Family weekly meal plan

Family Week Meal Plan

Do you like to stay organized and plan things in advance? Or do you have some important plans coming up? Then what better thing to add to your planner than a Family Week Meal Plan! It’s the perfect planner page for meal planning.

I have mixed feelings about dinner time. Sometimes it’s chaotic, sometimes I’m so tired I don’t want to cook, and sometimes I’m fed up with always cooking. But girls gotta eat, so what can I do about it? Since I’m a big fan of staying organized I like to plan things in advance.

Meal planning. I said it, you’ve probably heard it all before. Meal planning is such an easy way of being on top of it in the kitchen. I wanted to focus predominantly on meal planning at dinner time, as this is where our tastes vary the most when it comes to mealtimes.

How to use this dinner meal planner template

I use this Family Week Meal Plan to help me figure out what everyone likes to eat and see how we can incorporate different choices into our meals whilst keeping them budget-friendly and manageable.

The space on the dinner meal planner lets me write multiple meal options for each day of the week and we can decide as a family what we want to eat and when. This makes it so much easier for when we do our weekly shop on a Sunday and for when it comes to meal times.

We all decide on our meals together as a family and we all stick to it.

There’s also enough space so that you can use this for a whole month. It’s easy to keep tabs on what you had the previous week, so you can mix things up, or take note of the things that the family loved so that you can make it again!

Better yet, keep notes on who made what – this way you can make sure it’s not just you who’s slaving away in the kitchen all the time!

family week meal plan
family week meal plan

The Family Week Meal Plan is so simple to use and comes in four different styles – Botanical, Soft, Cursive, and Classic and you will receive all four when you download it below.

The dinner meal planner is also included in our Meal Planner Bundle along with various meal planner templates for other times of the day, grocery lists, recipe cards, favorite meals and so much more.

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Family Week Meal Plan Template

Download the free Family Week Meal Plan

To get the high-quality version of the printable Family Week Meal Plan for free, click the button below to visit our product page. Use the coupon code displayed to get it for free.

Remember to look through the rest of our planner printables, we’ve got printables for every aspect of your life!

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