Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendars

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Using birthday calendars is a great way to focus solely on friends’ birthdays and family’s birthdays without getting them mixed up with everything else in your life.

We’ve created a dozen birthday calendar templates for you to use for keeping track of everyone’s birthdays throughout the year. Using a calendar for birthdays helps you never miss a birthday again!

So grab one of these free printable templates, and get listing those birthdays today!

Birthday Calendar

You’ll find a variety of birthday calendars in different styles, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Birthday Calendar Template
Birthday Calendar
Free printable birthday calendar
Birthday calendar wall hanging
free birthday calendar template
Family Birthday Calendar
Birthday List Template
Birthday calendar reminder
Printable Birthday Calendar

It’s best that you don’t print and fill these with important birthdays and then store them somewhere that you don’t often see them.

Why not use these templates as a birthday calendar wall hanging? Hanging these is a fun and stylish way to see birthday reminders at a glance, so you’ll never miss another birthday!

Printable Birthday Calendar

These birthday calendars features all of the months of the year so you can easily organize all of these important dates and see any birthdays at a glance.

The great thing about these perpetual calendars is that you can use them forever. Birthdays don’t change, so you don’t need to replace your these calendars every year. You’ll only need to print a new calendars if your old one gets a little worse for wear.

Along with these calendars, we also have a huge collection of printable monthly calendars and printable yearly calendars for you to use. You can also find wallpaper calendars for your android or iPhone along with desktop calendars for your desktop or mac.

Student Birthday Calendar

A birthday calendar is also great for teachers so they can keep a note of students’ birthdays. We’ve created some designs specifically for using as a students birthday calendar.

If you’re a teacher and looking for free printable resources then be sure to check out the Teacher Planner – featuring 64 useful pages for teachers and homeschoolers.

Printable student birthday calendar template
Student Birthdays

How can I make a birthday calendar?

You can easily make a birthday calendar using online software such as google calendar, Canva, or even excel but why not save time and use a free printable birthday calendar?

Keep a note of important dates and big days with our choice of free templates! They are stylish, functional, and free, and you will never miss another birthday again.

Birthday list templates

It’s hard to remember a new birthday and that’s why it’s important to have a birthday list template. You don’t want to forget the important day, that might be a little embarrassing!

I use a birthday calendar and I love it! I am pretty useless at remembering birthdays and I don’t use Facebook so I don’t get notifications! These templates are so handy for keeping me on track with everybodys birthdays. I check it at the start of every month for a reminder of whose birthday it is, so that I can be organized and know who I need to buy gifts for.

If you’re at school, college or university then you can use the birthday calendar to keep a note of when your classmates have a birthday or if any birthday events are coming up.

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