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Don’t be stuck with a drab-looking desktop or phone background. It’s not the 90s anymore so you don’t have to resort to using the wallpapers that come with your device.

We’ve created so many gorgeous desktop wallpapers and phone backgrounds so you can spruce up your tech!

We have wallpapers for every month of the year so there aren’t any restrictions when it comes to choosing your calendar wallpaper or calendar background! Choose your favorite 2021 background to revamp your phone or a stunning 2021 wallpaper to bring life to your home or work desktop!

It’s so easy to do and all completely free.

65 Best April Wallpaper for iphone and desktop

April Wallpaper | 80 Best Desktop & Phone April Backgrounds

Bring on April with our April wallpaper backgrounds for phones and desktops! April is such a fun time of the year! The weather is getting warmer, it’s Easter, there’s pastel color everywhere and there are gorgeous free April calendar wallpapers to get your hands on! Free April 2024 Calendar Backgrounds Dress your tech this spring […]

February Calendar Wallpaper

February Calendar Wallpaper | 90+ Best Desktop & Phone Backgrounds

Get set for February with our stunning February Calendar wallpaper backgrounds! February is such a fun month. It’s nearing the end of winter and also offers Valentine’s day. We have created 90 beautiful and aesthetic wallpapers for your desktop and phone that will add vibrance, fun, and love to your tech this month. Free February […]