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We’ve created this GoodNotes planner for any digital planner enthusiast or anyone who wants to be more organized with their tasks, schedule, and life.

This free GoodNotes planner features a stunning high-quality design, packed full of useful pages, hyperlinked for easy navigation.

Over 100 GoodNotes templates are included in this digital planner

When it comes to GoodNotes, this is simply the best planner you’ll find.

free digital planner
free digital planner

See what’s included in this GoodNotes Planner

You’ll find over 100 useful templates within the pages of this planner.

Every page of this GoodNotes planner is designed in a colorful style, and features hyperlinked tabs to help you quickly go to the pages you need.

This hyperlinked planner works with many popular apps for your tablet, such as GoodNotes, Notability, Penly, and more.

Features include:

Key features:

  • Stylish color design
  • Hyperlinked Tabs and Clickable Index for easy navigation.
  • Blank Lined Paper for simple note-taking
  • Dot Grid Paper for design and ideas
  • Blank Checklist
  • Digital Notebook Pages
  • Digital Notepad pages
  • Custom Sections (x6)
  • Stylish Cover

The hyperlinked tabs and menu page make it great for easy navigation. Just tap the icons or toolbar menu to jump to any page instantly.

goodnotes daily planner template free
GoodNotes daily planner template free

Over 100 GoodNotes templates included

This planner is packed full of over 100 GoodNotes templates. You’ll find pages that include:

Daily Planner – use the daily pages to plan your day ahead, prioritize your tasks, schedule, and more.

Mood and Habit trackers – ideal for wellness and self-care.

Meal planners for planning your family’s healthy meals. Plus planners for tasty recipes and more.

Dated planners including monthly calendars are perfect for planning each and every month of the year.

Weekly spreads – use the weekly pages to plan your schedule, tasks, appointments, and activities for the week ahead.

Monthly budget pages are perfect for managing your money. You’ll find trackers for savings, debts, expenses, and more.

Undated planners, including daily, weekly, and monthly pages, so that you can create as many copies as you need.

Page templates, including lined paper, dot grid pages, checklists, blank pages, and more.

Custom sections, are great for personalizing with pages that you can tailor for yourself.

There are simply so many useful free GoodNotes templates included, you’ll have everything you need for everyday planning.

Goodnotes templates
Goodnotes templates

The cute digital planner has been designed to work beautifully with GoodNotes and is fully hyperlinked and good to go.

You will have so much fun navigating through this planner and organizing your tasks, schedule, and more.

We have a huge amount of free digital planners and also planner inserts that will help you create a digital planner that suits your every need.

You can get this free digital planner just by popping your email into the box below and start planning now.

Popular GoodNotes templates included

2023 GoodNotes Calendar

Use the GoodNotes calendar template to see every day of the year at a glance. We’ve included a 2023 and 2024 calendar.

goodnotes calendar template
GoodNotes calendar template

Monthly Calendar

You’ll also find a stylish monthly calendar dated for every month of the year. Perfect for planning each month.

goodnotes calendar
GoodNotes calendar

GoodNotes Weekly Planner

Use the weekly planner to plan your schedule for the coming week. You’ll also find a weekly to-do list that you can use to plan all of your tasks for the week ahead.

goodnotes weekly planner template
GoodNotes weekly planner template

GoodNotes Day Planner

There are also useful GoodNotes daily planner templates that you can use to plan your schedule each day. Plus we’ve also included a daily to-do list to help plan the tasks you need to do each day.

goodnotes day planner
GoodNotes day planner

Monthly Planner

There is a GoodNotes monthly planner template that’s perfect for anyone who needs an undated digital planner

goodnotes monthly planner
GoodNotes monthly planner

Home Planning & Recipe Planner

Every homemaker could benefit from a planner page that’s designed to help you manage everything you need to do at home. From chores, meals, errands, and more.

Plus we’ve included a recipe planner, great for helping you write down any new recipes you want to try.

goodnotes templates free
GoodNotes templates free

Personal Planning & Improvement Planner

We’ve included wellness and lifestyle templates too. These are great for anyone who wants to live a healthier life, both mentally and physically.

Digital personal planner template
Digital personal planner template

Habit Tracker & Mood Tracker

Track your moods and your habits with these two tracker templates. These pages are beneficial to many people, and can really help you track how you’re feeling.

digital habit tracker template
Digital habit tracker template

GoodNotes Meal Planner

Plan your meals in style with the daily and weekly meal planners and be more organized, eat healthier, and even save money by being more organized and planned with groceries and meals.

goodnotes meal planner
GoodNotes meal planner

Goal Planner

The goal planner template helps you plan your goals and set deadlines for achieving them. You can list all of the actions you need to do to help you complete your goal, and mark each as achieved when you’re reached them.

Digital Goal Planner Template
Digital Goal Planner Template

Digital Project Planner

The project planner is helpful for anyone who likes to make and plan projects. Write your project idea, objectives, and any tasks that make up the project.

Digital project planner
Digital project planner

GoodNotes Budget Template

Manage your budget and bills with these budget templates. You can track your spending, log your income, and much more. There’s also a bill payments checklist, great for tracking all of your bills and when you pay them.

goodnotes budget template free
GoodNotes budget template free

Savings Tracker & Debt Tracker

Use the savings tracker to set savings goals and to track your savings as you work towards them. The debt tracker is useful for keeping tabs on your debts with the aim of helping you pay them off as quickly as possible.

Digital Savings Planner Template
Digital Savings Planner Template

Weight Loss Tracker & Weight Chart

Log your weight, set weight goals, and track your weight loss with these useful weight templates.

digital weight loss template
Digital weight loss template

Workout Tracker & Calorie Intake Tracker

Use the digital meals and workouts tracker to log your meals, calories consumed, and workouts.

Digital workouts tracker
Digital workouts tracker

Digital Spending Tracker

Use the digital spending tracker to log your spending throughout the month so that you can account for the money you’ve used and how you’ve paid for things. There’s also a digital holiday budget tracker that’s great for setting a budget for a vacation or for the holiday season.

digital spending tracker
Digital spending tracker

Digital Grocery List

Use the digital grocery list to write down what you need to buy for when you go grocery shopping.

Digital grocery list
Digital grocery list

Custom Digital Planner

You’ll also find six custom sections that you can use for anything. Custom sections are great for planning or logging things that are unique to you.

Goodnotes custom section
GoodNotes custom section

Digital Notepad

This has to be the best digital notepad that you’ll find for GoodNotes. Featuring a stylish look and plenty of space for all of your notes.

Use it to write down notes as you go, or for thoughts and ideas. Simply copy the pages as many times as you need to create your own digital notebook.

digital notes template
Digital notes template

You’ll also find many more planner pages for things that matter, including:

  • Thoughts and Notes
  • Checklist
  • Master List
  • Wish List
  • Bucket List
  • To Do List
  • Contact List
  • Password Tracker
  • Events & Key Dates
  • Improvement Planner

There’s also a printable version too!

If you like this GoodNotes planner and would also like a printed version, then we’ve got you covered!

Our cute printable planner has all of the pages that you see here, in a printable format. Just print it out and use it as a regular planner.

What you can do with this GoodNotes planner

There is so much that you can do with this GoodNotes planner. All you need is the good notes app, or any similar app, such as Notability, Noteshelf, Penly, or Xodo.

Just import this free GoodNotes planner into your chosen app, and start your planning in style.

Use this planner for simple things like a digital notebook, writing notes, ideas, reminders, and more.

Simply use your device for any type of handwriting, from creating daily plans to seeing your week at a glance, or simply just for doodles!

goodnotes weekly planner
GoodNotes weekly planner

Get more for your GoodNotes Planner

Personalize your planner with more planner pages, digital stickers, and more.

We’ve created a huge range of freebies that will help you extend your planner in so many different ways.

You’ll find even more of the pages that you need from hundreds of different planner templates and individual png files which you’ll find throughout our website for free. Just add them to your planner to make it the ideal planner for you.

Plus, decorate your planner with fun free accessories!

See our range of digital stickers and choose from thousands of stickers that you can add to your planner for free.

The perfect way to create your own personalized planner.

The best digital planner for GoodNotes designed for you

This cute digital planner for GoodNotes has been carefully designed to help you get the most out of digital planning, with many pages ready for you to start planning, tracking, and prioritizing.

This planner and our other full digital planners work with the GoodNotes app and other popular pdf annotation apps such as Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, and more.

Goodnotes daily planner
GoodNotes daily planner

It’s the perfect planner for anyone looking to take notes, make plans or organize their daily life digitally.

A digital GoodNotes planner that’s free and easy to use

We make it so accessible for anyone to start digital planning and we put a lot of time and love into our digital planners all of which have a perfect blend of features and style.

Our free digital planners are updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for updated versions, and new releases.

Just save this digital planner to your iPad or Android tablet, open it in your favorite digital notebook app such as GoodNotes and start using it now! It comes in PDF format, for easy importing and is compatible with many similar apps and devices.

Start planning 2023 the right way with this free 2023 digital planner

If you’re looking for more GoodNotes planners, be sure to see our huge range of the Best Digital Planners that you’ll find for many more different styles of planners that you can use for free.

full digital planner
full digital planner

How to get this free GoodNotes planner

You can get this free GoodNotes planner right here, just pop your email address in the box below and you’ll be sent a code and link directly to your inbox.

Just save the digital planner to your iPad or Android device, then import it into Goodnotes or a similar pdf annotation app such as Notability, Penly, CollaNote, then start planning! It will instantly feel like you’re using a paper planner. It’s very easy to navigate and use.

This planner isn’t suitable for printing, but don’t worry – if printable planners are more your thing then we have lots of them that you’ll love. Check out our full range of planners.

free goodnotes templates
Free Goodnotes templates

Common questions about GoodNotes

Are digital planners better?

There are many reasons why digital planners are better than regular printed planners.

You can copy and reuse pages as often as you need, cutting down costs. They’re better for the environment as there’s no paper used and no waste either. They’re also great time savers, as you can copy and paste anything from tasks, schedules, and more instead of having to rewrite. You can also search through your planner to quickly find anything that you’ve written previously.

Digital planners are also very affordable, especially when you use high-quality free digital planners like those that we offer here on our website.

Best of all, they’re portable and accessible from anywhere. You can sync them between devices, back them up, share them, and even access them from the web using GoodNotes web viewer.

Can GoodNotes be shared?

GoodNotes planners can be shared so that you and others can work together on the same planner.

Can GoodNotes work offline?

GoodNotes works offline, there is no need for an internet connection unless you want to sync your planner between devices.

When will GoodNotes be available for windows?

GoodNotes is only developed for iOS devices as the majority of people use iPads for digital planning. There are no plans for a windows version.

However, there is a GoodNotes web viewer that can be used to view your notes on Windows.

When will GoodNotes 6 be released?

GoodNotes 6 isn’t due to come out in the near future. There have not been any official announcements.

Where to get GoodNotes templates

You can find many GoodNotes templates free right here on our website. Check out our full range of digital planners that work with the Goodnotes iPad app. You’ll find many styles of templates to choose from.

The templates come in PDF format that you import directly into any annotation app.

Which planner should I get?

There are many different styles of planners that you can get. The planner that you choose comes down to style and features.

You can choose from dated and undated planners in a range of stylish designs.

There are also planners dedicated to things such as meal planning, budgeting, wellness, and more.

Our all-in-one planners combine all aspects of life and work into a planner bundle, so you’ll have all of the pages that you need to plan and organize the things that matter.

Check out our full range of planners – you’ll find printable and digital planners in a variety of styles.

Free Printable 2023 Planner

Love our free digital planners but would rather have a paper version? If you’re more of a fan of traditional planners, then take a look at our free printable 2023 planner that features the same planner pages that are featured in this planner, but in a printable format.

We’re constantly adding more new freebies to help you make the most of the things that matter, such as free digital planners, stickers, and planner printables. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get occasional updates on our latest freebies that you can enjoy.

weekly to do list
Cute GoodNotes Digital Planner

How to get this free digital planner

You can get the digital planner right here, just pop your email address in the box below and you’ll be sent a code and link directly to your inbox.

Just save the digital planner to your tablet, then import it into your note-taking app such as Goodnotes, then start planning! It will instantly feel like you’re using a paper planner. It’s very easy to navigate and use.

This planner isn’t suitable for printing, but don’t worry – if printable planners are more your thing then we have lots of them that you’ll love. Check out our full range of planners.

Get the free digital planner

To get this awesome digital planner, just pop your email address into the box below.

We’ll also keep you updated from time to time whenever we release an updated version or have more awesome free digital planners, stickers, and more for you to enjoy.

Want some free planner stickers? They’re so cute you’ll love them!

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If you love this cute digital planner, then you’ll also love our cute 2023 printable planner bundle.

Free 108 Page Cute 2023 Planner is packed full of everything you need to plan and organize your year ahead.

Packed full of cute calendar and planner pages to help you plan, schedule, and organize your days and weeks, meals, health, and money.

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Learn more about the best ever cute 2023 planner that you’ll ever use and get your copy now.

Hello 2023 Planner

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Why not make 2023 an amazing year? Set goals, plan how you’re going to achieve them, and make the most of the things that matter. Great for use as a personal planner, or for use at work.

Our 2023 planner is packed full of useful planner pages to help you get more done, stay organized, and live healthier and happier.

free printable planner 2023

Get this awesome free 2023 planner bundle.

Make the most of your new free digital iPad planner!

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