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650+ Lofi Backgrounds

Lofi Wallpaper iPhone

Here you will find a collection of lofi wallpaper iPhone backgrounds. Set these as your phone background for the perfect lofi vibe.

Village Aesthetic Lofi Wallpaper
Vending machine at Night Lofi Background
Urban Japanese Street Lofi Wallpaper
Tall Apartment Building Lofi Background
Sunset Balcony Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Suburb Street Scene Lofi Background
Street View of Rain and Neon Lights Lofi Background
Street Stall Scene at Night Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Street Scene with Tram Lofi Background
Street Lights Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Silhouette of Girl Walking from a Distance Lofi Wallpaper
Silhouette of Couple sitting on Roof Lofi Background
Silhouette of a girl Walking at night Lofi Wallpaper
Rainy Street Stall Scene Lofi Background
Rainy Street Setting at Night Lofi Background
Rain and Village Lofi Background iPhone
Pretty External View Coffee Shop Lofi Background
Pink Room Lofi Background Wallpaper
Paper Lanterns in the Sky Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Outside Bar Scene Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Orange Lights Night Time Street Lofi Wallpaper
Neon Vibes Girl in the Rain Lofi Background
Neon Street Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Lanterns above the Water Lofi Wallpaper
Lake Scene at Night Lofi Wallpaper
Japanese Street Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Japanese Street Lofi Background
Japanese Alleyway Lofi Background
Internal Cafe View Lofi Wallpaper
Internal Cafe Shot Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Guy on Computer in Bedroom Lofi Background
Guy Getting a Coffee Rain Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Golden Light Bedroom Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Glowing Lights in Cabin Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Glowing Lanterns in the Sky at Night Lofi Background
Glowing Coffee Shop Lofi Background
Girl Walking into Coffee Shop Lofi Wallpaper
Girl Walking Down Wet Street Lofi Background
Girl Walking Down neon Street Lofi Background
Girl Walking at Night Pink Haze Lofi Background
Girl Studying on Roof Lofi Background
Girl Studying Internal Cafe Scene Lofi Background
Girl Studying at Night Lofi Background iPhone
Girl Reading with Dog Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Girl Reading Lofi Background
Girl on top of Balcony Lofi Background
Girl on balcony Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Girl in Cute Room Lofi Background
Girl in Bookstore Lofi Background
Girl in Book Shop Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Girl at her Desk Lofi Wallpaper
Girl at Desk at Night Lofi Background
Girl at Bar Lofi Background
Girl and Plants Lofi Wallpaper
Girl and Guy Looking at Falling Stars Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Girl and Cat Looking at the Sky Lofi Background
Girl Aesthetic Lofi Background
Future Style Scene Lofi Background iPhone
External View Coffee Shop Lofi Background iPhone
Empty Street Setting Lofi Background
Empty Street in the Suburbs Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Empty Street at Night Lofi Background
Empty Kitchen Scene with City View Lofi Background
Empty Kitchen Scene Lofi Background
Empty Kitchen Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Empty Internal View Corner Shop Lofi Wallpaper
Empty Bus Stop Scene Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Dark Blue and Yellow Silhouette Scene Lofi Background
Cute Silhouette Night Time Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Cute Girl Relaxing Lofi Background
Cute Girl Relaxing at home Lofi Background
Cute Girl Reading on Roof Lofi Wallpaper
Cute Girl in Plant Room Lofi Wallpaper
Cute Balloons Throught the Mist Lofi Wallpaper
Couple watching Sunset Lofi Background
Couple Sitting on Bench Lofi Background iPhone
Couple Sitting Looking at the Night Sky Lofi Background
Couple on Bench Lofi Background Aesthetic
Couple Looking at City Lights Lofi Background
Corner Shop with Bike Lofi Background iPhone
Coffee Shop Rainy Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Cat and Girl Silhouette Night Time Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Camping Scene Lofi Background
Cafe Scene Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Cabin in the forest Lofi Background
Busy Apartment Block Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Bus Stop Scene Lofi Background
Bus Stop at Night Lofi Background iPhone
Boy Studying with Fairy Lights Lofi Wallpaper
Boy in Study Lofi Background
Boy and Girl Sitting on Bench Lofi Background
Bookstore Scene Lofi Background
Blue Aesthetic Lofi Background iPhone
Beautiful Village Street Lofi Background
Beautiful Shop Lofi Wallpaper
Beautiful Rainy Scene Girl Lofi Wallpaper
Beautiful Exterior Cafe Lofi Background
Bar Scene Lofi Background iPhone
Anime Night Street Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Anime Girl City Balcony Lofi Wallpaper
Anime Girl at Desk Scene Lofi Background
Anime Corner Shop Lofi Wallpaper
Anime Camping Scene Lofi Background
Anime Cafe Scene Lofi Background iPhone
Anime Cafe Lofi Background Wallpaper
Aesthetic Village with Rain Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Aesthetic Street Stall Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Aesthetic Street Scene at Night Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Aesthetic Room Lofi Background
Aesthetic Lofi Girl Silhouette Lofi Background
Aesthetic Kitchen Lofi Wallpaper
Aesthetic Japanese Street Lofi Wallpaper
Aesthetic Corner Shop Lofi Background
Aesthetic Cafe Scene Lofi Background
Aesthetic Cafe Scene Lofi Background iPhone
Aesthetic Bookstore Lofi Wallpaper for iPhone
80s Style Lofi Background iPhone
80s Game Room Scene Lofi Wallpaper
Tokyo Snow Alleyway Lofi Background
Snowy Alleyway Lofi Background
Pixel Art of Girl on Bed Lofi Wallpaper
Girl in her Pajamas Lofi Background
Cat in the Snow Lofi Background
Boy Relaxing with Coffee Lofi Wallpaper iPhone
Anime Boy Drinking Coffee Lofi Wallpaper
Alleyway at Night Lofi Background

The perfect lofi wallpapers

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