Free Travel Planner for planning vacations, road trips, and travel itinerary

Travel Planner Free Printable & Tips To Help You Plan

This Printable Travel Planner will help you plan your vacation in style and keep you organized and on time. Take the stress out of holiday planning and grab this free planner!

When it comes to going on vacation you want stress-free travel from the start.

That’s why I’ve created a free printable travel planner to help you plan your vacation before you’ve even finalized where you’re going! You shouldn’t need to purchase a travel planner on top of paying for a vacation – that’s just crazy!

Remember to look out for our travel tips dotted throughout the post!

Free Printable Travel Planner

There are so many useful pages that make up this travel planner and will help you plan your entire trip:

  • Travel planner cover and content page
  • Vacation planning
  • Travel plan comparison
  • Accommondation comparison
  • Final travel plans
  • Vacation savings tracker
  • Vacation budget
  • Vacation shopping list
  • Packing list
  • Last check
  • Places to visit
  • Day plan
  • Thoughts & notes
  • To do list

You can choose to print all of the pages and bundle them into a planner by printing the travel planner cover and contents page. Alternatively, you can just save the pages you want or need.

To save a travel planner page, simply click the image or the link underneath and save it to your device.

Travel Planner

These pages are perfect for helping you brainstorm your vacation ideas. Getting all of your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can really make your travel planning so much easier.

It’s a great road trip planner when you’re putting together your travel plan. Best of all, it’s free so you can print and start using it right now and start putting together your travel plans

If you are thinking of going on holiday but not sure what kind of holiday to go for then these pages will help. Note down your favorite city locations, where you would go for your next road trip, or any staycation ideas.

Use this travel planner to find the perfect place for you.

Once you have a better idea, you can narrow it down with where you want to go, the best time to go, and the activities you want to do.

When planning your holiday, be sure to use a free printable calendar to help you figure out the best time to go on vacation!

Travel tip: Use an app like TripIt to monitor safety scores on things such as women’s safety and guidance on neighborhoods risk levels etc.

Vacation Planner Comparison

When it comes to comparing key details of your vacation, comparing them side by side is much easier than navigating through various emails and web pages.

Use these pages to compare flights including the arrival and departure airports, the overall flight time, the cost, transfers, and much more.

You can also compare accommodation too, making sure you choose the right option. Compare accommodation on factors such as price, amenities, and nearby places.

There is space on both comparison pages to make custom comparisons too.

Travel tip: Use sites like Skyscanner to compare cheap flights all around the world.

Use this page to keep your final travel plans together on one page, including important details such as vacation details, accommodation details, and flight details.

Budgeting Travel Planner

Whether you’re saving for the full cost of your vacation, saving for your vacation activities, or simply saving for spending money, the savings tracker will help you reach your goal.

You can also use the vacation budget tracker to help you stay on budget when on vacation. Budget for transportation, accommodation, activities, and food.

Use the vacation shopping list to get what you need for your vacation. You can also set a budget for that too.

Travel Planner Packing List

Now you’ve done all of your planning, it’s time to start packing!

The packing list is divided into a variety of categories so you can categorize when you pack. There are also two sets of checkmarks. Use the checkmarks on the left for when you go on vacation and the checkmarks on the right for making sure you bring all of your belongings home.

Use the last check page as a guide to making sure you have everything you need for going on vacation. It can be so easy to miss something when you are so busy getting everything else ready. Imagine getting to the airport and realizing you forgot your visa, boarding pass, or passport!?

The last check page also has suggestions for things to do to make your return home easier such as emptying the trash and doing the dishes. No one wants to come home to a smelly house.

Travel Itinerary Template

You can fill in the places to visit travel plan before you go on vacation. This will help you plan your activities much easier.

As you explore on vacation, you will be sure to find new things to experience and try so be sure to add them to the list too. Ask the locals for recommendations – there are always hidden gems off the beaten path.

Don’t forget to use the itinerary planner to help you navigate your activities and schedule throughout the day. Chances are you won’t plan for every day but this vacation day planner is so handy for when you do.

Travel tip: use the note section to note down any reservations for attractions or cafes.

Vacation Planner Printables

The thoughts and notes page is perfect for those days when you need to simply jot something down, write memories, or doodle. Print multiple copies of the thoughts and notes page so you can use it throughout your planner and your vacation.

The same goes for the to-do list. You can use these pages throughout any stage of your vacation including the planning stage.

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