14 KWL chart templates in a variety of styles

KWL Chart | 14 Templates

A KWL chart is a great way for students to learn more about a topic. Choose from 14 KWL chart templates for visual and engaging lessons.

If you are a teacher, mentor, or mom looking for a printable KWL chart template then we have a great selection for you to choose from.

These KWL chart graphic organizers are ideal for the classroom and can easily be incorporated into your lesson plans. They are also super handy for using at home too and can help with preparing for exams or assignments.

KWL Chart Template

To use our KWL charts, simply click on the image and save it to your computer before printing.

Read below on how to use a KWL template. You’ll find a variety of different styles, from simple KWL charts to lined versions. You’ll also find a selection of colorful and graphical versions for more visual lessons.

KWL Chart Simple
KWL Chart Simple Lined
KWL Chart
KWL Chart Lined
KWL Chart Template
KWL Chart Template Lined
KWL Chart Template Simple
KWL Chart Template Simple Lined
KWL Chart Printable
KWL Chart Printable Lined
Kwl Chart PDF
Printable KWL Chart
KWL Template

Choose from a variety of KWL charts in different styles for engaging classroom lessons.

What does KWL chart mean?

KWL is an acronym for ‘know’, ‘want to know’, and ‘learned’ and is an educational activity that helps students to learn more about and get a greater understanding of a topic.

A KWL table is a great resource for the classroom and can be used to build language skills, can be used as a reading guide, and also aids metacognition.

Using a KWL chart can really improve a students’ learning and can help teachers understand a students’ prior knowledge on a topic.

It is one of the best teaching strategies for actively encouraging students to access their background knowledge, explore their curiosity and understand more about the given topic.

How to use a KWL chart

A KWL chart is super easy to use and you will find a KWL template ready to print.

To use a KWL template, there are three steps to follow:

  1. Get the student to write down what they already know about the topic. They should write this in the ‘K column’ or ‘what I know column’. Consider using prompts to help the students dive deep into their current understanding of the topic and to encourage brainstorming.
  2. Next, the students should write down what they want to learn about the topic. They should write any ideas or even a list of questions in the ‘W column’ or ‘what I want to know column’. Teachers should review these so they can aim to address student questions throughout the course of a lesson.
  3. In the ‘L column’ or ‘what I learned column’, students can write down the new information they learned throughout the lesson.

Free Educational Printables and Worksheets

Hopefully, you find these KWL charts helpful. They really are a great learning tool that teachers and educators love.

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