Printable Protractor in a variety of styles including 360 and 180

Printable Protractor

Use this printable protractor to measure angles when you don’t have a regular protractor available. Just print, cut out and use as normal for an accurate free protractor.

Protractors can be used to draw angles, find the measurement of angles, for math lessons and geometry class, and even for architecture. It’s a great idea to have a protractor that you can print and use for homework any time you need one!

A protractor print out is useful, especially when you need one quickly. You might find that you desperately need a protractor but you don’t have one on hand.

These printable protractors are a great resource for teachers and students to use in the classroom for geometry, math, and more. They’re also great for moms too when they need one to help with homework and homeschooling.

These printables can also be used by engineers, architects, or anyone who needs to use a protractor and doesn’t have one available.

Printable Protractor

We’ve created two printable protractors that are actual size to help you draw angles, help with your angle measurements and even use them in school lessons.

The single protractor template comes in different sizes such as a printable 180-degree protractor and also a printable 360-degree protractor.

Printable Protractor 180 - US Letter
Printable Protractor 180 – US Letter


Printable Protractor Free 360 - US Letter
Printable Protractor Free 360 – US Letter


Choose from a printable protractor or printable protractor pdf.

Protractor Print Out 180 - A4
Protractor Print Out 180 – A4


Printable Protractor 360 - A4
Printable Protractor 360 – A4


The printable protractor comes in US Letter and A4 size and is available as a PNG or PDF.

To save the protractors, simply click on the template image and save it to your computer or click the link to the pdf files.

Printing the Protractor

Be sure to check your printer settings before you print a protractor template. Simply follow these steps to print your protractor true to size:

  • Make sure the Page Scaling is set to None
  • Click Properties and set the Page Size to Letter or A4 (depending on what paper you use)

I recommend printing the protractor on a nice cardstock for sturdiness and durability.

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I hope you find these printable protractors useful and easy to use!

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