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250 Favorite Fall Backgrounds For Your Phone That You’ll Love

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Here you will find over 250 fall backgrounds for your phone or desktop wallpapers. You’ll find cute fall wallpapers, aesthetic, rainy, leaves, and more.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The colors, the change in weather, the cozy jumpers are everything I love.

Our collection of fall wallpapers encapsulate everything perfect about fall and they really are gorgeous.

Fall Backgrounds

These fall backgrounds feature autumn colors, acorns, apples, pumpkin spice, beautiful autumn patterns and warmth, cozy fall colors. These beautiful and charming autumn wallpapers are the perfect way to bring a touch of fall to your phone.

To use our fall wallpapers, click on any image or link and save it to your device. From there, you can easily set it as your phone wallpaper, lock screen, or desktop wallpaper background.

Vivid Forest Fall Background
Textured Autumn Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Soft Brown Leaves Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Smoke over the Fall Forest Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkins and Coffee Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Latte Autumn Wallpaper
Light in the Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Warm Autumn Scene Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin and Hot Coffee Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Pretty Fall Leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Ski Gondola Fall Background
Pumpkins and Pinecones Autumn Wallpaper
Pumpkin Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin and Leaves Pattern Fall Wallpaper
Pretty Brown Fall Background
Porch Aesthetic Autumn Wallpaper
Leaves on a Path Fall Wallpaper
Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Person in forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Orange Forest Fall Wallpaper
Orange and Red Autumn Wallpaper
Muted Color Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Mushroom on a Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Mountain Landscape Autumn Wallpaper
Kawaii Mushroom Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Guy Studying Fall Wallpaper
Girl Walking Through Forest Fall Background
Girl Surrounded by Pumpkins Autumn Wallpaper
Girl Sitting with Pumpkins Fall Background
Girl Relaxing on Leaves Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Girl Reading Illustration Fall Wallpaper
Girl Laying on Leaves Fall Background
Girl in Autumn Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Fox Sleeping Fall Background
Forest Treetops Fall Background
Forest Scene Fall Wallpaper
Forest Scene Autumn Wallpaper
Farm in Tuscany Autumn Wallpaper
Fall Trees Fall Wallpaper
Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper Leaf Pattern
Embroided Forest Leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Cute Pumpkin Fall Background
Cute Mushroom Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Cute Fox Fall Background
Cute Fall Wallpaper Desktop
Cozy Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Coffee Fall Wallpaper
Cartoon Autumn Wallpaper
Brown leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Bright and Colorful Fall Wallpaper
Boy Surrounded by Pumpkins Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Bench during Fall Autumn Background
Beautiful Mountain Scene Autumn Wallpaper
Autumn Wallpaper of Colorful Leaves
Autumn Wallpaper Aesthetic
Autumn Trees Fall Background
Autumn Scene Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Folliage in the Mountains Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Colored Leaves Pattern Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Autumn Colored Leaves Fall Background
Autumn Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Academia Fall Background
Autumn Academia Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Anime Farm Fall Wallpaper
Aesthetic Home Autumn Wallpaper
Aesthetic Forest Autumn Wallpaper Desktop
Aesthetic Fall Background
Academia Fall Wallpaper

Fall iPhone Wallpaper

Here you will also find a range of fall iPhone wallpapers that you can use as your iphone background. These can also be used as the backgrounds for many other modern phones to get you into the autumnal vibe.

We have created different styles of fall backgrounds from fall photography to patterns and fall quotes. Choose your favorites out of over 150 free fall phone wallpapers and dress your tech this season.

Warm Autumn Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Violet and Red Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Umbrella Girl in Forest Autumn Wallpaper
Stunning Coffee Scene Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Spooky Characters Fall Wallpaper
Shimmering Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Shimmer Leaves Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
School Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Rustic Farm Fall Background
Red and Orange Fall Wallpaper
Puppy Playing Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkins and Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Spice Pattern Fall Background
Pumpkin Spice Latte Autumn Wallpaper
Pumpkin Pattern Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Pattern Autumn Wallpaper
Pumpkin Latte Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Pumpkin Autumn Wallpaper
Pumpkin and Girl Autumn Wallpaper
Picturesque Autumn Wallpaper
Orange Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Orange and Purple Fall Wallpaper
Man Walking in Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Macro Leaf Fall Background
Lofi Girl Fall Wallpaper
Lofi Autumn Wallpaper
Leaves Fall Background
Leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Illustrated Pumpkin Pattern Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Glowing Lantern Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Girl Walking Through the Leaves Fall Background
Girl Walking in the Forest Autumn Wallpaper
Girl Sitting on Pumpkins Fall Background
Girl Sitting on Bench Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Girl Reading Autumn Wallpaper
Girl on a Chair in the Forest Fall Wallpaper
Girl in the Rain Fall Background
Girl in Plaid Fall Wallpaper
Forest and Mountains Fall Wallpaper
Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Fall Pattern Autumn Wallpaper
Fall Forest with River Autumn Wallpaper
Fall Background Vivid Leaves
Fall background of Autumn Forest
Fall Background iPhone
Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Fall Aesthetic Autumn Wallpaper
Fall Aesthetic Autumn Wallpaper iPhone
Dogs in a Forest Fall Background
Dew Drops on a Leaf Autumn Wallpaper
Cute Puppies Autumn Wallpaper
Cute Mushroom Fall Background
Cute Leaf Pattern Fall Wallpaper
Cute Girl Sitting in Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Cute girl on Mushroom Fall background
Cute Girl Academia Autumn Wallpaper
Cute Fox Fall Wallpaper
Cute Autumn Wallpaper
Cozy Fall Wallpaper
Cozy Autumn Wallpaper
Comforting Scene Fall Background
Coffee on the Porch Fall Background
Coffee and Stars Autumn Wallpapre
Coffee and Cookies Fall Wallpaper
Brown and Blue Leaves Fall Background
Boy Relaxing During Fall Autumn Wallpaper
Beautiful Leaves Fall Background
Autumn Wallpaper Painting
Autumn Wallpaper Girl Relaxing
Autumn Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Home Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Elements Fall Background
Autumn Colored Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Aesthetic Comforting Fall Background
Abstract Fall Wallpaper
Forest Fall Wallpaper Aesthetic
Beautiful Fall Background Forest Aesthetic
Autumn River Fall Background
Baby Fox Fall Wallpaper

How to set these fall backgrounds as your phone wallpaper

To use these fall backgrounds, just pick your favorite background from the choices below, open them full size, save them to your phone, then set as your wallpaper.

Cute Fall Wallpapers

I’ve designed the cutest fall wallpapers for you to get into the autumn vibe! These cute fall backgrounds feature different patterns in so many different styles and they all look amazing. You will find pumpkins, pumpkin spice treats, acorns, mushrooms, and so many other fall aesthetics!

Pumpkin Fall Wallpaper iPhone

If pumpkins and pumpkin spice treats represent fall for you then you will love these cute fall backgrounds! These pumpkin aesthetic wallpapers offer beautiful hand-drawn and watercolor illustrations.

Pumpkin Fall Background
Pumpkin Autumn Wallpaper
Pumpkin Autumn Background
Pumpkin Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Pumpkin Treats Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Spice Cake Fall Wallpaper

Fall Backgrounds

If you would much rather steer away from pumpkins this fall then why not opt for one of these gorgeous autumn backgrounds? You won’t find a single pumpkin here, just natural elements and things that represent the autumnal season. You will find beautiful autumn wallpapers that include pine cones, berries, acorns, mushrooms, apples, and much more.

Apple Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Pine Cone Autumn Background
Pattern Cute Fall Background
Pattern Autumn Wallpaper
Mushroom Autumn Wallpaper
Acorn Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Berries Fall Background
Acorn Fall Background iPhone
Botanical Cute Fall Wallpaper
Botanical Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper

Fall Quotes Aesthetic Fall Wallpapers

Everybody loves quotes, and what better way to get in the fall mood than with beautiful wallpaper with a quote that sums up fall perfectly. These cute fall backgrounds feature beautiful illustrations and stunning photography so there is a fall background for everyone!

Pumpkin Spice Fall Backgrounds

For many, when a certain coffee chain releases the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, fall officially begins. One of my favorite parts of fall is getting that first sip of a PSL. If you’re the same, you might want to make people aware of your love for pumpkin spice with one of our pumpkin spice aesthetic fall wallpapers.

Pumpkin Spice Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Spice Cute Fall Background
Pumpkin Spice Autumn Wallpaper

Hello Fall Cute Fall Backgrounds

Why not welcome the new season with one of our beautiful ‘Hello Fall’ autumn wallpapers? You will find beautiful photography and cute fall backgrounds!

Hello Fall Quote Autumn Background
Hello Fall Mountain Fall Background
Hello Fall Forest Fall Wallpaper
Hello Fall Forest Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Hello Fall Autumn Wallpaper
Hello Fall Autumn Background
Hello Fall Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
October Cute Fall Wallpaper
Fall Pattern Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper

Pumpkin Fall Background iPhone

Enjoy these gorgeous pumpkin fall wallpapers this autumn. There are cute pumpkin illustrations and fun pumpkin slogans to choose from.

Pumpkin Cute Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Cute Fall Wallpaper
Hey Pumpkin Autumn Background
Pumpkin Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
I Love Fall Cute Fall Wallpaper
Happy Fall Y'all Fall Background

Fall aesthetic wallpapers

This is the most beautiful collection of aesthetic fall wallpapers you will find. Each of our fall backgrounds is beautifully designed and encapsulates the meaning of fall. Choose from beautiful quotes, pretty foliage, and lovely fall scenes.

Grateful Cute Fall Background
Floral Fall Background
Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Fall Rain Wallpaper
Fall Quote Cute Fall Background
Fall Quote Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Fall in Love With Fall Autumn Wallpaper
Fall Cute Fall Background
Fall Breeze Fall Wallpaper
Fall Background iPhone
Autumn is Calling Cute Fall Wallpaper
Thankful Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper

Fall Backgrounds

Photos are the perfect way to capture fall and these photography fall wallpapers really do it justice. These fall backgrounds are so beautiful and really give the autumn vibe. We have over 50 photography fall aesthetic wallpapers so take a look through and choose your favorites.

Leaves Fall Wallpaper
Leaves Fall Background
Falling leaves Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Leaves Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Leaves Cute Fall Wallpaper
Red Leaves Autumn Wallpaper
Cute Fall Wallpaper
Coffee Cute Fall Wallpaper
Autumn Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Latte Fall Background iPhone
Fall Wallpaper Woodland

Forest Fall Wallpapers

If the forest is what gets you excited for fall then check out these forest fall backgrounds. Embrace nature, the changing colors of the leaves, and enjoy our gorgeous fall wallpapers!

Woodland Autumn Background
Woodland Autumn Wallpaper
Woodland Fall Wallpaper
Woodland Fall Background iPhone
Forest Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Forest Autumn Background

Gorgeous Fall Autumn Wallpaper

There is something about these drone images that are so gorgeous. I’ve always loved drone photography because it captures the earth’s beauty from above. These beautiful fall wallpapers are perfect for giving you those traveling fall vibes.

Fall Background iPhone Forest
Forest Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Forest Road Fall Wallpaper
City Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Trees Cute Fall Wallpaper
Mountain Road Fall Wallpaper iPhone

Mountain Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper

Mountain views are so beautiful! There’s a reason people travel far and wide to see these gorgeous natural beauties. If you love the mountains but don’t fancy climbing them then simply enjoy them as a wallpaper on your phone.

Mountain River Fall Background
Mountain Forest Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Mountain Autumn Background
Forest Fall Wallpaper
Mountains Fall Background
Mountains Fall Background iPhone

Nature Trail Fall Background

Fall is the perfect time for exploring and hiking. If you’re not much for hiking then why not use one of our fall wallpapers and pretend you’re walking through that beautiful forest!

Leaves Cute Fall Background
Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper Woodland
Fall Trees Cute Fall Wallpaper
Forest Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Golden Leaves Cute Fall Background
Fall Forest Autumn Background

Aesthetic Fall Wallpapers

When it comes to fall the little things can make all the difference. Whether that’s scented candles, fairy lights, starry skies, or fall sweaters, we have cute fall wallpapers to give you fall feels.

Starry Sky Fall Wallpaper iPhone
Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Fall Sweater Autumn Wallpaper

Pumpkin Autumn Backgrounds

If pumpkins are your thing then we have an amazing collection of free pumpkin fall wallpapers! For me, pumpkins represent fall and so a pumpkin phone wallpaper is a must-have!

Pumpkin Autumn Background
Cute Fall Wallpaper Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pinecone Cute Fall Background
Child With Pumpkin Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkins Fall Background iPhone
Squash Fall Background
Pumpkin Fall Background iPhone
Pumpkin Cute Fall Wallpaper
Pumpkin Fall Aesthetic Wallpaper
Pumpkin Cute Fall Background
Pumpkin Aesthetic Fall Wallpaper
Apples Fall Wallpaper iPhone

Our fall iPhone backgrounds are perfect for any smartphone. They have been designed to fit an iPhone 12 pro but your phone will resize it to fit your screen perfectly.

The cutest fall wallpapers for autumn

It’s officially fall and we have 250 gorgeous fall backgrounds! Fall is by far the best season of the year. It’s like spring, summer, and winter all rolled into one.

If you’re like me and you like to submerge yourself in everything fall then you will love these free fall aesthetic wallpapers. You can keep fall at your fingertips, every time you use your phone to keep you in the vibe.

As you can see, we’ve created a cute and aesthetic collection of fall wallpapers that will look great on your phone or desktop.

Aesthetic Fall Wallpapers

With 250 individual fall backgrounds, I hope you found a bunch of wallpapers that you love! It was so fun creating these fall wallpapers, so if you use any, let me know!

I definitely have a few favorite autumn wallpapers that I’m going to use and I can’t wait to mix them up. If you’re looking for more aesthetic wallpapers for your phone then we have some amazing options.

Check out our free collection of wallpapers and find the perfect one for you and be sure to check out our many other freebies and get as many as you can while you’re here.

Our recent wallpaper backgrounds. Many more wallpapers to use on your phone or desktop for free.

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