in the general to-do list area. 

Often people put the harder things off until later, which often means they don’t get done. When you start with the things that are important, you’re much more likely to have a successful day.

The to-do list area is where you write everything else that you need to do of lesser importance.

You’ll also find a section for notes, which you can use when putting your to-do list together for any notes that relate to the tasks you need to do, or to take notes as you progress through your to-do list, or at the end when you’ve completed your tasks.

Kaizen Printable Daily Planner
Plan Better

Day Planner

Each day is a new opportunity to achieve things. Both at work and at home. In our professional lives and our personal lives. It’s your opportunity to live each day better.

Use the daily planner to write down what you need to focus on today. The important things that you want to continually improve. This can be anything, whether that’s to eat better, sleep better, exercise better, save better…any of the things from the Kaizen method, which you’ll find in this live each day better page.

Write any other priorities for the day, your daily schedule or appointments, things you need to do, and any notes.

Finally, write down what you achieved this day. Did you eat better, think better, feel better? Remember to refer to the live each day better page of your Kaizen planner and note which of these you accomplished.

If you feel that you didn’t accomplish anything, then see this as an opportunity to try harder tomorrow.

Remember, Kaizen is to “continuously improve”.

Kaizen Printable Weekly Planner
Plan Better

Week Planner

What sets this weekly planner apart from the rest is that this one isn’t just about getting things done, it’s about what you can do to improve your life this week.

We all need a weekly planner to plan our weeks ahead. Along with the daily planner, this is one of the core pages of any planner.

Plan your priorities and other things you need to do this week. Write any appointments or plan your days in the planner sections.

But most importantly, write what you’ll focus on improving this week. Write one or more things down that need to be improved. Sleep? Eating? Work? 

At the end of each day, use the Today I Achieved sections to write down what you feel you improved on. By the end of the week, you’ll see what you achieved and if you accomplished what you set out to achieve for the week.

Next week you’ll know what needs to be improved and you’ll repeat the cycle of constant improvement.

Kaizen Printable Monthly Planner
Plan Better

Monthly Planner

The monthly planner is what you’ll use similar to a calendar. Jot down the key appointments, birthdays, events, and more to remind yourself of what’s coming up.

Importantly, you’ll write down your key self-improvement focus for the month.

Use the notes box for anything at all that relates to your month ahead, or as you go throughout the month.

When the month nears the end, write down what you achieved this month.  Did you sleep better, eat better, save better? 

Use the month in review page to go into detail with what was better and what could have been better.

Then use the Improvement Planner page to write your focus improvements for the following month coming up.

Work Better

The Kaizen Planner helps you set new goals, prioritize, track your progress and get things done.

Kaizen Printable Project Planner
Work Better

Project Planner

Having projects and achieving them is a key aspect of our life that helps us set ourselves new goals, to reach our goals, and improve our lives.

We all have personal or work-related projects that we like to work on. Whether that’s to do with your hobbies, your side hustle, or your work, use the Project Planner page to plan out your project to help you plan, prioritize and schedule how you’re going to do it.

As well as the name of the project, you’ll write down the description which is an overview of the project, any objectives that you want to achieve, resources that are needed to complete the project, all the tasks that relate to the project, and any notes.

Projects can be anything, from learning a new language to making a homemade gift to income-related such as starting a blog or new side hustle.

Kaizen Printable Checklist


What planner wouldn’t be complete without a simple checklist?

You can use this checklist for writing down anything that relates to something you need to do.

You can use this as a packing list if you’re going on vacation, or as a shopping list, a task list, a workout tracker, basically for everything and anything.

Siimply use this for any list you need, and feel like a winner when you check everything off.

Budget Better

The Kaizen Planner helps you take control of your finances, track your spending, save better, and budget yourself to a better life.

Kaizen Printable Bill Payments Checklist
Budget Better

Bill Payments Checklist

Finances are a very important part of our lives. Being organized with your bills helps you be more organized with your finances and this helps you be less stressed and more in control of your life.

We all have to pay our bills. Staying on top of our finances helps us budget better. When you budget better you have money left over for things that matter. Whether that’s to improve your savings, buy something important, or just making sure that you’re staying on track with your finances each and every month.

Keeping on top of your bills with this Bill Payments Checklist is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re not caught out over the month with missed payments and can always plan for upcoming ones.

Kaizen Printable Simple Budget Tracker
Budget Better

Simple Budget Tracker

Knowing how much your household is bringing in each month, along with the upcoming bills that you’re expecting and tracking your spending over the month helps you stay on top of your overall financial situation.

The simple budget tracker is a great way of planning your monthly income and expenses.

You can also track your daily spend to make sure you’re staying within your budget for the month.

No planner should be without this and the Kaizen planner helps you stay in control of your budget.

Kaizen Printable Savings Tracker
Save Better

Savings Tracker

Making goals is a key part of the Kaizen method and that also applies to financial goals. When you set goals for big things that cost money, you’re setting yourself up for big rewards.

When you reach your financial goal and buy the things you want, you’ll feel that sense of achievement, you’ll feel that your life has improved somewhat.

Even if the thing that you’re saving for is for someone else, that sense of accomplishment makes you feel better, especially when you’ve given something to someone else, there’s no better feeling than that.

Eat Better

The Kaizen Planner helps you learn new things, eat better and healthier, and continually improve.

Eat Better

Recipe Planner

Eating better is something that we all need to do more of. We need to take care of our bodies but need to have a good healthy balance of enjoyment and care.

The recipe planner is a great way of learning new recipes, which is an improvement while eating better which is another improvement.

So with the Kaizen method being the focus of continuous improvement, it’s really important that this page makes up your planner.

Use the recipe planner to write down recipes that will benefit your life. Whether that’s for cooking healthier food or making food for others to enjoy. Planning and making new things benefit us.

Making the same old food each week doesn’t improve our lives. Learning new things, eating better, are simple things that help you continuously improve.

Kaizen Printable Recipe Planner

Live Better

The Kaizen Planner helps us improve the things we do, make positive changes and improve ourselves and our lives.

Kaizen Printable Weight Tracker

Weight Tracker

This weight tracker is an essential page to have in this planner and part of this Kaizen methodology. For eating better, feeling better & living better.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for our health and wellbeing.

Our weight is something that we should always be mindful of if we want to stay in control of it and not let it slip away from us if we want to maintain or improve our health and wellbeing.

Whether you feel you need to lose a little weight, or maintain a healthy weight, use the weight tracker to set goals, keep track of your weight, mark your progress and take notes over time.

Kaizen Printable Sleep Tracker
Sleep Better

Sleep Tracker

Getting a good amount of sleep each night is important to our health, immune system, and wellbeing. Oversleeping can also have negative effects on our health and raises our risk of chronic diseases.

You know those days where you could have slept better or longer for any reason, or days where you’ve overslept.  Keeping track of your sleeping is hugely important.

We sleep for a third of our lives. That’s huge. As sleep is so very important to our lives, we have to include a sleep tracker within this planner with the aim of helping you make continuous improvements to your sleep. Then you can achieve consistency with healthy sleeping and not letting things slowly creep away with a run of lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can impose on your life in other ways with high stress, lack of concentration, depression, and other health issues.

This sleep tracker will help you focus on trying to sleep better.

Kaizen Printable Mood Tracker
Feel Better

Mood Tracker

Our moods and emotions affect us in so many ways. Unlike emotions that are short-lived reactions to things that happen to us daily and are often outside our control, our moods are an affective state that can last for hours or days.

Moods can either be positive or negative. When you recognize that your mood can be improved there are immediate things that you can do to improve your mood. This can help you gain control of your present and future, and has a positive effect on your relationships with others and your own wellbeing.

Simply doing things that help us improve our lives has the potential to improve our moods.

Using the mood tracker is a great way of keeping track of your mood and recognizing when it can be improved.

You can also look back and see how your mood has generally been and improved over time.

Our mood makes up a huge part of who we are. If you’re often in a negative mood, a lot of negativity can come with that and the cycle of negativity continues. Taking control with the aim of improving your mood can lead to positive changes and the cycle of positivity will continue.

So track your mood, live better, feel better.

Kaizen Printable Habit Tracker
Be Better

Habit Tracker

Good habits can be hard to start. They can be even harder to keep. But it’s the things that we do that make us who we are. Aiming to improve the things that we do helps us improve ourselves and our lives.

This is where the habit tracker comes in. Habit trackers can make a huge difference to your life.  Setting yourself new habits, helps you stay mindful and motivated for the goals that you set and be accountable for maintaining them.

The habit tracker helps you set new habits and track how well you are sticking to them daily, weekly, and monthly.

The Kaizen habit tracker is so easy to use. Because it’s part of the Kaizen planner, it makes it easy for you to use and update.

Your goals will be more attainable if you regularly stick to maintaining them. For example, cutting out meat, alcohol, sugar, or things like reading more, exercising more, avoiding tech at bedtime…these are all the sort of habits that we want to make and maintain.

Setting these goals and tracking them helps you maintain them in the long term.  You’ll see the progress you’re making each day, what needs to be improved and you can feel more motivated in maintaining them. Constantly improving.

Just set your habits, and use the habit tracker like a checklist, marking them when you’ve completed the habit.

A habit tracker helps keep you focused. We all have numerous things that we want to improve on each day. If you don’t write them down, you’re much more likely to get distracted and lose focus.

A good habit tracker reminds you of your goals and helps you keep up with it. The more you use this and see it getting filled, the more motivated you’ll be at maintaining and improving your habit goals.

What habits should you track?

You can track anything that you want to make progress with.  That can be reading, exercising, eating better, learning new things, sleeping better. Whatever you want to make progress with, you can set these goals and track them with this habit tracker.

Live Better

The Kaizen Planner helps us review and reflect on the things that we’ve done and to focus on the things we can do to improve ourselves.

Reflect Better

Month In Review

At the end of each month, it’s important to reflect on the month and review the things that happened with the aim of focusing on making improvements the next month.

Use the month in review to reflect on what worked well this month along with the things that didn’t work well. Write about what you set out to achieve, what you accomplished, positive things that happened, and anything else you did that went well.

Use the what didn’t work well section to write about what didn’t go so well this month, things you tried that could have been better, or just things that didn’t go well in general.

Under the things I achieved this month, list the things that you achieved over the month.

The things I learned section is great for listing new things that you’ve learned that are worth noting. We learn things each day, but it’s the things that benefit our lives the most that are worth learning.

Use the memories I made section to write down any highlights from the month, fun things that you did, places you went, people you met.

Lastly, use the how next month can be better section to recognize the things that you can do to make improvements to your life. Knowing what could be better helps you set goals to make them better. You’ll then start the whole cycle again by using the information here to fill your improvement planner for the following month.

And the cycle of constant improvement continues.

Kaizen Printable Month in Review

Available in two styles

The Kaizen Planner is available in two styles, Cute & Classic.

All included in the bundle

The Cute Kaizen Planner in pink

The Cute Kaizen Planner

The Classic Kaizen planner in black

The Classic Kaizen Planner

Each in a range of stylish colors

Both planners come in a range of different stylish colors.

All styles and colors are included in the bundle.

The Cute Kaizen Planner in green
The Cute Kaizen Planner in aqua
The Cute Kaizen Planner in blue
The Cute Kaizen Planner in purple
The Cute Kaizen Planner in orange
The Cute Kaizen Planner in black

One massive bundle of Kaizen planners

The Kaizen Planner is exclusive to World of Printables.

You’ll not find a planner like it that not only helps you plan, organize & schedule, but also helps you to continually improve your life each day you use it.

Get started now!

Start your journey to continual improvement and living better each day.

You’ll not find a planner that’s more focused on helping you, plan, schedule and organize, while helping you continually improve your life each day you use it.

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Buy it instantly $4.47

All planners are instant digital downloads (nothing will be shipped).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Kaizen Planner for?

People who are passionate about improving their life. 

Anyone who is willing to make improvements to the areas of their life that they want to make positive changes to. If this is you, then this planner will be right up your alley. Not someone who isn’t willing to put the effort in.

It’s also suitable for people new to planners, or who don’t often benefit from using them.

If you’ve used planners in the past, but haven’t had many benefits from them, then The Cute Kaizen Planner is the perfect planner that works and helps you see positive results!

It’s for hard-working, honest people.

This planner is for those who are willing to put in the hard work. Willing to continually take positive steps to improve the things that they do each time they do them.

Of course, you could simply use this planner as a general planner, it has everything that you’d need to plan and prioritize your daily life and more, but it is the structure and the core elements that really help you live better.

Who is The Cute Kaizen Planner not for?

People looking for instant positive results.

This planner won’t change your life overnight. Positive life changes take time and effort.  Sure, you’ll feel better at the end of each day knowing that you’ve worked at making positive changes to your life, but good things in life take time. This planner gives you the means to do this.

People who don’t want to put any effort into making changes to their lives.

If you’re someone who wants to live better, but is too lazy to actually put in any effort then this planner isn’t for you.  It’s the simple thought of what you did yesterday you could do slightly better today that is the compound effect in action. A 1% improvement might not seem like much, but over time these continual improvements can be dramatic. It’s this philosophy that helps you be better, by yearning to achieve more than you did before.

Will this planner help me improve my life for the better?

Absolutely! This planner has everything you need to make constant improvements to your life. It’s centered on optimizing your life and the main aspects that make up your life, from eating, sleeping, thinking, working, and more. Its philosophy is to help you strive to make better improvements. This planner has what you need. The question is, do you? If you believe in this planner and believe in yourself, then you do.

Can I find something similar out there for free?

No, not this. You can learn more about the Kaizen method online, but it’s predominantly focused on business. We’re applying this to life. You’ll also not find a planner that’s focused on the Kaizen method, because quite simply, there isn’t one. Believe me, we’ve looked. It’s something so obvious, it’s like a no-brainer. But it simply doesn’t exist. Just Google it, you’ll see for yourself. And if there is, then they’re copycats. What we’re doing here, is creating something that’s focused more on helping you improve your life, rather than just getting stuff done.

Do I need to keep buying planners when I’ve used up all of the pages?

The great thing about a printable planner is that you can print it as often as you need, whenever you need it. Unlike general planners that you buy from a store, printable planners let you print as much as you want, forever. You’ll never have to buy another planner again.

Better yet, as you get full free access to our Love and Pixels Hub, you get access to all of our planners, both digital and printable. You get updated calendar pages every year, so you’ll never run out of dated pages.

It’s an awesome unbeatable deal that you’ll not find anywhere else.

Do you ever update the planner?

Of course! Because we too are using the Kaizen method, we’re always continually improving and updating our printables. And we are doing the same with this very planner.

You can simply come back often to download updated versions and they’re all free as part of your lifetime access to our love and pixels hub.

How do I get started?

Simply click the big pink button, checkout and you’ll get immediate access to The Kaizen Planner and our Love & Pixels Hub.
You can download and print the planners right away and begin using them in minutes.

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