Tulip Templates - 40 to choose from for printable coloring and craft projects

Tulip Template | 40 Best Printables To Choose From

Choose from over 40 of the best free tulip template printables, for coloring, crafting, and more fun projects for kids and adults.

Bring in the spring season with our gorgeous collection of free tulip templates!

Use the tulip templates as a fun activity at home or even in the classroom! We encourage everyone to enjoy our templates to help children learn, grow and develop.

These tulip templates are such a fun project and you can do so many different fun things with them. They make a great gift for mother’s day too.

There are so many cool ways of using our free templates! You can simply print the tulip template on paper and color it in with your favorite markers or you can get really creative and make your own paper flowers.

To use our tulip templates, simply click on the image or on the link under the image and save it to your device.

Tulip Template To Print

Choose from our cute collection of 5 Inch tulip templates to print! These are perfect if you want a smaller flower with more on one page. These are great for saving ink and bulk printing for lots of little hands!

Free Printable Template

This collection of free printable tulips is a slightly larger size at 6 Inches and still has multiple flowers on one page.

Tulip Printables

If you’re looking for a larger collection of tulip printables to color or craft with then these 7-inch tulips are a good option.

Tulip Free Templates

These big tulip templates are 8 inches and perfect for bigger crafts. Children love decorating the large petals and creating messy but beautiful designs!

Tulip Coloring Template

These tulip templates are perfect for preschoolers and children of any age to use. Color directly onto the page or cut around the flower then color.

You can print multiple tulip templates, cut them out, create a fun bouquet, or mix and match them with our other flower templates!

Tulip Craft Template

To create your own paper tulip craft that is fun and easy for kids I would first recommend printing your template on cardstock for a sturdy base. Use the scissor to cut around the template and gather some simple materials to decorate such as tissue paper, crepe paper, or glitter.

The fun thing about making your own flowers is you can be really creative and make something truly unique. Use a glue stick to stick down a paper straw on top of the stem and glue tissue paper on the petals.

Tissue paper is thin and light, whereas crepe paper is thicker, wrinklier, and sturdier (think of the paper on a pinata)!

We have a huge collection of beautiful flower templates that you can use to color or get creative with, so whatever your favorite flower, check out our fun collection!

Why not check out our:

Choose from over 100 pretty flower templates, perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, or older! Get super crafty and mix and match all of our amazing templates!

We also have flower pot templates so you can decorate a flower pot template for your amazing flowers too!

There really are so many things you can do with our free flower templates, just use your imagination!

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