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Simple Planner – The Ultimate Planner Experience

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The Simple Planner – the ultimate planner experience, featuring a simple design that’s so cute you’ll love it.

Packed full of useful pages to make your planning experience more enjoyable than ever.

Choose the pages you need from dozens of useful pages. Whether you’re organizing your week, setting goals, tracking lifestyle elements, or if you just want to be more organized, this planner does it all.

This planner keeps it simple and helps make planning fun, so you’re more likely to stick to your plans and get things done.

Featuring a Simple Design That’s So Cute You’ll Love it

Simple Planner Set

If you’re looking for something that’s different from all of the other planners out there, that’s attractive, functional, and creative, then this is the one for you.

This planner features a simple layout that is aesthetically pleasing, colorful, and quirky with its fun hand-drawn style.

There is plenty of space and pages to help you stay organized in different areas of your life, from daily, weekly and monthly planning to organizing and taking control of your finances.

You can use this planner bundle to plan the things that matter to you, from organizing your schedule to making a list of the things you need to do.

Simple Planner Day

What’s Included in The Simple Planner

There are so many amazing and useful pages included in the Simple Planner.

You’ll find daily planners to help you plan your agenda and daily tasks, write any reminders and do everything you need to do each day.

Simple Planner Daily
Simple Planner Daily To Do List
Simple Planner To Do List

Plan Your Week In Style

You’ll also find weekly pages for all of your weekly goals and appointments.

The weekly plan pages are likely to be the ones you use most, and you’ll also find a weekly to-do list and a weekly meal planner.

Simple Planner Weekly
Simple Planner Weekly Template
Simple Planner Weekly To Do List
Simple Planner Weekly Meal Planner
Simple Planner Daily Meal Planner

Start Here, Get There

Or look further ahead and organize your monthly plan, with the monthly pages, that you can use for birthdays, events, and all of your monthly goals.

Simple Planner Monthly

Useful pages for all areas of your life that matter

You’ll also find more useful pages for many areas of your life that matter.

Pages for meal planning, goal-setting, habit tracking pages for building better habits, mood tracker for tracking your moods, budgeting pages for tracking your savings and debts, and so much more.

Simple Planner set of 3

The simple planner for everyone

This planner is useful for everyone, from college students to creatives, list-makers, or anyone looking for a self-care planner for note-taking,

Simple Planner Simple Budget Tracker
Simple Planner Side Job Tracker
Simple Planner Savings Tracker
Simple Planner Debt Tracker
Simple Planner Personal Finance Tracker
Simple Planner Personal 3
Simple Planner Project Planner
Simple Planner Weight Loss Challenge
Simple Planner Weight Chart
Simple Planner Notes
Simple Planner Year Overview
Simple Planner Next Year at a Glance
Simple Planner Habit Tracker
Simple Planner Mood Tracker
Simple Planner Month in Review
Simple Planner Meals and Workouts Tracker
Simple Planner Improvement Planner
Simple Planner Home Planner
Simple Planner Grocery List
Simple Planner Goal Planner
Simple Planner Financial Goals Tracker
Simple Planner Checklist
Simple Planner Bucket List
Simple Planner Bill Payment Checklist
Simple Planner 52 Week Savings Tracker
Simple Planner Calendar

Lastly, what planner would be without pages for the calendar year ahead? You’ll find a year calendar plus a year planner to help you plan the whole year ahead.

Simple Planner Printable Bundle

Paper planners are amazing value for money and our collection of printable planners is no exception! This Simple Planner offers everything you need and when you need more pages then simply print what you need.

There’s no need to buy a new planner if you run out of space, there are no recurring costs! Simply print and go, the pages that you need, whenever you need them!

How to get this planner

This planner is available via our Freebie Vault.

Our Freebie Vault is the perfect place to grab your favorite planners (including this one) and we have printable and digital options to suit every style or need.

You’ll find over 1,000 planner templates in many different styles, for all areas of your life, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.

It’s time you treated yourself to a new planner.

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