Free Star Templates

Free Star Template Printables

Looking for a star template for a craft project or kids activity? Here you will find blank star shapes in many different styles and sizes. These printables are great for helping you and your children get creative! You can use our star shape printable for your own crafts, projects, and fun activities.

What you can do with star templates?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to having fun with our star shape templates:

  • Create Christmas bunting
  • Make fun gift tags
  • Print on cardstock to create diy Christmas decorations
  • Use for Hanukkah crafts
  • Color the star shapes
  • Diy garlands
  • Write on the star shapes
  • Create a star stencil
  • Get creative with astronomy crafts and projects
  • Use for scrap booking by printing on construction paper
  • Trace the stars
  • Use them at birthday parties – space theme anyone?

These free printable star shape templates are free for personal use, but please feel free to use them in the classroom!

Star Template

Along with being an amazing creative printable for crafts and other activities, our star shapes are great for helping children develop. These free printable star shapes can help children develop their fine motor skills every time they use them and there are so many ways to use our printable star shapes.

5 Point Star Template

The 5 pointed star is easily the most recognizable star and kids can use them for so many different projects.

These 7-inch stars fit the whole page and are great if you’re looking for an extra-large star template.

6 Pointed Star Template

Christmas Star Template

Nautical Star Template

Rounded Star Template

Sheriff Star Template

Snowflake Star Template

Sparkle Star Template

Various Stars Template

How do you make a flag star stencil?

Need to make a flag star stencil for your next project? We’ve got you covered. You can easily print and use our American flag star template to help you create any flag craft you need. These stars are 1 inch and already positioned in the perfect flag layout, so all you need to create is the stripes!

Click the image or link to save the American flag star template.

Free Printable Star Template

We have a vast range of star templates for you to choose from with over 80 individual pages! Simply choose your favorite star shape and get creative! Get these free printable star templates:

  • 5 Pointed Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • 6 Pointed Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Christmas Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Nautical Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Rounded Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Sheriff Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Snowflake Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Sparkle Stars (1 to 7 inches with mixed size sheet)
  • Various Stars Template (1 to 3 inches)

How do you make a star template?

If you’re looking for a star template, we have over 8 different styles with over 80 individual template pages and they are all free.

Each page is US Letter size (8.5” x 11”) and sizes of stars range from 1” to 7” with mixed-size sheets. There are small stars, medium stars, and large stars for a variety of crafts. We’ve got dozens of printable files for you to choose from right here.

To use our free star template printables, simply choose the one you like by clicking the image or link and saving it before printing.

The Best Star Templates

We hope you find these star templates useful! There are so many fun ways to create and learn and these templates can offer hours of fun.

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