Cute Bookmarks - 80 Fun printable bookmarks

Cute Bookmarks | 80 Cute Printable Bookmarks

Beautiful and cute bookmarks for any bookworm!

It has been such a joy working on these cute bookmarks and I absolutely love the final result. I actually designed many of these with my four-year-old daughter, choosing our favorite graphics and colors so it’s fair to say many of these bookmarks have been designed with kids in mind!

These bookmarks are perfect for kid’s parties, book clubs, school or even to use as part of your craft projects.

Along with children, adults will love many of these bookmarks too. There are options for everyone with different styles and themes. So grab your favorite bookmarks and a good book and take some time to yourself.

Example of Cute Bookmark Printables
Example of Cute Bookmark Printables

Cute Bookmarks

All of our bookmarks are high quality and free for personal use, so why not print your own bookmark or use them as perfect gifts for the people you love.

To save a bookmark sheet, simply click on any printable image and save it to your computer before printing.

Cute Character Bookmarks

These character bookmarks are so fun! Why not choose a character that looks like you?

Cute Bookmarks
Cute kids and books bookmark
Cute Bookmarks Printable
Cute Girls Bookmarks

Cat Bookmarks

If you’re a cat person then you will love these super cute cat bookmarks. These cat bookmarks are stylish, cute, and handy!

Cute Cat Bookmark Printable
Cute Cat Bookmark Printable
Pretty Cat Bookmarks
Pretty Cat Bookmarks
Cute Cat Bookmarks
Cute Cat Bookmarks
Cat Bookmarks Cute
Cat Bookmarks Cute
Cat Bookmark Printable
Cat Bookmark Printable
Cat Bookmarks
Cat Bookmarks

Animal Bookmarks

The kiddos will love these animal bookmarks for sure! Print a bunch and hand them out in class!

Dog Cute Bookmarks
Dog Bookmarks
Cute Bookmarks Bears
Cute Bears Bookmarks
Wild Animals Cute Bookmarks Printable
Cute Wild Animals Bookmarks
Farm Animals Cute Bookmarks
Cute Farm Animals Bookmarks
Sea Animals Cute Bookmarks
Cute Sea Animals Bookmarks
Pug Cute Bookmarks Printable
Cute Pug Bookmarks
Animal Cute Bookmarks
Animal Bookmarks

Food Bookmarks

I’m an absolute foodie so I have to make some cute food-themed bookmarks. I absolutely love the sushi bookmarks!

Breakfast Cute Bookmarks
Cute Breakfast Bookmarks
Sushi Cute Bookmarks
Sushi Bookmarks
Cute Bookmarks Sushi
Cute Sushi Bookmarks
Cute Bookmarks Ice cream
Cute Ice Cream Bookmarks

Monster Bookmarks

These adorable monster bookmarks are perfect for your own little monster or for Halloween!

Monster Cute Bookmarks Printable
Monster Bookmarks
Cute Bookmarks Monsters
Cute Monsters Bookmarks
Monster Cute Bookmarks
Monster Cute Bookmarks

Unicorn Bookmarks

Looking for a cute unicorn bookmark? Grab your favorite right here!

Unicorn Cute Bookmarks
Unicorn Bookmarks

Make your own printable bookmarks

Did you know that it is ridiculously easy to create your own bookmarks? My favorite thing to use for designing bookmarks is called Canva. It has hundreds of bookmark templates that you can personalize to create your own. Best of all, it’s so easy to use, and the results are amazing, you’ll love it!

Example of Cat Bookmarks
Example of Cat Bookmarks

How to Print

All of our cute bookmarks are free to print for personal use only, so feel free to grab your favorites and get reading!

Our bookmarks are each sized at 2×6″ as an individual bookmark, but you will find 4 bookmarks on one sheet of US Letter size paper. Click on the printable images to save each full sheet of bookmarks to your computer before printing.

Once you have printed your favorite bookmark simply cut around the outline. You can also laminate your bookmark for durability, hole punch it and thread some ribbon, yarn, or a tassel for a personal touch.

Paper Recommendations

Ideally, print these bookmarks using good quality cardstock as it is thicker and more durable than regular paper and will resemble the bookmarks you buy from stores. I really like Amazon’s choice of cardstock paper as the results are far better than ordinary printer paper.

Example of Cute Bookmarks Printable
Example of Cute Bookmarks Printable

What I use to make printables

I love making printables and templates, it’s both enjoyable and a great way to make an extra side income. If you want to make your own designs for fun or extra money, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Canva – Simply the easiest and best design tool to create amazing designs in minutes from thousands of templates. Get a free trial and start creating!
  • Creative Market – Awesome graphics and fonts to use in your designs.
  • Design Bundles – Deals on high-quality premium designs to use in your digital products.
  • Placeit – Mockups, design templates, videos, and more – 15% off!
  • Sellfy – It’s easy to sell your printables and templates using Sellfy and far cheaper and less complex than Shopify. Just list your digital products, start selling, and earn money! Free trial available.
  • Printful – Sell print-on-demand products (you design, they make & send!). Sign up for free and start an online store without inventory.
  • Skillshare – A great way to learn how to make printables, templates, use Canva, and everything creative. Thousands of classes show you how to design, sell digital products, and more. Get 1 month free trial and start learning now!

P.S. Are you looking for extra side income? I make a full income just from blogging part-time. See how I started this blog which also includes my easy step-by-step tutorial on how you can start a blog too.

Example of Cat Bookmarks Printable
Example of Cat Bookmark Printables

Discover more printables that you’ll love

I hope you love these bookmarks and have found a few favorites! I definitely adore this collection, however, if you are looking for more bookmarks then check out our collection of bookmarks.

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