Free Printable Multiplication Charts Tables

Free Multiplication Chart Printables

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Use a free multiplication chart printable to help children or students with math facts. Choose from dozens of different styles of multiplication charts, up to 12, and up to 20, or use a blank multiplication chart.

Free Multiplication Chart Printables

Choose from over 20 styles of multiplication chart printables, from 12×12 multiplication to 20×20 multiplication.

Use these printable multiplication charts to learn your times tables. You can print these for your child to learn at home for homework or distance learning, or for a student to learn in the classroom.

We have blank multiplication charts that can be filled in, great for learning multiplication facts. We also have prefilled multiplication tables for reference or for learning from. Use our color multiplication charts to help you see the multiplication of two numbers easier, by following the color on the grid to see the number.

Multiplication Charts To 12

Free Printable Multiplication Chart
Multiplication Chart Printable
Multiplication Chart to 12
Printable Multiplication Chart
Multiplication Chart Black and White

Blank Multiplication Charts To 12

Blank Multiplication Chart Color
Printable Multiplication Chart Blank
Multiplication Chart Blank Color
Multiplication Chart Blank Black and White
Printable Blank Multiplication Chart

Multiplication Charts To 20

Printable multiplication chart up to 20 in color
multiplication chart up to 20 color
Multiplication chart poster
Multiplication chart up to 20
Printable 20x20 multiplication chart black and white
20x20 multiplication chart

Blank Multiplication Charts

Blank multiplication chart up to 20
Blank multiplication chart to 20
Printable Blank multiplication chart

Cut Out The Multiplication Chart

Just print, cut out and share them with your students or children as a handy aid to help refer to these often for help in learning multiplication.

We’ve designed these to fit several per page, so that you can cut out more than one, for small, compact, and handy multiplication that can be kept anywhere for a useful reference.

20×20 Cut Out Multiplication Charts – Set of 4 Per Sheet

20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 4
20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 4 color
20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 4 blank color

20×20 Cut Out Multiplication Charts – Set of 2 Per Sheet

20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 2
20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 2 color
20x20 Multiplication Table Set of 2 blank color

12×12 Cut Out Multiplication Charts – Set of 4 Per Sheet

12x12 Multiplication Table Set of 4
12x12 Multiplication Table Set of 4 Color

12×12 Cut Out Multiplication Charts – Set of 2 Per Sheet

12x Multiplication Table Set of 2
12x Multiplication Table Set of 2 Color

Blank Times Table Grid

Free Printable Blank Times Table Grid

Printable Multiplication Chart For Kids

If you’re looking for multiplication table fun then check out our free printable multiplication charts for kids.

Free Printable Multiplication Table for kids
Free Printable Multiplication Chart for kids
Free Printable Multiplication Chart in color
Free Printable Fun Blank Multiplication Char
multiplication chart poster for kids to 20
Free Printable Multiplication Chart up to 12 in color
Fun Colorful Blank Multiplication Chart 12x12

Click the following links to print the printable multiplication chart for kids

Multiplication Chart Games

Multiplication Chart Game
Multiplication Table Game
Easy Multiplication Chart Game

Get The Free Printable Multiplication Chart

You can get these multiplication charts by choosing your favorite from the images above or clicking any of the links. Save them to your computer before printing for the best results.

Print The Multiplication Chart

You can print these multiplication charts on any paper, including regular copy paper. I recommend printing on card stock as it’s more durable and will last longer. Better yet, if you print and laminate then these charts can be used significantly longer.

What Is A Multiplication Chart?

A multiplication chart (also known as a multiplication table, or grid) is a useful tool that’s used for math. It is helpful for a child who is learning or revising multiplication facts.

The chart is divided into columns and rows, the amount depends on how many times tables are in the chart.

The grid helps make it easy to see times tables, by showing a list of multiples of a particular number and is an easy way to multiply two numbers, also known as the product of two numbers.

Some multiplication charts may show up to 10, others up to 12, and some also up to 20. There’s really no limit to how big a multiplication chart may be, other than looking more complicated than they need to be, or the size of the paper that they’re printed on.

The multiplication table chart can be placed anywhere where it can be seen daily and it’s recommended that it is revised and used daily.

What is a multiplication chart used for?

A multiplication chart is used to help support students and children to learn mathematics while giving them a useful tool to help them work out math problems.

It can be used as a visual aid when learning times tables, or while working on their homework or projects and can help children memorize or understand the facts associated with multiplication.

Kids start learning multiplication at an early age, as early as 2nd or 3rd grade / primary school, and is used significantly throughout secondary school and is a necessary skill to have.

Making Math Easy

These multiplication charts help your child or student the concept of multiplication and can be very helpful in helping your child do basic arithmetic calculations.

These printable multiplication charts are provided to help give your child an easy way to learn times tables.

How To Use The Multiplication Chart

It’s easy to use a Multiplication Chart. It’s used to quickly find the product of two numbers.

The chart shows a set of numbers running horizontally along the top and also numbers running down the left side. When taken together, the table shows the product of the two numbers from the top and left, which intersect on the grid.

It doesn’t matter what order you multiply the two numbers, as the product of the two numbers will be the same. For example, 8×2 equals 16, as does 2×8. So if you take the number from the top then the side, or the side then the top, the product of the two is the same.

To find the product of two numbers, we look for the first number from the set of numbers running along the top of the chart and also look for the second number from the numbers running down the side of the chart.

We trace where the two numbers intersect, as they meet at a number running down the column of the first number, and along the row of the second number to give us the answer.

For example, if we wanted to know what 8×4 is:

To find 8×4, we find the column that shows the 8 times tables and the row that shows the 4 times table. Then we look for the number in the box where the column and row overlap.

As you can see, the 8th column and 4th row overlap at the number 32.

So the multiplication chart tells us that 8×4 = 32. Easy!

You can also do it the opposite way, by starting with the numbers on the left column, looking for the number 4, and then looking at the numbers along the top to find the number 8. Then see where the two numbers intersect on the grid.

As you can see the 4th row and the 8th column intersect at the number 32.

Again, the chart tells us that 4×8 = 32. Amazing huh?!

Learn Multiplication Facts By Heart

To learn multiplication facts by heart, it is best to try to learn them one table at a time. A times table is just one set of multiplication facts. So start by learning the one times table, then move on to the two times table and so on.

It’s best not to overwhelm the person who is learning multiplication facts with too many at once, as memorization is best done in steps. Only move to the next table when the person feels comfortable with the previous.

The Easiest Way To Memorize Multiplications

The easiest way to remember multiplication is by knowing that every multiplication has a twin.

This means that you only have to remember half the table.

For example, if you’re trying to remember what 4 x 8 equals, but you know that 8 x 4 equals 32, then you already know the answer. So if you forget 4 x 8, you just have to swap the digits around to jog your memory to get the answer.

As 4×8 or 8×4 has the same answer. So this means that learning at least half the table will mean you know the answer to them all.

Your answer might not be as quick, but it will be just a second later once you’ve switched the numbers around in your head.

Taking each table in steps helps both the learner and the person helping them. The learner can then use each table as a stepping stone to more difficult facts.

Stepping stones are simply easier facts that are used to help the learner move to a more difficult fact.

For example, 6×6 is a slightly harder fact to learn than 6×5, as the 5 times table is one of the easier ones to learn. So using the 6×5 as a stepping stone gives 30, then just add one more 6 to this to get 36.

With regular practicing and memorization, over time, the student will manage to do quick calculations with ease.

About These Multiplication Charts

We created these free printable multiplication charts to help children learn their multiplication easier by having a visual reference.

These charts are also useful as a quick reference for when they’re working on homework or any homeschooling.  They can be used as posters in the classroom, or at home, or even added to their math books and journals.

Our multiplication charts are visually appealing and ink-friendly, reducing the printer ink used also helps save money, and the environment too!

Homeschool your child with these free printables

These multiplication charts are great for helping you homeschool your children as all of our resources are free to print.

These charts go up to the number 20.  Most charts only go up to the number 10, and some go to 12.  If your child has started multiplication at school, you can use these multiplication tables to help them memorize them.

Homeschooling is a great way to help your child learn, especially if they are struggling a little bit with math or have multiplication problems, and these charts will help them succeed.

They can also be used for afterschool programs, or for reference while doing math and are completely free to print and use.

Free Individual Times Table Printables

If you enjoyed these printables and would like further useful worksheets and printables to help your child or student progress then be sure to check out our individual times table printables.

We’ve got times table worksheet printables that will help your child learn multiplication and they also complement our multiplication tables in style and usefulness.

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