Free debt tracker printable

Free Debt Tracker Printable

free debt tracker template printable

Need a little help getting on top of your debt? Use this free debt tracker printable to help you plan your debt payment goals and stay motivated and on track to reaching them.

In my personal opinion, the best place to start with anything is to have a plan and it’s no different when it comes to paying debt.

We’ve created a debt tracker to help when it comes to figuring out your debt and making a plan to pay it off in a manageable way. 

There are different sections to this debt tracker which include:

  • Debt Name
  • Creditor
  • Starting Balance
  • Interest Rate
  • Due Date
  • Minimum Payment Amount
  • Goal Monthly Repayment
  • Goal Payoff Date
  • Dates of any payments made
  • Amount of each payment made
  • Current balance after each payment
  • Notes relating to payments made
  • Progress Tracker

How to use a debt tracker

To use a debt tracker, you start by using one page per debt so you can organize and understand each individual debt, after all, all debts are different.

First you will need to write down your debt and the creditor, so you know who this debt is with.

Next you will need to plan out your next steps for paying your debt. What’s your goal pay off date? So how much do you want to pay each month? Being realistic, what’s the minimum you can pay without being squeezed for money?

Then you need to log as you go.

Note down the date of each payment, the amount you have paid, the balance and any additional notes.

There is also a progress tracker bar at the bottom of the page so you can mark off each percentage as you progress towards paying off your debt in full. It’s a great way of seeing your progress to reaching debt free goal.

Using this debt tracker will allow you to see the impact you are having on your debt with each payment. It should motivate you and inspire you to face your debts but do it in a way that is as stress free as possible.

Download free debt tracker printable template

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Download the free debt tracker printable

To get the free debt tracker printable for free, click the image above and save to your computer.

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