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Browse this collection of school templates and printables. Free school templates include first day of school signs, school calendar, back to school flyer, and more.

Assessment Trackers

Assessment Trackers

Choose from 20+ Assessment Trackers that you can print for free, to help you make plans for upcoming lessons in the days and weeks ahead. Are you looking for a printable assessment tracker for your student planner or school binder? We have a great collection of useful and cute printables to help you keep a […]

Lesson plan templates

Lesson Plan Templates

Choose from 20+ Lesson Plan Templates that you can print for free, to help you make plans for upcoming lessons in the days and weeks ahead. Whether you are a school teacher, lecturer, or parent who likes to homeschool, you will benefit from a free lesson plan template. You can use these templates at the […]

Class schedule template

Class Schedule Templates

If you’re looking for class schedule templates to add to your school planner then we have some great options for you to choose from. These school schedules are an amazing resource for high school students, college students, and university students as they are colorful, easy to use, and attractive with the use of fonts and […]

Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker – Keep Track Of All Your Assignments

Use these assignment trackers to keep track of all of your assignments. These free printables are great for students, parents, and teachers! Tracking your assignments will help you work towards maintaining or achieving better grades.  You can also keep a log of your exams too, making sure you don’t miss your important test dates. The […]

Classroom Seating Charts

Classroom Seating Charts

Use our classroom seating charts to help you add structure to your classroom, utilize the classroom space effectively, and create a positive and calming space for students to learn and grow. We have created various styles of seating chart templates that will help you plan the layout of your classroom. Each of these templates is […]

Communication logs

Communication Log

Use a communication log is a great aid for anyone who needs to keep an accurate record of contact with others. We’ve created several templates to help you keep track of any communication you have with a parent, associate, or anyone at all. Communication Log These communication log templates can be used for a variety […]

Printable Protractor in a variety of styles including 360 and 180

Printable Protractor

Use this printable protractor to measure angles when you don’t have a regular protractor available. Just print, cut out and use as normal for an accurate free protractor. Protractors can be used to draw angles, find the measurement of angles, for math lessons and geometry class, and even for architecture. It’s a great idea to […]