sales tracker template

Sales Tracker Template

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sales tracker template

This printable sales tracker template is a must have for a small business or someone who is starting out with a side hustle.

If you run your own business, Etsy, Shopify or Amazon store and you need to track orders, especially when you have to ship orders, then this printable sales tracker is made especially for you.

This template can also be helpful for keeping a sales log for tax purposes.

When I first started out with my first business and sales weren’t so heavy, I used this sales tracker to help me log sales and also help me when it came to making and packing my orders.

It is really important to be organized with the sales you receive. This way you an make sure you are always on top of things and always ship your orders on time.

This is especially important if you sell on Amazon or Etsy, as it can affect your metrics or could even result in the loss of your selling privileges.

How to use this free printable sales tracker template

The sales tracker has space to write different information that helps you with all aspects of your business whether that’s logging sales, helping with packing info or giving you data for your expenses.

The sales tracker has space to write:

  • The date of the sale (to figure out when it is due out after processing)
  • Item that you sold (also use it to know what to create)
  • Quantity
  • Customers name (to know who to send it to)
  • Order number (for any details and further information)
  • Shipping Date (deadline day)
  • If you’ve shipped it
Download Printable Sales Tracker Template

As you can see, you can use the sales tracker also as a packing list and to help you know what to make but this is only really an option for when you are starting out and have very few sales.

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Download the free sales tracker template

To get the sales tracker template for free, click the template image above and save to your computer.

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