16 Free Printable Minimalist Christmas Gift Tags

16 Free Printable Minimalist Christmas Gift Tags

For many people, wrapping Christmas gifts is an event on its own. There are people who throw things together, people who try their best and people who have nailed the art of gift presentation down to a tee.

With gift presentation, it isn’t all about the wrapping paper. What about the little details such as the bow or even the gift tag?

Here we have four sets of minimalist gift tags ready for you to print, hole punch and attach. That’s 16 beautifully designed gift tags all with different themes, ready to download now!

Let’s take a peek.

Minimalist Gift Tag Set 1

This gorgeous minimalist set of free printable gift tags features four different designs perfect for your christmas pressies. Each gift tag is elegantly designed to match your beautiful wrapping paper.

Do Not Open Until Christmas Gift Tag Set

I love this set of free Christmas gift tags. No matter what way you say ‘don’t open until Christmas’, we have you covered. Whether you’re a Crimbo or Xmas person, you won’t be left out with our stylish gift tags.

Merry And Bright Gift Tag Set

These lovely merry and bright Christmas gift tags are a gorgeous minimalist option this year. With different fonts and styles, these gift tags are designed to suit all tastes.

Minimal & Fun Gift Tag Set

I love this gift tag set especially the holiday favorite Home Alone inspired gift tag – classic. These gift tags are so beautiful and chic and would add a touch of elegance to any wrapping paper.


Download any of the sets of Free Printable Minimalist Christmas Gift Tags

Do Not Open Until Christmas Gift Tags:

Minimal and Fun Christmas Gift Tags:

Minimalist Gift Tag Set:

Merry and Bright Christmas Gift Tags:

Print the Free Printable Minimalist Christmas Gift Tags. Each individual gift tag is 3.5″ wide x 5″ High and a set of four will print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

I’d recommend using card stock to print your gift tags on. For cardstock, I really like this cardstock paper, which is great for sturdy gift tags but not too thick that it will jam your printer. It’s also Amazon’s Choice and I find it to be much cheaper than in stores.

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