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Free Printable Purchase Order Tracker

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Free Printable Purchase Log

Here you will find a collection of purchase order trackers in a variety of styles. These simple yet invaluable templates are designed to help you keep track of your purchases efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re an individual managing personal expenses or an organization handling procurement, these templates are here to streamline your record-keeping process.

What is a Purchase Order Tracker for?

A purchase order tracker helps you record essential details of each purchase that you make. From the date of purchase to the price paid, every transaction finds its place in this log sheet. By diligently documenting your purchases, you gain insight into your spending habits, maintain accurate financial records, and make informed decisions about your budget and expenses.

If you run your own business or are self-employed, a purchase order tracker is a must-have. It helps with expenses, taxes, and allocating funds to certain aspects of the business.

These purchase order templates are so simple to use.

These printable purchase order tracker templates have space to write:

  • Date of purchase
  • Product purchased
  • Supplier used
  • Quantity
  • Price of product
  • Any tax associated with the product
  • Shipping of the product

As you can see, there is more to these templates than simply the cost of the product. It includes all the other important costs such as tax and shipping too.

A purchase tracker is also great for use as a way of comparing different quotes from different suppliers for the same product.

Why not print off a copy of this and use it to source the best suppliers for cost x quantity and their fees before you settle for a supplier?

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purchase order tracker
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Printable purchase order tracker template

Printable purchase order tracker template

How to Use a Purchase Order Tracker

Using a purchase order tracker is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a simple guide to get started:

  1. Date: Write down the date of each purchase. This helps you track when transactions occurred and organize your records chronologically.
  2. Product: Record the name or description of the product purchased. Be specific to easily identify items later.
  3. Supplier: Note the name of the supplier or vendor from whom you made the purchase. This information is crucial for tracking transactions and managing relationships with suppliers.
  4. Quantity: Specify the quantity of the product purchased. Whether it’s one item or a dozen, keeping track of quantities helps you monitor usage and replenishment needs.
  5. Price: Enter the price paid for the product. This includes the base cost before taxes, shipping, or any additional charges.
  6. Tax: If applicable, document the amount of tax incurred with the purchase. This ensures accurate accounting and helps with tax reporting.
  7. Shipping: If there were shipping costs associated with the purchase, record them separately. This allows you to account for all expenses related to the transaction.

Here is an example page of a filled-in purchase order tracker template:

Purchase Log example

With dedicated sections for each essential detail, these templates provide a comprehensive snapshot of your purchasing activities. Simply fill in the relevant information for each transaction, and let the order tracker do the rest.

Whether you’re managing personal finances or overseeing procurement for your organization, these templates are your trusted companion for effective purchase tracking and financial management.

Purchase log

Get the free purchase order tracker

To get the purchase order tracker for free, click your chosen template image above and save it to your computer. You can then print as many copies as you need.

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purchase order tracker
purchase order tracker
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