Bunny Ears Template

Bunny Ears Template – 30 Printable Bunny Ears Outlines To Cut Out

Print your favorite Bunny Ears Template for some fun this Easter. Choose from over 30 printable bunny ears outlines to cut out.

Just print them, color them, cut them, and wear them, for lots of Easter fun!

Easter is such a fun time for children! They love the easter activities. treats and fun that comes with celebrating easter, and our daughter particularly loves crafting bunny headbands.

We’ve made 15 different bunny ears templates so you can choose your favorite. This is also great for an Easter party, classroom craft, easter egg hunt, or any other group activity.

Get creative with your bunny ears printable and use different materials such as felt, fluff, pom poms, feathers, glitter and so much more.

How do you make a bunny headband?

Choose any bunny ears template to create the cutest and easiest bunny headband this easter.

Simply click the image or link of your favorite set of bunny ears, save it to your device, and print.

I recommend printing the bunny ears template on card stock for a sturdy headband that can hold the weight of any decorations you might add such as pom poms, sequins, or more!

Once you have printed your bunny headband, simply cut around the ears and headband, decorate to your liking then assemble.

To assemble your bunny headband, glue your ears to one of the rectangles to create the main part of your bunny headband.

Glue another rectangle slip to one side of the rectangle with the bunny ears and the other rectangle slip to the other end. You should have one long rectangle slip with the bunny ears in the middle.

Measure the headband around the child’s head and cut away any excess slip. Glue the slips together to create your bunny headband.

Printable Bunny Ears

There are 15 different sets of rabbit ears to choose from so you can customize your own bunny ears or create a free printable bunny ears headband that suits your style.

I hope you love your bunny ears cut out printables and make the most fantastic easter headbands!

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