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Light Backgrounds

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Light backgrounds for phones and desktop wallpapers. Including light blue, light pink, light green, light purple, pastel pink, light yellow, light brown, light grey, light orange, and more.

If you want a phone wallpaper that is light and delicate then these light backgrounds are the perfect choice.

Choose from various designs such as soft flowers, serene seascapes, watercolor designs, subtle gradients, and much more.

These light backgrounds will bring a sense of tranquility and serenity to your phone whilst being sleek and clean, so grab your favorite one today.

Light Backgrounds

To use our light backgrounds, click on any image or link and save it to your device. From there, you can easily set it as your phone wallpaper, lock screen, or desktop wallpaper background.

light yellow wallpaper
light yellow texture wallpaper
light yellow texture background
light yellow desktop wallpaper
light yellow desktop background
light yellow background
light yellow background wallpaper
light pink wallpaper
light pink texture background
light pink desktop wallpaper
light pink background
light pink background wallpaper
light orange wallpaper
light orange texture
light orange desktop wallpaper
light orange background
light grey wallpaper
light grey desktop wallpaper
light green
light green wallpaper
light green wall paper
light green desktop wallpaper
light green desktop background
light green bokeh wallpaper
light green bokeh background
light green background
light green background wallpaper
light gray desktop background
light gray background
light brown wallpaper
light brown texture wallpaper
light brown texture background
light brown desktop wallpaper
light brown background
light blue
light blue wallpaper
light blue texture wallpaper
light blue texture background
light blue desktop wallpaper
light blue background
light blue background wallpaper
light pink phone wallpaper
light pink phone background
light orange phone wallpaper
light orange phone background
light green phone wallpaper
light green phone background
light gray phone wallpaper
light gray phone background
light blue phone wallpaper
light blue phone background
Sparkly Blue Light Background
Soft Pink Light Background
Soft Pastel Light Background
Soft Light Background
Soft Gradient Light Background
Pretty Bokeh Light Background
Pink Light Background
Pastel Ombre Light Background
Pastel Mint and Pink Light Background
Pastel Light Background
Ocean Waves Light Background
Mint and Pink Light Background
Minimal Light Background
Light Silver Light Background
Light Background of Pool Water
Holographic Light Background
Flower Light Background
Floral Pattern Light Background
Dreamy Light Background
Cream and Pink Light Background
Colorful Pastel Light Background
Bubble Light Background
Bokeh Light Background

As you can see, we’ve created a huge collection of light backgrounds that will look great on your phone or desktop.

Check out our wallpaper section, where you’ll find thousands more stylish background wallpapers that you can use, whenever you need something new.

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