52 week money challenge

52 Week Money Challenge

If you have a financial goal and would like to save extra money for a vacation, gifts, or emergency fund then get started by using any of these beautiful 52-week money challenge printables!

Saving for anything can be a daunting idea. With bills coming out, expenses, and little treats here and there, where do you begin when it comes to saving? We’ve created a selection of 52-week money-saving challenge printables to help you reach your savings goals.

52-week money challenge

The 52-week money challenge is an easy way of saving money on a weekly basis, increasing the amount you deposit every week. For example, on the first week, you will add $1 to your piggy bank or high-yield savings accounts, on the second week, you will add $2 and on the third week, you will add $3 – you see how it goes.

The money challenge generally begins in January at the start of the year and continues to the final week of December.

You can also add any pennies, coins, or loose change you find lying around the house to your savings or to a jar as extra savings for something else.

We’ve created 16 different styles of the 52 week money challenge to choose from. Simply pick your favorite design from the selection here and print. Then start saving today!

52 Week Money Challenge - 1
52 Week Money Challenge - 2
52 Week Money Challenge - 3
52 Week Money Challenge - 4
52 Week Money Challenge - 5
52 Week Money Challenge - 6
52 Week Money Challenge - 7
52 Week Money Challenge - 8
52 Week Money Challenge - 9
52 Week Money Challenge - 10
52 Week Money Challenge - 11
52 Week Money Challenge - 12
52 Week Money Challenge - 13
52 Week Money Challenge - 15
52 Week Money Challenge - 16
52 Week Money Challenge - 17

Printable 52-week Money Challenge

This 52-week money challenge printable makes it easy to save. Just print and add it to your planner or binder and start saving right now.

I am a real fan of this money challenge because it’s realistic, easy to use, and allows me to save without any real pressure.

How much do you save doing the 52-week challenge?

When you follow the 52-week money challenge to a tee, you can expect to save $1,378 by the end of the year. This monthly savings challenge is easy but as the weeks go on and the weekly increments get higher, you will have to consider your spending habits and make a conscious effort to save.

How to use the 52-week money challenge

This money challenge printable is easy to use, looks great, and is guaranteed to help you save money.

This money challenge doesn’t confine you to making a strict deposit each week. The idea behind this savings printable is to help you save over a longer period of time with a weekly minimum amount that you set. This means you can go at your own pace.

It’s perfect for those with a smaller income and doesn’t pressure you to save a certain amount each week. Simply set your own minimum weekly saving. It could be $2, it could be $10. The amount of money you save is up to you.

Along with logging your weekly savings, there is also space to write some details such as:

  • your starting balance
  • minimum saving amount
  • what you’re saving for
  • what is your saving goal

It’s good to see this information every time you look at your savings challenge so you can stay motivated and geared towards achieving your goal.

If you’re curious about other saving challenges then there are a few options to consider:

  • No Spend Challenge
  • Envelope Challenge
  • The Penny Challenge
  • 365 Day Money Challenge
  • Spare Change Challenge

Have a look at these saving ideas and see if any of them suit you. If you let us know we might just make some stylish printables for them.

Get the free printable money challenge

To get the money challenge printable for free, choose your favorite template from the images above and save it to your computer before printing.

Alternatively, for the highest-quality version which comes in PDF with lots of different styles included, just enter your Love & Pixels code below.

If you want to overhaul your finances completely then I also recommend checking out the Financial Budgeting Planner that you’ll find within our Love & Pixels hub.

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