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Watercolor Bookmarks | 120+ Ideas To Print For Free

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Choose from over 100 printable watercolor bookmarks to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your favorite book.

If you’re looking for a beautiful watercolor bookmark for your favorite book then we have you covered! Here you will find an amazing range of unique bookmarks that are suitable for any book lover! Each of them looks absolutely adorable and they make great gifts too – no need for expensive purchases from Etsy!

If you’re someone who likes handmade crafts, then you’ll love these.

Read on to see many ideas and grab your favorite bookmarks. Plus learn how to add your own personal touch if you want to create your own.

TIP: These bookmarks are also great with our printable planners.

Learn how to make your own DIY bookmarks at the bottom of this post!

Example of Feathers Watercolor Bookmarks
Example of Feathers Watercolor Bookmarks

We have various styles of watercolor bookmarks for you to choose from so feel free to either browse or jump straight to your favorite section:

Watercolor Bookmark Ideas

You will find many beautiful watercolor bookmark ideas in this collection. There are several different designs that use different styles of watercolor brushes and paint colors giving you a unique individual bookmark.

To print your favorite bookmark sheet, click on any printable image and save it to your computer first.

Quote Watercolor Bookmarks

Brighten your day with a stunning quote watercolor bookmark!

Also, check out our quote bookmarks to color.

Inspirational Watercolor Bookmarks
Inspirational watercolor
Quotes Watercolor Bookmarks
Watercolor Quotes

Feather Watercolor Bookmarks

Watercolor and feathers are just one of those things that work so beautifully together! Choose your favorite bold or pastel feather bookmark!

Aesthetic Feather Watercolor Bookmarks
Aesthetic Feather bookmarks
Feathers Watercolor Bookmarks
Feathers Watercolor Bookmarks
Feather Watercolor Bookmarks
Watercolor Feathers
Pastel Feather Watercolor Bookmarks
Pastel Feathers

Paint Watercolor Bookmarks

These paint style bookmarks feature watercolors and strokes in various styles, giving you a beautiful and simple bookmark.

Simple Watercolor Bookmarks
Simple Watercolor style
Aesthetic Watercolor Bookmarks
Aesthetic Watercolor style
Pretty Watercolor Bookmarks
Pretty Watercolor Style
Bright Watercolor Bookmarks
Bright Watercolor Style
Cute Watercolor Bookmarks
Cute Watercolor Style
Paint Watercolor Bookmarks
Paint Watercolor Style

Creative Watercolor Bookmarks

These bookmarks are so creative and aesthetically pleasing. I love having a set of bookmarks that make a finished picture. These would be great for a small book club or group of besties.

Beach Watercolor Bookmarks
Beach Watercolor Style
Landscape Watercolor Bookmarks
Landscape Watercolor Style
Hot Air Balloons Watercolor Bookmarks
Hot Air Balloons Watercolor Style Bookmarks

Floral Watercolor Bookmarks

If you love florals and botanicals like me then you will love these bookmarks designed in a floral watercolor style! You will find bold, pastel, and delicate options to suit everyone.

Pastel Floral Watercolor Bookmarks
Pastel Floral Watercolor
Pretty Botanical Watercolor Bookmarks
Pretty Botanical Style
Bold Watercolor Bookmarks
Bold Watercolor Style
Blue Watercolor Bookmarks
Blue Watercolor Style
Botanical Aesthetic Watercolor Bookmarks
Botanical Aesthetic Watercolor Bookmarks
Flower Watercolor Bookmarks
Flower Bookmarks
Delicate Watercolor Bookmarks
Delicate Style Bookmarks
Floral Aesthetic Watercolor Bookmarks
Floral Aesthetic Watercolor Bookmarks
Floral Watercolor Bookmarks
Floral Watercolor Style
Purple Watercolor Bookmarks
Purple Watercolor Style
Rose Watercolor Bookmarks
Rose Watercolor Style

Make your own printable bookmarks

Did you know that it is ridiculously easy to create your own bookmarks? My favorite thing to use for designing bookmarks is called Canva. It has hundreds of bookmark templates that you can personalize to create your own. Best of all, it’s so easy to use, and the results are amazing, you’ll love it!

Example of Inspirational Watercolor Bookmarks
Example of Inspirational Watercolor Bookmarks

How to Print Bookmarks

All of these printables are free for personal use only, so feel free to grab your favorites and get reading!

These bookmarks are each sized at 2×6″ as an individual bookmark once cut out when using regular letter size paper. You will find 4 bookmarks on each sheet. Click on the printable images to save each full sheet of bookmarks to your computer before printing.

Once you have printed your favorite bookmark simply cut around the outline. You can also laminate your bookmark for durability, hole punch it and add ribbon, yarn, or a tassel for a personal touch.

Paper Recommendations

Ideally, print these bookmarks using good quality cardstock as it is thicker and more durable than regular paper and will resemble the bookmarks you buy from stores. I really like Amazon’s choice of cardstock paper as the results are far better than ordinary printer paper.

Example of Pastel Feather Watercolor Bookmarks
Example of Pastel Feather Watercolor Bookmarks

What I use to make printables

I love making printables and templates, it’s both enjoyable and a great way to make an extra side income. If you want to make your own designs for fun or extra money, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Canva – Simply the easiest and best design tool to create amazing designs in minutes from thousands of templates. Get a free trial and start creating!
  • Creative Market – Awesome graphics and fonts to use in your designs.
  • Design Bundles – Deals on high-quality premium designs to use in your digital products.
  • Placeit – Mockups, design templates, videos, and more – 15% off!
  • ShopifyThe most popular online store for your business that’s easy to set up and helps you sell your digital and physical products worldwide. Highly recommended by most printable sellers!
  • Printful – Sell print-on-demand products (you design, they make & send!). Sign up for free and start an online store without inventory.
  • Skillshare – A great way to learn how to make printables, templates, use Canva, and everything creative. Thousands of classes show you how to design, sell digital products, and more. Get 1 month’s free trial and start learning now!

P.S. Are you looking for extra side income? I make a full income just from blogging part-time. See how I started this blog which also includes my easy step-by-step tutorial on how you can start a blog too.

DIY Watercolor Bookmarks

If you’re looking to take on a fun project and explore your creativity then why not try your hand at making your own watercolor bookmarks by hand?

My go-to for learning a new skill is obviously skillshare and there are a few watercolor classes that I enjoy.

This watercolor class for beginners covers everything from supplies to techniques and how to paint certain objects – including feathers!

Yasmina will show you how to have fun with different watercolor projects, showing you easy techniques that you can use for different crafts including handmade watercolor bookmarks.

Take a look around Skillshare. I promise you will be blown away by the talent and skills that you can learn along with different techniques.

Example of Botanical Watercolor Bookmarks
Example of Botanical Watercolor Bookmarks

More free printables for you to enjoy

These free watercolor bookmark printables are a gorgeous option for any book lover!

If you are looking for more bookmarks then check out our collection of bookmarks.

Check out over 500 free printable bookmarks + check out these:

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120 Free Printable Watercolor Bookmark Ideas
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