Free Star Stickers

Free Printable Star Stickers

These star stickers are so cute and colorful! They are fun for every age and can be used in many different ways. I love using them in my planner and bullet journal but my kids love using them as craft stickers.

You can also use these star stickers as a marker for reward charts or stickers for good behavior or praise.

You can use these with your paper planner or bullet journal, or digitally with your favorite digital planner.

Either print them at home for adding to your planner or for craft projects, or use them digitally by importing them into your digital planner.

100 Colorful Star Stickers
Star Stickers

100 Free Printable & Digital Star Stickers

These colorful star planner stickers are also the perfect decorative sticker for your journals and also look great when decorating a digital planner too.

These stickers are available as a printable pdf pack, a pre-cropped Goodnotes file, or transparent PNGs to use with other journaling apps.

If you would like these star stickers as a digital version for your iPad or tablet then check those out below!

Printable Star Stickers

Transparent PNG Star Stickers for Digital Planners

Use these transparent PNG star stickers with your favorite digital planner app. Just open the images below and save them to your tablet.

When you import these transparent PNG images into your journaling app you can crop the ones that you need to use with your favorite digital planner.

To save you time, we’ve even created a pre-cropped version for using with GoodNotes, as that’s the most popular app for digital planners. You can get the pre-cropped GoodNotes file below.

Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 01
Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 01
Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 02
Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 02
Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 03
Stars Planner Stickers-Transparent PNG 03

Print and Cut Your Star Stickers

These stickers are so easy to use and you can print and cut them from home! You can use a regular printer, or better yet, why not get some sticker sheets to print on. This way you can use these stickers and many of our other free printable stickers to save you lots of money for fun projects, activities, and decorations.

If you own a cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette then you can use that too. You can find out how to print and cut our stickers in various ways on this planner sticker post.

To print these stickers, just grab the pdf version below which contains all of these star stickers in one easy-to-print bundle.

See how to get your code below.

Star Planner Stickers

Pre-Cropped Digital Star Stickers

If you love these star stickers but would like a digital version for GoodNotes then you will love this collection of digital stickers! These digital stickers are pre-cropped and ready to go and you will get a Goodnotes file with 2 sheets included.

See how to get your code below.

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Printable and Digital Star Stickers

How to get these free Star stickers

You can get these free star stickers as transparent png files for digital planners (earlier in this post).

If you prefer getting them as a printable PDF bundle or as a Goodnotes pre-cropped stickers pack then get them for free right here. Just enter your email address in the box below and you’ll be sent a code and link to pack.

Alternatively, watch our website videos to see the code to get these freebies and enter your code in the relevant area above.

Every week we create a cute set of printables, planners, and digital freebies to help you make the most of the things that matter. Our creations are loved by many and are free for you to enjoy.

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