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Print Your Own Planner – How To Use Printable Planners & Accessories

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Print your own planner and start making plans and take the stress out of organizing your life right now!

Planners are the perfect way of planning and organizing the things that are important to you. While most people typically use planners to organize their days, weeks, months or even complete year, many people often use planners to organize their homes, meals, health, finances, and businesses.

You can basically plan and organize every aspect of your life and planners are the key organizing tool you’ll benefit most from.

Read on to learn about the types of planners, planner formats, planner accessories and how to print your own planner.

What type of planner to choose?

There are multiple types of planners available, but choosing the right one isn’t simply down to whichever is prettiest. When deciding on a planner, you need to think about what your needs are.

Do you need a planner to help you organize your days? If so, then you can use almost any regular planner to plan your days and weeks ahead.

But if you want to be more organized, or to be able to plan certain aspects of your life then you’re likely going to need a more specialized planner.

Specialized planners are specifically tailored to help get the most out of your planning for the areas you want to cover. These can be:

  • Meal Planners – plan your meals, recipes, grocery shopping and more.
  • Business Planners – manage your business, such as ordering, sales, inventory, schedule and more.
  • House Planners – organize your home, from cleaning, chores, kitchen inventories and more.
  • Financial Planners – take the stress out of budgeting, saving, managing debts and more.
  • Garden Planners – get the most from your garden.
  • Personal Planners – make the most of your time, including schedules, to do lists, days, weeks and months.

Specialized planners are much harder to come by. You often can’t pick these up in stores, as they are more tailored for specific needs rather than the general day planners you’ll find almost anywhere.

But best of all, there is such a thing as a life planner that comprises all of these things, in one big bundle. So you don’t need seperate planners for this and that. A life planner bundle has everything you need to organize your life!

What format of planner to choose?

Knowing what type of planner to use is important, but what format the planner comes in is also important too.

There are different formats of planners that you can use. Each of which has pros and cons.

These consist of Physical Planners, Printable Planners, and Digital Planners.

Physical Planners

Physical planners are the planners that you pick up on places such as Amazon. These are great as you can take them anywhere with you and always have them to hand when you need to take notes, check your schedule or make plans.

However the downside to physical planners is that they aren’t generally specialized, they don’t generally help you plan specific areas of your life, but are simply more geared for helping you plan your days.

Moreover, they can also become more costly. For example, like any type of notebook, you can only use them once. Once you’ve reached the end of the planner, you’ll need to buy another to continue planning.

Printable Planners

Printable planners have the benefits of physical and digital planners, in that you can print your own planner and take it anywhere with you. But they have additional benefits.

For example, they are often generally more affordable than physical planners, as there are very little overheads involved in their manufacture. There is no manufacturing, no warehouses or store space. They are simply a digital item that you can print on your own printer and paper.

This means you will always be able to print more planner pages anytime you need them which makes them everlasting and even more affordable.

Better yet, they are available in specific types tailored for your specific needs. So if you need a planner to plan your meals, or your workouts, or a planner to help you manage your business, you’ll be able to get the one you need instantly.

Best of all, with printable planners you can style your planners to your own unique style preferences. From storing them in great looking binders in your choice of color or style, adding attractive dividers and tabs, sticking on planner stickers or accessories, the choice is yours. There are no limits and your own planner will be unique to you, customized by you!

keep a calendar of the year and plan your year in advance
Printable planners are very low cost and tailored for your needs

It’s clear how amazing and affordable printable planners are which is why we’ve created a huge selection of printable planners. Find the perfect planner inserts and print your own planner instantly.

Digital Planners

Digital planners have the benefits of being able to be reused without having to continually buy replacements. You also don’t need to visit a store to buy one, they can be used on devices such as iPads or certain tablets.

However there are drawbacks to digital planners. You’ll not be able to use them if your device is low on battery, which can pose a problem if you need to check your schedule, take notes, or plan your day only to find your device has run out of power. This is something that is likely to happen often!

But the choice is down to you and your specific needs. Deciding on which type of planner to use and whether its specific for your needs depends on where, when and how you will need to use a planner.

Open up your world to printable planners!

We find that being able to print our own planners works best for us. They’re very low cost, have pages specific for whatever we need to plan and organize, they’re very convenient, just print and go, can be stored in any binder and taken with us and are always at hands reach, and they never run out of power!

So if you’re like us and love the idea of being able to print your own planner pages as and when you need them then now it’s time to think about how you’re going to make and style your very own planners.

So once you’ve decided on the type of printable planner you need, next up is printing it and styling it to make it look awesome!

How to make your own planner pages

If you want to make a perfect planner then you’ve got to start with the right foundations and that’s choosing the right paper for your pages. We personally love using this nice quality paper to print our planners and planner pages because the ink looks great on it, it’s sturdy enough to survive constant use as you go about your life and is also low cost and high quality.

Now you’ve printed your printable planner, there are quite a few stylish options for organizing and combining your planner that will suit your different needs. Some people like to have their personal planner in a handy notebook style, others like to have their kitchen planners in a ring binder. We cover all of these options and more so you can choose what’s best for you!

Bind Your Planner

How To Bind A Planner
How To Bind A Planner

When it comes to binding your planner there are various options to choose from. Don’t be put off by the word ‘binding’, it isn’t a complicated thing, it just means how you put your planner together. We cover options for ‘binding’ your planner using binders that are ready to go or even binding by yourself.

Hole Punch

You’re gonna need a hole punch if you want to place your planner in a ring binder or notebook binder. Hole punches are pretty easy to come by but you need to make sure you get one that matches your choice of ring binder (punches the same amount of holes as rings), can punch through a decent amount of paper, and also has a guide to help you line up your paper for accurate hole punches.

This hole punch checks all of the boxes above and gets great reviews! Use this hole punch to get your planner ready for binding.

Ring Binders

Ring binders are such a great way of storing your planner and they are very durable. I personally prefer ring binders for planners that I don’t tend to carry around with me such as a Household Planner or Financial Budgeting Planner. Ring Binders are bigger and better for being stored in the places they need to be such as the home or office.

This ring binder is a great option because it is easily affordable, can hold up to 120 sheets of paper, and is fully customizable on the front, back and spine. It is also the perfect size for our planners too – 8.5” x 11”.

Notebook Binder

If you want something a little softer and more compact that you can fit in your bag then a notebook binder is a great option. Notebook binders come in so many different styles from classic styles to girly styles and transparent styles. There is actually something for everyone when it comes to a notebook binder.

A notebook binder works the same way as a ring binder – mostly. You need to print your planner, hole punch the pages and combine in the binder! Simple! Find a notebook binder that fits your hole punch layout – 3 punch, 6 punch etc and you’re good to go!

As the notebook binders are smaller than ring binders, remember to resize the planner to your notebook size. You can learn how to do that here, it’s so easy.

I love the individuality of notebook binders but this is my favorite.

This one has incredible reviews, comes in classic black but also a ton of other beautiful colors so you can choose your favorite! It also has space to store cards and a back pocket.

Binder Machine

You know if you don’t want to purchase a binder you could always bind your planner by yourself.  If you prefer to bind your paper together with a plastic ring like many booklets you find then using a paper punch binder is a good option.

The great thing about using a punch binder is you can literally bind anything! When you print your own planner pages you can use a binder machine to bind your planner pages. You can also use a binder machine for many other useful things, you can bind coloring pages, bind your kids worksheets, bind your calendar! 

Binding is actually fun too and a great organizing tool. I love this binder machine starter kit because it is so affordable and has everything you need to bind your pages. You don’t need to look elsewhere for individual items, it’s all in the pack!

Style and Accessorize Your Planner

Planner Folio / Planner Cover
Planner Folio / Planner Cover

One of my favorite things about planners is styling and accessorizing them. There are so many ways to put your own touch on your planner and so many amazing different things to use to make it your own. Let’s take a look at how to style and accessorize your planner!

Planner Folio

A planner folio comes in handy if you already have a physical planner that has been purchased already bound and completed in a notebook style. They work in the same way as a notebook binder apart from you don’t add your individual pages to a ring binder, you add the full notebook inside the planner cover.

Most planner covers have a section to place the back page of your planner in so it stays secure and attached. It’s great for if you want that extra protection for the physical planner you might have purchased. You can also store so much more in it too.

I personally love this planner folio. It’s classy, affordable and so popular. It has a fabric cover and a scandinavian design and comes in four colors. I love the grey one.

Planner Stickers

Using planner stickers in your planner can really help you organize it and log things quicker. They are also beautiful too. There are so many stickers to choose from for your planner such as decorative stickers, informative stickers, cute stickers, classic stickers. I love planner stickers!

Want to see some of my favorite planner stickers? I love a mix of classic with some cute thrown in there. These are some of my top planner stickers:

Divider Pages or Tabs

So you’ve got a planner to keep you organized, whether that’s in life, work, fitness, or meals, but how do you organize your planner? One of my favorite ways and most easiest ways of organizing a planner is by using divider pages and tabs

Divider pages simply slot into your planner and work as a cover page for the section you are going into. For example you might have a divider page that says finances and then your finance section comes after. Some divider pages don’t even say anything, they just look good and that’s enough. I really like these divider pages because they are pretty, full of botanicals and also really popular.

Another cute way of organizing your planner is by using tabs. Tabs work by slightly protruding out of your planner so you know where to go even when your planner is closed. Tabs come in all different styles and some are pre-written and others are blank so you write your own section titles.

These tabs are probably my favorite because they come in a pack of pre-written months and a ton of blank tabs for you to create your own titles. They look really beautiful and feminine too and have a great color selection. They are also so simple to use, you simply peel and stick them to the edge of the page that your new section starts on! It has never been easier!

Planner Accessories

Planner Accessories
Planner Accessories

Your new planner is now bound, organized, and styled! What next? Well, there is so much more you can actually do with your planner by using planner accessories. There are so many different planner accessories to use that can add additional storage to your planner and that’s what I love about them.

Planner Pouches

One of my favorite planner accessories is planner pouches. Planner pouches are a great way to store loose items in your planner such as your planner stickers, paper clips or pens and they are so handy. I like using these pouches because they are well made, the zip is strong and they come in different color zippers so you can even keep your pouches organized!

Paper Clips

Along with storing all of my loose items, I also find it handy if I need to add in loose paper. Any notes I take out with my planner I can easily hole punch and add to my planner but what if I’m out and about? I don’t carry my hole punch around with me.

One way I like to store additional paper in my planner is by using paper clips. But not just any paper clips, I’m talking stylish and unique paper clips, oversized paper clips, gold paper clips! All the paper clips!

Maybe I got carried away there but there are some really cool paper clips. These paper clips have so many options to choose from. It’s like every option of paperclip under one roof! If you want alphabet paper clips, coffee cup paper clips, oversized paper clips, camera paper clips, animal paper clips, you name it. This place has all the paper clips. Just click the drop-down menu to check them all out.

It’s time to print your own planner

I really hope this post has given you some insight on how to get up and running with your new planner! It’s nice to see what options are available to you when it comes to making the most of your planner, and having a guide like this can make it so much easier for finding the things that suit you.

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print your own planner
Print your own planner