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150 Car Backgrounds For Phones & Desktops

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Add a touch of coolness to your phone or desktop with any of these car backgrounds. We’ve created over 150 styles of cool car background wallpapers that can make your devices look amazing.

If you have the need for speed and love cars then our car wallpapers are right up your road.

Our car backgrounds offer a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. You can choose from sleek and shiny sports cars, classic vintage cars, rugged SUVs, or roaring monster trucks. Whether you’re a fan of a specific brand or simply enjoy the beauty of automobiles, you can find car backgrounds that suit your style.

You’ll phone BMW wallpaper, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mustang, Tesla, and many more backgrounds.

So, let your phone reflect your passion for cars and choose a background that revs up your excitement.

Car Backgrounds

To use our car wallpapers, simply click on any image or link and save it to your device. From there, you can easily set it as your phone background, lock screen, or desktop wallpaper background.

The phone wallpapers have been designed to fit most phones so you can easily fit them to your screen size. Plus you’ll find car desktop wallpaper further down.

tesla car phone background
street racing car phone background
sports car racing streets
racing cars phone background
phone wallpaper of red lamborghini car impressionist
old school car phone wallpaper
night scene street car background
neon car phone wallpaper
neon car phone background
mustang graffiti car wallpaper
mustang car retro phone wallpaper
lamborghini city phone background
lamborghini car street at night wallpaper
lamborghini at night phone wallpaper
graffiti car phone wallpaper
futuristic muscle car phone wallpaper
futuristic city wallpaper
futuristic car phone background
futuristic car phone background wallpaper
formula one car in the rain
formula car background
formula 1 racing in rain
formula 1 phone wallpaper
formula 1 phone background
formula 1 driving wallpaper
formula 1 car in the rain phone wallpaper
formula 1 car art graffiti wallpaper
formula 1 car art graffiti phone wallpaper
cuban retro car phone wallpaper
cool car phone background
cool car background
city street car racing
city car phone background
car racing three street neon phone wallpaper
car pattern wallpaper
bmw phone background wallpaper
bmw in city phone background
bmw car phone wallpaper
bmw car phone background
artistic car background
Yellow Car Wallpaper
Wheel Close Up Car Wallpaper
Wheel Aesthetic Car Wallpaper
Super Car Wallpaper
Super Car Wallpaper Close Up
Red Super Car Wallpaper
Red Retro Audi Car Wallpaper
Red and White Car Wallpaper
Racing Car Wallpaper
Racing Car Wallpaper Aesthetic
Purple Mercedes Car Background
Pretty Car Wallpaper
Porsche 911 Carrera Car Wallpaper
Palm Trees and Car Wallpaper
Orange Wheels Car Wallpaper
Orange Racing Car Wallpaper
Orange Car Wallpaper
Night Scene Car Wallpaper
Neon Red Car Wallpaper
Modern Racing Car Wallpaper
Macro Car Wallpaper
Hot Wheel Car Wallpaper
Graphic Retro Car Wallpaper
Flames Car Wallpaper
Fast Racing Car Wallpaper
Cool Wheels Car Wallpaper
Cool Car Wallpaper Aesthetic
Comic Style Car Wallpaper
Colorful Porsche 911 Car Wallpaper
Close Up of Car Wallpaper
Car Wallpaper of Racing Kart
Car Wallpaper of Race track
Car Wallpaper Aesthetic
Bugatti Car Wallpaper
Blue Super Car Wallpaper Background
Blue Fast Car Wallpaper
Anime Car Wallpaper
Aesthetic Red Car Wallpaper
Aesthetic Car Wallpaper
1950s Race Car Wallpaper
1950s Car Wallpaper

Here you will also find a collection of car desktop wallpapers that will look great as your desktop background.

red lamborghini car racing desktop wallpaper
rear view of cars racing
high speed car racing in city
futuristic car
wallpaper of a digital painting of a red lamborghini car
tesla car wallpaper
tesla car background
retro cars in cuba desktop background
retro car in future
red lamborghini car wallpaper
racing muscle car wallpaper
racing muscle car background
mustang car wallpaper
mustang car background dramatic
futuristic car wallpaper
futuristic car racing neon wallpaper
futuristic car desktop wallpaper
futuristic car desktop background
futuristic car background
formula 1 wallpaper
formula 1 poster wallpaper
formula 1 car racing in rain
formula 1 car in the rain
formula 1 car in the rain wallpaper
formula 1 car in the rain desktop wallpaper
formula 1 background
formula 1 background wallpaper
fast sports car desktop wallpaper
fast sports car desktop background
fast furious wallpaper
fast car desktop background
dodge car wallpaper
desktop background cars in cuba
cyber car
cool formula 1 car desktop background
cool car desktop background
concept car wallpaper
cartoon style car wallpaper
cars racing through streets
cars racing through raining streets
cars racing through mud tracks
car chase at night red lamborghini wallpaper
artistic wallpaper of car in many colors
Yellow Super Car Wallpaper Background
Yellow Mercedes Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Vintage Race Car Wallpaper For Desktop
Vintage Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Super Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Sports Car Wallpaper For Desktop
Speeding Fast Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Retro Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Red and White Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Race Track Car Wallpaper For Desktop
Race Car Wallpaper Background
Purple Mercedes Car Background For Desktop
Orange Retro Car For Desktop
Orange and Green Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Night Scene Car Wallpaper Desktop
Neon Lights Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Holographic Wheel Car Wallpaper
Fast Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Fast Car Wallpaper Desktop
Desktop Car Wallpaper
Desktop Car Wallpaper of Macro Wheel
Cool Fast Car Wallpaper Desktop
Cool Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Comic Style Car Wallpaper For Desktop
Close Up Retro Car Wallpaper
Car Wallpaper of Macro Wheels
Car Wallpaper for Desktop
Car Wallpaper Background for Desktop
Bugatti Car Wallpaper For Desktop
Blue Super Car Wallpaper for Desktop

The most stylish car background wallpapers

So there you have it. A stunning collection of car wallpapers that will look great on your phone or desktop.

I hope you love our car background wallpapers. They were so fun to create and you can find many more wallpapers for your phone or desktop right here on our website.

Check out our wallpaper section, where you’ll find thousands more stylish and totally free backgrounds that you can use, whenever you need something new.

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