Simple habit trackers

Free Simple Habit Tracker Printable

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use simple habit tracker for your planner or bullet journal then this is a great option.

This free printable habit tracker covers every day of the month, with a tracker key so you can fully customize it to track whatever you need. There is also space for additional notes too.

How do I use a habit tracker?

If you’ve never used a habit tracker before you might be a little confused when you begin.

You’ve probably seen them in other people’s bullet journals or planners and they look like a ton of squares colored in different colors.

Don’t worry, it will make sense and you will soon be coloring yours in too.

  • Circle, highlight, or underline the month that you are using it for
  • Write up to 12 habits you want to track in the habit tracker key and choose a color for each habit – color in the square at the end of where you write your habit.
  • The habit tracker chart has every day of the month down the left-hand side and the number of the habit along the top.
  • Let’s say 4 of your habits are – 1. yoga 2. study 3. paint 4. dance and on day one you study, paint, and dance. You will color in squares 2, 3, and 4 along the 1st line.
  • If on day two you do yoga, paint, and dance then along the second row you will color in squares 1, 3, and 4.

That’s how a habit tracker works and it is really straightforward and useful. Many people are using habit trackers because they find that it benefits them and helps them make progress.

If you think it could work for you then why not try it out? 

simple habit tracker template
Download free printable simple habit tracker template

Open the image above to view and print the habit tracker template.

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Habit tracker templates

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