80 Best Flower Pot Templates

80 Flower Pot Templates – For Crafting & Coloring Activities

Choose from over 80 flower pot templates, in many different styles and sizes. Use for crafting, coloring, and many other fun activities.

Use these flower pot templates at home or in the classroom for a fun and creative activity. You can use these templates to simply color, decorate, or as part of any art lessons.

There are over 80 flower pots templates available to choose from, in 20 different styles and in four different sizes. Some flower pots have space so you can draw flowers in the pots on the page.

Mother’s Day Crafts

You could make a mother’s day flower pot for mom or grandma by decorating the flower pot and using any of our many flower templates to go inside.

To make a beautiful flower pot with flowers, I recommend printing the flower pot template and flower templates on cardstock for sturdiness.

Once you’ve decorated your flowers and flower pot, use scissors to cut out the templates. You can then glue the flower stem to the back of the flower pot, or cut a slit into the flower pot to place the stems in, creating a flower pot full of flowers!

This is one of my kid’s favorite Mother’s day craft ideas as they love being able to make something creative practically from scratch using materials and colors to build it up.

We’ve also made a flower pot gift for grandma! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to share your love.

To use our flower pot templates, simply click on the image or on the link under the image and save it to your device.

Flower Pot Printable

These small flower pots are perfect for creating cute crafts and are 5 inches.

Plant Pot Template

Use these 6-inch plant pot templates to create colorful pictures and arty projects!

Printable Flower Pot Template

These larger flower pot templates are great for bigger flower crafts and coloring.

Template Flowerpot

Our largest templates are 8 inches and perfect for big coloring projects or crafts.

Remember you can always create some pretty flowers for your flower pot! Use any of our templates to create beautiful and unique flower crafts!

Why not check out our:

There are hundreds of flower templates to choose from and they are all free! You can have tons of fun with our free templates.

There really are so many things you can do with our free flower templates, just use your imagination!

Looking for a Mother’s day card template? We have a stunning collection of printable mother’s day cards that you can personalize!

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