68 Rose Template options to use, printable, cricut and more

Rose Template: 68 Styles For Fun Activities & Crafts

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Looking for a simple and creative activity for children or for fun craft projects? Then our free printable rose template options are perfect for use at home or at school.

Our rose templates are the perfect craft for children and adults! You can use these gorgeous templates to learn about flowers, create cute Valentine’s day pictures or gifts or even use them for Mother’s day too!

There are so many different rose templates to choose from in various sizes from 5 inches to 8 inches so you can create something truly unique.

Choose from the cutest smallest petals to giant roses!

You will also find:

  • Rose buds
  • Rose blossoms
  • Roses with stems
  • Rose bush
  • Roses in a vase
  • Vintage style roses

Get creative with these printable rose templates! Simply use them at home or in the classroom to create fun pictures.

Rose Template To Color

Print these out on basic printer paper if you want to color them in with pens or pencils or print them in bulk for the classroom. You could decorate the stems with thorns, or add bumble bees. I love adding glitter to the edges of the petals!

Print them on cardstock if you want to add other materials such as fabrics, pom-poms, and other heavier items.

For little children, I would recommend going around the flower outline with a thick marker before you cut the template out with scissors. This will help children feel more confident staying in the lines and give the flower a thick outline. Alternatively, you could simply leave a white border around the flower or cut it straight down to the line.

One of my favorite ways of using a rose template is by creating paper flowers. Simply print the templates on a thick card, decorate them all and then overlap them to create a paper bouquet!

This is such a fun activity that children love and they feel so proud giving mom paper flowers that they created rather than real flowers!

To use our free printable rose templates, simply click the image or the link under the image and save them to your device.

5 Inch Rose Template

These rose templates are perfect for creating cute cut-out flowers in smaller sizes. There are 17 different styles of rose to choose from and you can use them in many different ways.

6 Inch Rose Template

These rose templates are slightly bigger and sit at 6 Inches. Some are six inches wide whilst others are six inches high.

7 Inch Rose Template

For a larger flower template, we have a collection of 7 Inch roses and eight-inch roses. These are great for bigger projects or simply if you want a big flower to color.

8 Inch Rose template

These big and bold eight-inch rose templates are perfect for creating crafts and decorations that really stand out.

Rose Template Printable

These rose template printables are such a great resource for teachers and come in handy! They are so versatile and can be used for many different activities and special occasions.

If you love our rose template printables then be sure to check out our other range of flower printables! We’ve covered a varied collection of popular flowers for you to choose from and get creative with.

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There really are so many things you can do without free flower templates, just use your imagination!

Our templates are free for personal use and teachers may use them in the classroom.

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