best free valentines card printables

88 Best Valentines Card Printables

Choose from this huge collection of free valentines card printables to give to your loved one. From romantic, fun, and cute valentines cards.

If you’re looking for a free valentine’s day card to send to your favorite person, then you are in the right place. Our free valentines card printables come in over 80 fun designs and are suitable for people of all ages in all different scenarios.

February is the month of love and we have made it super easy to wish your beau or bestie a happy valentine’s day this year. There’s no need to purchase expensive Valentine’s day cards that lack creativity when you can get a unique printable set of cards for free!

Best of all, most of these printable cards don’t need to be used just for Valentine’s, you can use them at any point of the year if you want to make something quick and cute for your loved one.

Our amazing free printables are so easy to use with three simple steps:

  1. Click on your favorite card
  2. Save the high quality pdf
  3. Print

Our Valentine’s day cards are 5×7″ and work best when printed on nice card stock, but you could also print them on regular copy paper. Once you have printed your favorite designs, simply cut along the template and fold down the middle to make an amazing card!

All of our valentines day cards are blank inside, so you can add your own quotes, happy valentine’s day wishes, or anything else that allows you to add your own personal touch.

How can I make a Valentine card online?

Our extensive range of Valentine’s day cards makes it super easy for you to find a free valentine’s day card online. Choosing one of our free templates saves you time and money and is perfect for someone who leaves things till the last minute. It’s as easy as clicking, saving, printing.

Can you say Happy Valentines to a friend?

Valentine’s day isn’t just about lovers! It’s the perfect day to show your friends, family, and classmates how much you care for them. Our valentine’s day cards are perfect for everyone, so whether you want to send a cute valentines card to a friend, a Galentine’s day card to your girl gang, or a fun card to your classmate, we have you covered.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

These valentine’s day cards are amazing and so fun. Choose from modern type cards, funny quote cards, and downright romantic cards.

Free Printable Galentine’s Day Cards

Prefer to celebrate valentines day with the girls? We have a stunning range of free printable Galentine’s day cards for all of your besties.

Free Printable Kids Valentine’s Cards

Kids love valentines day and our cards for kids are the perfect way of getting them involved. Kids can share these valentine’s day cards with their classmates, and our kiddos love to share them with family members too.

There are so many fun ways to use our Valentine’s cards for kids! They can use them simply as a card or combine them with a gift or candy. If your child doesn’t want a folded card them simply cut down the middle of the template after you print your card for a flat card instead.

Teachers, please feel free to use our valentine’s day cards in the classroom!

Free Printable Valentine Cards to Color

These valentine cards are perfect for both adults and children to color. Have some fun creating your valentine’s day card and give it that personal touch.

Design your own personalized printable Valentines card

We designed most of these cards in Canva and you can too. Canva makes it easy to create cards and invitations and there are thousands of templates that you can use as a starting point to creating your own design.

So if you can’t find a card here that you love, then just create your own using Canva. You can personalize the text, write your own valentines day message, choose from thousands of images to add, change colors and so much more.

You can then print the card you’ve created, or even send it as an online valentines ecard directly from Canva. How amazing is that?!

The Best Valentines Card Printables

I hope you found the perfect Valentine’s day card for your lover, spouse, bestie, or classmate! If you love these valentines cards then please share this post with your friends and family or save it on Pinterest. Show us on Instagram how you used our Valentine’s cards, we love to see what you do!

*Please Note: All printables and templates are designed by World of Printables and are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. These Valentines card printables are not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of these templates.

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