Chores For Kids And Best Free Printable Chore Charts

Chores For Kids + Best Free Printable Chore Charts

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Use these free printable kids chore charts and get tips on age-appropriate chores for kids to encourage your children to help you around the house.

Keeping your kids motivated with chores

I read a really good article about how to how to motivate your children to do chores and what it means for their development.

I know you might be thinking “yeah, kids do chores and it makes them better adults…” but it’s not just about how chores set them up for adult life.

In fact, when you read the article you learn that there is something more important than chores, and doing chores isn’t simply about getting your kid to do the dishes.

If I’m being honest, the article really hit home with me because it made me think about my setup at home and what more I could be doing to bring my family closer together.

I genuinely feel like I have learned something and that’s why I’m telling you about it.

Kids chore chart template
Kids chore chart template

What chores should be done daily?

Everyone has a different set of chores that they think should be done daily. It all depends on your lifestyle as everyone interacts with their home differently.

If you work from home or have younger children, you might find that you do certain chores every day whereas someone else wouldn’t.

There isn’t a set of rules that determine what chores should be completed and when but there are plenty of lives that give you guidance on what you could do to make your home cleaner and more organized.

  1. Make the bed
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Sweep the floor
  4. Put things away
  5. Clean kitchen counter tops
  6. Wipe up spills and messes straight away (including toothpaste blobs in the sink!)
  7. Take out the trash

What chores should my child do?

What chores should my child do

When it comes to encouraging your child to help with the chores, don’t expect miracles. Your child might be willing to help sometimes and not so bothered other times, just keep persevering and make it fun for them.

You will know as a parent what chores your child is capable of helping with and what they will enjoy doing but here is a little list of some chores for kids that they’re likely to find fun!

  1. Putting toys and books away
  2. Making their bed
  3. Choosing the clothes they want to wear
  4. Helping with meals
  5. Wiping the table
  6. Sweeping the floor
  7. Help with the washing machine (my kids love taking clean clothes out of the machine and putting dirty clothes in)

Try and make chores fun for your child and help them do the chores too. Praise them and let them know you appreciate their help. Try and get your kid into a routine of 10-20 minutes of chores per day (not all at once).

What chores can a 4 year old do?

What chores can a 4 year old do

My daughter will be four in three months (wow, I can’t believe it!) and she likes to be involved with the chores most of the time. I’ve put together a little list of some of the things my daughter likes to do to help out.

  1. Make the bed (just pull the duvet up and straighten the pillow)
  2. Put toys away
  3. Help with getting dressed
  4. Choose clothes to wear
  5. Help with gardening
  6. Help wash vegetables
  7. Put clothes in the washing machine
  8. Hang clothes up
  9. Clean up their spills or messes
  10. Brush teeth, brush hair, wash face
  11. Help put the shopping away
  12. Help with nappy changes

This is just a snapshot of the chores you could ask your child to get involved with. There will be more out there that are more specific to you and your family.

Get started with a couple of things first, and then build it up the more your child likes to participate. Also, your child doesn’t have to do these chores every day, just when it’s appropriate.

Sometimes my daughter jumps at my request for help. She loves to be the big girl unless she’s “too busy” (her favorite phrase right now).

What chores should a 9 year old do?

What chores should a 9 year old do

At age 9, children are much more developed and ready to take on fresh challenges. The chores that your child did as a toddler or young child are pretty much mastered now, so what’s next?

Allow your child to continue doing the chores they know but kick it up a notch and add more responsibility.

  1. Look after pets
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Do laundry
  4. Help prepare meals (with guidance)
  5. Selfcare
  6. help put groceries away
  7. Sweep the floor
  8. Tidy their room
  9. Water plants
  10. Clean the bathroom
  11. Take out the trash
  12. Be responsible for their homework

What chores should a 12 year old do?

What chores should a 12 year old do

At 12 years+, you could consider adding a reward for completing chores such as an allowance. Tweens and teenagers tend to have a lot more responsibility with chores and with their lives.

At this age, kids are going off on their own to play with friends, hang out at the arcade, and go to the cinema, so they are keen to earn money.

Tween or teen chores can be bigger jobs with more responsibility.

  1. Selfcare (without help or encouragement)
  2. Tidy bedroom
  3. Make their own snacks and simple meals
  4. Help with younger siblings
  5. Pet care
  6. Wash the car
  7. Pay for things at the till
  8. Wash the windows
  9. Empty trash and add a fresh bag
  10. Help with the gardening
  11. Do their laundry
  12. Clean the dishes and put them away
  13. Bring in groceries and put them away
  14. Be responsible for their homework
  15. Recharge their personal belongings
  16. Sweep / vacuum / mop
  17. Lawn chores
  18. Babysitting (as a tween, I’d suggest babysitting be limited to something like an hour during the day while you nip to the shop, or waiting in the car with the baby while you nip into the shop)

You might be surprised at how well your tween handles things, especially these days. I honestly think kids are more switched on these days and have matured so quickly.

I look at my own (step)daughter and can’t believe she is only thirteen. She looks and acts much older, it’s scary really, but she is so capable!

How do I make a chore chart for my child?

How do I make a chore chart for my child

Creating a chore chart for your child and setting chores for kids is easy and can be created fairly quickly.

  • First, you need to write down what needs to be done around the house.
  • Then you need to put these into age-appropriate sections based on the age of the children you have.
  • Divide the chores for each child. Just because a four year old is capable of doing 10 things on your list doesn’t mean that’s ‘their job’.
  • Give them set chores they can do daily by themselves and help them with others.
  • Find inspiration and draw your own chore chart. Let your child help decorate it to get them excited about doing chores.
  • Or, get this free chore chart template

Quick tip!

If you want to reuse your chore chart time after time, then consider laminating it. Laminating your chore chart means you can save on ink and paper and simply use dry erase markers that easily wipe off.

I personally like this Scotch Thermal Laminator. It’s easy to use, doesn’t jam, and will fit on your desk perfectly. It’s so compact you can store it anywhere. This laminator is Amazon’s choice with over 30,000 reviews!

Chore chart ideas

If you’re looking for some great chore chart ideas to help with your family then look no further. We’ve got some amazing free printable chore charts for children of all ages that you can grab and print whenever you need them!

Free Printable Super Duper Fall Kids Chore Chart

This super-duper kids chore chart looks fun and has the space to log chores for two children. There is space to write up to five chores per child. If you need more space simply use the space below and print an additional chart for another child.

Super Duper Fall Kids Chore Chart

Free Printable Our Responsibilities Kids Chore Chart

This responsibilities kids chore chart refers to the tasks as responsibilities rather than chores for kids, which hopefully makes children feel a little bit more grown-up and trusted. It’s a bright and colorful chart with fun images and has space for two children.

Our Responsibilities Kids Chore Chart

Free Printable Giant Stars Kids Chore Chart

The free printable kids chore chart with giant stars is such a bright and fun chart. It has space to log the chores for three children and even has a star for each child to color in when they finish their chores.

The star is used as an incentive, so let your child color it or write a reward inside the start or even stick candy or some money inside. Whatever works for you.

Giant Stars Kids Chore Chart

Free Printable Teen Emoji Kids Chore Chart

This emoji-inspired teen chore chart has been designed with tweens and teens in mind. Using cool stickers and fun colors, this chore chart is perfect for noting the chores for two teens.

We all know that teens live on their phones, and this chore chart lets them know that once they’ve done their chores, they can go back on their phones.

Teen Emoji Kids Chore Chart

Free Printable Teen 90s Inspired Kids Chore Chart

This free printable 90s Inspired Teen chore chart is one of my favorites. I love the cool graphics and fun style of this chart and think it will resonate well with teens today. The 90s is making a comeback, don’t ask me why! Impress your teen by using a chore chart that actually matches their aesthetic!

Teen 90s Inspired Kids Chore Chart

Putting the fun into chores for kids

Chore charts are a great way to encourage a child to get involved with housework and general house duties. They can help a family bond, teach valuable lessons and reduce stress (for the parents at least)!

I hope you found this post on chores for kids and free printable chore charts useful and that it has given you some insight into how to and why you should incorporate chores into your child’s life.

Do you use a chore chart at home and how does your child respond? Let me know in the comments!

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