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Don’t be stuck with a drab-looking desktop or phone background. It’s not the 90s anymore so you don’t have to resort to using the wallpapers that come with your device.

We’ve created so many gorgeous desktop wallpapers and phone backgrounds so you can spruce up your tech!

We have wallpapers for every month of the year so there aren’t any restrictions when it comes to choosing your calendar wallpaper or calendar background! Choose your favorite 2021 background to revamp your phone or a stunning 2021 wallpaper to bring life to your home or work desktop!

It’s so easy to do and all completely free.

December Wallpapers

December Calendar Wallpaper | 100 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Get set for the holidays with this festive collection of December Calendar Wallpapers for your phone or desktop. It’s the perfect way to get into the festive feeling this December! Deck out your devices for December with our cool collection of calendar wallpapers, perfect for both phones and desktops! Whether you’re into Whether you’re into […]

November Wallpapers

November Calendar Wallpaper | 100 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Stunning November Phone and Desktop Wallpapers You Need This Month! Embrace the shift from fall to winter with our stunning November calendar wallpapers. As the leaves fall and the air turns crisper, we’ve curated 100 mesmerizing desktop and phone backgrounds that capture the essence of this contemplative season. These aesthetic wallpapers not only showcase autumn […]

August Calendar Wallpaper Backgrounds

August Calendar Wallpaper – 80 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Add some style to your tech with these gorgeous FREE August wallpaper backgrounds! Celebrate the final weeks of summer with our collection of free August calendar wallpaper backgrounds for both your desktop and phone. These captivating August 2024 wallpaper backgrounds effortlessly infuse a touch of summer into your home or office, capturing the essence of […]

July Calendar Wallpaper Backgrounds

July Calendar Wallpaper – 80 Best Styles For Your Desktop Or Phone Background

Add summer vibes to your desktop and phone with our incredible collection of FREE stunning July wallpaper backgrounds! We’ve created a beautiful range of fun, summery wallpapers to help you spruce up your tech this month. Whether you’re into beach scenes, city views, tropical vibes, or summer colors, we have a July calendar wallpaper perfect […]

March Wallpaper

March Wallpaper | 90+ Best Desktop & Phone March Backgrounds

Embrace March with our amazing March wallpaper backgrounds! Add a touch of Spring to your phone or desktop with our stunning range of March calendar wallpapers. There are over 90 beautiful March backgrounds to choose from that will add color, life, and happiness to your tech. Free March 2024 Calendar Backgrounds March is the time […]

January Wallpapers

January Wallpaper | 100 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Start the year in style and add positivity to your desktop or phone with this awesome collection of 100 FREE January Wallpaper Backgrounds. I love dressing my tech every month and exploring fresh wallpapers and backgrounds is always fun. We are starting a new round of calendar wallpapers for 2024, beginning in January! We have […]

October Calendar Wallpaper Backgrounds for phones and desktop

October Calendar Wallpaper | 130 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Explore a Range of October 2024 Calendar Wallpapers: Embrace Spooky Vibes or Opt for Scenic Beauty to Find Your Ideal Background. Explore our diverse collection of October 2024 calendar wallpapers, catering to a range of preferences for both desktop and phone backgrounds. Whether you’re into spooky aesthetics or prefer something cute, fun, or scenic, we’ve […]

September Calendar Wallpaper Backgrounds

September Calendar Wallpaper – 100 Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Get cozy with these gorgeous Free September Wallpapers! September has a special place in my heart – it’s that time when things cool down a bit, and there’s this awesome earthy vibe in the air. I’ve bundled up all the things I adore about September and Fall in these cool Free September Calendar Wallpaper backgrounds. […]

June Calendar Wallpaper

Free June 2024 Calendar Wallpaper

Choose a stunning aesthetic June 2024 calendar wallpaper for your phone and desktop. It’s summer vibes all the way! Spruce up your tech with some cool June 2024 calendar wallpapers for your phone or desktop. Prepare for the warm months with these awesome backgrounds featuring vacation vibes, flowers, and scenic landscapes. To use the wallpapers, […]