40 Best Daffodil Template

40 Daffodil Templates + Tips For Fun Activities

Choose from over 40 Daffodil Templates to print out or cut out and see our tips for fun coloring and crafting activities.

These daffodil templates are the perfect activity for kids of all ages. You can use these templates simply as coloring pages, painting pages, or get really creative and crafty.

Our daffodil templates are a great educational resource for teachers. You can help children learn the different parts of a daffodil, or teach them fun facts about daffodils.

Here are some of my favorite fun facts about daffodils:

  • The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, Uk.
  • A bunch of daffodils is meant to bring happiness to the recipient
  • Daffodils represent the first month of Spring
  • There are 13,000 different hybrids of daffodil!
  • Daffodils have medicinal properties!

Daffodil Template to Color

Coloring these daffodil templates has never been easier! You can print these templates in bulk on regular printer paper for kids to get creative with.

Children can use all sorts of fun materials such as glitter or sequins to create something truly unique.

Why not create a daffodil display on the wall for Spring? Simply cut around the template once it is decorated and stick it on the wall. The children will love seeing their creations on display.

Toddlers love the larger flower templates for getting messy. Supervise your toddler while they use yellow paints to create a beautiful daffodil painting or pastel chalk and crayons.

The daffodil templates have 10 different styles in 4 different sizes. Some daffodils have long leaves and stems, whereas other templates are flower heads or petals – there are so many choices to choose from.

Daffodil Template to Cut Out

One of my favorite ways of getting crafty with these daffodil templates is to create a daffodil bouquet!

Older kids love this simple craft and it makes a great gift for mom or grandma. To create a daffodil bouquet I would recommend printing a daffodil template that has a stem on cardstock for sturdiness.

Use scissors to cut around your daffodil template – you can do this before or after you decorate your daffodil.

When decorating a flower template, I love to glue tissue paper onto the petals using a glue stick. You can use lovely yellow or orange tissue paper for your daffodil or even use different colors.

Using tissue paper will give your daffodil texture but you can use other materials too. Why not try felt or crepe paper!

Once you have finished your daffodils you can also decorate a flower pot or vase for them! Decorate one of our flower pot templates and when you are finished, put a little slit in the pot to slide your daffodils in. You can use a little bit of tape or glue to secure the flowers at the back.

To use our daffodil templates, simply click on the image or on the link under the image and save it to your device.

Daffodil Free Template

Choose a beautiful small daffodil template for small crafts and projects.

Daffodil Template to Print

These daffodil templates are either 6 inches wide or 6 inches high depending on the style.

Template For Daffodil Flower

Choose a larger daffodil flower for bigger craft projects or to help little ones with their coloring.

Template For Daffodil

Our largest daffodils are either 8 inches wide or high depending on the style. These are perfect for larger crafts or activities.

If you love our flower templates then we have a massive collection that you can use for any projects, activities, or crafts!

Why not check out our:

Choose from over 100 lovely flower templates, perfect for children and adults! Get super crafty and mix and match all of our amazing templates to create something truly special! You can even make a mixed bouquet!

Try out one of our many flower pot templates! You can decorate a flower pot template for your amazing flowers!

There really are so many things you can do with our free flower templates, just use your imagination!

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