Lesson plan templates

Lesson Plan Templates

Choose from 20+ Lesson Plan Templates that you can print for free, to help you make plans for upcoming lessons in the days and weeks ahead.

Whether you are a school teacher, lecturer, or parent who likes to homeschool, you will benefit from a free lesson plan template.

You can use these templates at the beginning of the school year, at the start of the school term, or at any time throughout the year. 

There are multiple pages included in our lesson plan printables. You will find a daily lesson plan template that lays out the instruction for your lessons such as the lesson focus and goals, instructional materials or resources needed,  the learning objectives, the activity, and the assessment. You will also find weekly lesson plan templates allowing you to plan the lessons for the entire week.

No matter what lesson plan format you require, you’ll find templates right here that will suit your teaching requirements.

Lesson Plan Templates

Choose a simple lesson plan template from the collection below to help you gather your thoughts and bring fun and creative learning experiences to your students.

To use our printable lesson plan templates, simply select the template you want and save it to your computer. Then simply print it at home!

Use a lesson plan template in your classroom to help you create an exceptional learning experience.

Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

Use these weekly lesson planner templates to plan the whole week ahead with lessons.

These lesson plan templates are easy to use and are generic. These blank lesson plan templates can be used as preschool lesson plan templates, to create middle school lesson plans and high school lesson plans.

No matter what grade you teach, or the teaching methods you use, our editable lesson plan template will benefit you.

There are plenty of text boxes for space to write checklists or alternatively, you can use any of our printable checklists.

Teacher Planner Free

Looking for more free resources?

We have an amazing collection of printable teacher resources for you to use:

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We’ve created this 64-page teacher planner, that’s full of useful pages to help you make the most of your year.

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You’ll find useful pages such as lesson plan templates class rosters, class schedules, assessment trackers, assignment trackers, behavior logs, class inventory, class projects, and much more.

You’ll also find more familiar planner pages to help you with your day to days, such as daily and weekly planners, to-do lists, and many other pages to help you stay organized.

Best of all, it’s totally free! Simply print, or import into your favorite digital planner app, and make the most of the school year ahead!

We think it is one of the best teacher planners available, so give it a try and see for yourself!

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Teacher Planner Stickers

You will also get free teacher planner sticker sheets included, and better yet, we have tons of free planner stickers available for you to use too. Just take a look around and get your favorites.

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Teacher Planner

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Every week we create a cute set of printables, planners, and digital freebies to help you make the most of the things that matter. Our creations are loved by many and are free for you to enjoy.

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Make the most of your new lesson plan templates!

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