Printable spending tracker

Printable Spending Tracker

One of the easiest ways of keeping tabs on your spending is by using a printable spending tracker. You’ll be able to see what you’re spending, how much, and how you paid for it.

Our finances can easily get out of control if we don’t keep an eye on what we’re doing with our money. It’s so easy to spend a little here and there, quite often on unimportant things.

But by knowing what you’re spending and what you’re buying you’ll be able to make better financial decisions going forward.

You might actually be surprised to know just how much money you are wasting each month, or how much you could have saved if you hadn’t bought those things!

See how much money you could save

Did you know that if you stopped buying things you didn’t need and didn’t spend $27 a day on unnecessary things, you would save $10,000 a year!

Imagine what you could do with $10,000! You could buy a car, go traveling, get that new phone you’ve been wanting, or even get married!

See what $10,000 converts to in your currency.

Use our free printable spending tracker and see what you can do to start organizing your finances. It’s simply the easiest way of getting an insight into your spending and will help you make great savings goal plans going forward.

Sections of the printable spending tracker:

  • Month
  • Date
  • Description of the items bought
  • The amount that was spent
  • How you paid (Cash or Card)
  • Total Expenses – add up everything you’ve spent in the month and see where your money goes.

This spending tracker has enough space to log a month’s worth of spending, but if you spend more often throughout the month then you can also print more as you need as they’re totally free!

printable spending tracker
printable spending tracker

Start managing your money better

You can also find the spending tracker included in our must-have low-cost Financial Budgeting Planner which is designed to help you organize your finances, from your debts, spending, bills, savings, goals, and more. This bundle has it all and will really help you take control of your money.

The printable spending tracker comes in four different styles – botanical, cursive, soft, and classic and you receive all four of them when you download.

Download Printable Spending Tracker Template

Download the free printable spending tracker

To get the printable spending tracker for free, click the image above and save it to your computer.

Alternatively, click the button below to visit our product page and get the highest quality version. Use the coupon code displayed to get it for free.

Remember to look through the rest of our planner printables, we’ve got printables for every aspect of your life!

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