Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Tracing | 165 Free Printable Worksheets

Use these number tracing printables to help your children or students practice their number writing. Over 165 free printable worksheets, perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners.

We’ve created a huge range of number practice worksheets that are designed to help children learn numbers in a simple and fun way.

write the numbers 1 to 5
trace the numbers 1 to 5
write the numbers 6 to 10
trace the numbers 6 to 10

Number Tracing

write the number 1 one
write the number 2 two
write the number 3 three
write the number 4 four
write the number 5 five
write the number 6 six
write the number 7 seven
write the number 8 eight
write the number 9 nine
write the number 10 ten
write the numbers 11 12
write the number 13 14
write the number 15 16
write the number 17 18
write the number 19 20
tracing number 1 practice
tracing number 2 practice
tracing number 3 practice
tracing number 4 practice
tracing number 5 practice
tracing number 6 practice
tracing number 7 practice
tracing number 8 practice
tracing number 9 practice
tracing number 10 practice
Tracing number 1 worksheet
tracing number 2 worksheet
tracing number 3 worksheet
tracing number 4 worksheet
tracing number 5 worksheet
tracing number 6 worksheet
tracing number 7 worksheet
tracing number 8 worksheet
tracing number 9 worksheet
tracing number 10 workseet
Trace the numbers
Trace the numbers
Trace the numbers 1 to 10
trace the number 1
trace the number 2
trace the number 3
Tracing Numbers trace the number 4
trace the number 5
trace the number 6
trace the number 7
trace the number 8
trace the number 9
trace the number 10
trace number 1
trace number 2
trace number 3
trace number 4
trace number 5
trace number 6
trace number 7
trace number 8
trace number 9
trace number 10
practice writing the number 1
practice writing the number 2
practice writing the number 3
practice writing the number 4
practice writing the number 5
practice writing the number 6
practice writing the number 7
practice writing the number 8
practice writing the number 9
practice writing the number 10
Practice writing number 1
practice writing number 2
practice writing number 3
practice writing number 4
practice writing number 5
practice writing number 6
practice writing number 7
practice writing number 8
practice writing number 9
practice writing number 10
practice tracing number 1
practice tracing number 2
practice tracing number 3
practice tracing number 4
practice tracing number 5
practice tracing number 6
practice tracing number 7
practice tracing number 8
practice tracing number 9
practice tracing number 10
number tracing worksheet
number tracing worksheet 1-20
number tracing one
number tracing two
number tracing three
number tracing four
number tracing five
number tracing six
number tracing seven
number tracing eight
number tracing nine
number tracing ten
Number tracing practice
number tracing practice sheet
number tracing 1 - 5
number tracing 6 - 10
number tracing 11 - 15
number tracing 16 - 20
Number tracing 1
number tracing 2
number tracing 3
number tracing 4
number tracing 5
number tracing 6
number tracing 7
number tracing 8
number tracing 9
number tracing 10
Number tracing 1 to 5
Tracing numbers 1 to 5
Number tracing 1 to 20
Number tracing 1 10
number practice 1 and 2
number practice 3 and 4
number practice 5 and 6
number practice 7 and 8
number practice 9 and 10
number practice 11 and 12
number practice 13 and 14
number practice 15 and 16
number practice 17 and 18
number practice 19 and 20
number 1 preschool worksheet
number 2 preschool worksheet
number 3 preschool worksheet
number 4 preschool worksheet
number 5 preschool worksheet
number 6 preschool worksheet
number 7 preschool worksheet
number 8 preschool worksheet
number 9 preschool worksheet
number 10 preschool worksheet
number 1 practice tracing
number 2 practice tracing
number 3 practice tracing
number 4 practice tracing
number 5 practice tracing
number 6 practice tracing
number 7 practice tracing
number 8 practice tracing
number 9 practice tracing
number 10 practice tracing
number 1 practice preschool worksheet
number 2 practice preschool worksheet
number 3 practice preschool worksheet
number 4 practice preschool worksheet
number 5 practice preschool worksheet
number 6 practice preschool worksheet
number 7 practice preschool worksheet
number 8 practice preschool worksheet
number 9 practice preschool worksheet
number 10 practice preschool worksheet
Letter and number tracing
Letter and number tracing
Count and trace the numbers
Count and trace the numbers

Resources For Teaching Children to Number Trace

Our easy to use worksheets are not only educational but also entertaining too. They’re great for hands-on number practice and they’re very engaging. We’ve made them detailed with simple objects to help them recognize numbers, by counting the numbers that they’re about to practice writing, which really helps make these worksheets interactive.

If you’re homeschooling your children or a teacher in the classroom teaching number formation, these number worksheets are a fun way for

The children just trace over the dots with a pencil or pen, toddlers at home preschools or kindergartners can use these free printable worksheets as a fun way to have an intro to math via number recognition.

Some kids don´t like to write, but they do often enjoy learning numbers and writing when the activity is made fun such as made into a game.

Top Tips for Teaching Your Children to Trace Numbers

  • Print off the free number tracing worksheets that you need. These writing numbers worksheets feature traceable numbers from 1 to 20.
  • I recommend that you print then laminate these worksheets, as you’ll be able to reuse them as often as necessary.
  • Children can even use crayons to trace the numbers and then color the numbers for even more fun. Our number tracing printables are also a great way to help children improve their fine motor skills.
  • These printable worksheets can be reused many times when using markers and can simply be wiped clean afterward.
  • We’ve also included areas on these worksheets where there are missing numbers, to have children write the numbers from memory that they’ve been practicing. This is a great way to stimulate their memory and help them learn quicker.

I hope you find these writing numbers worksheets very useful. We’ve got more free number tracing activities for toddlers and kindergarten kids. We plan on combining all of our number tracing pages into a useful printable number tracing book, so please check back for that or sign up for our newsletter for news and our latest teaching resources and freebies.

About These Number Tracing Worksheets

Here at World of Printables, we create many different printables, worksheets, templates, and freebies which are great for home school. Our printables are useful to children of all ages, to help them with their education, or to learn useful things that they will use throughout their everyday life.

You’ll find many more useful printables such as our range of printable times tables, or our fun printable kids activities to help your children learn, or to pass the time enjoyably without the need for screens.

These worksheets are the copyright of World of Printables and are not to be resold, or distributed. Please link back to this page if you feature any of these

The Best Printable Teacher Resources

We hope you find these free number tracing printables useful! There are so many fun ways to use these worksheets to help your children and students learn.

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