Period stickers for planners

Period Stickers – Free Printable & Digital Planner Stickers

If you are planner obsessed then you will love these gorgeous period stickers to help you track your menstrual cycle.

We have designed these planner stickers as a printable and digital set so you can choose the type that suits your planning style.

Also, check out our printable period tracker for your planner!

To save these printable planner stickers, click on the sticker sheet you like and save it to your computer. Alternatively, you can save these as a high-quality pdf sticker pack – see below for details.

All printable and digital files are for personal use only.

Printable Period Stickers

We have designed the cutest menstrual calendar for you to track your period, where you can mark off the days with cute love hearts or even the period drop stickers.

For marking your period on another calendar or monthly planner, choose from our varied collection of period stickers. There are drops, underwear, or sanitary products.

Menstrual Calendar Period Stickers
Menstrual Calendar Period Stickers
Tracker Period Stickers
Tracker Period Stickers
Period Stickers
Period Stickers
Cute Period Stickers
Cute Period Stickers

How to Print Planner Stickers

My favorite way of using printable planner stickers is by either cutting them on a machine like the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint or by printing them on sticker paper.

If you use a lot of printable planner stickers or plan to make and cut your own then I definitely recommend investing in a Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint, otherwise, you can simply print on sticker paper and cut around them by hand.

I love to print planner stickers on JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper. It’s a matte paper that prints and cuts beautifully.

For cutting stickers by hand, opt for some craft scissors so you can be precise!

Digital Period Stickers for GoodNotes 5

We also have these period stickers pre-cropped and ready to go for your digital planner! These have been designed to work with GoodNotes 5 but if you have another planner app, feel free to try them out. See how to get your passcode below.

Get the PDF Sticker Bundle

To get these period stickers in one convenient high-quality printable sticker bundle. See how to get your passcode below.

Get your download code

Get your passcode to download these freebies and many of our premium freebies throughout our website.

You’ll find the freebie code displayed in the website videos on this page and other pages throughout our website. If you can’t see the videos, try disabling your ad blocker and refresh the page.

More free planner stickers

Looking for more printable planner stickers? Check out our Stunning and useful free planner stickers for your planner or bullet journal.

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