Printable I Spy Christmas Coloring Page Game

Free Printable I Spy Christmas Coloring Page Game

This free printable I spy Christmas coloring page game is the perfect kid’s activity to do while your kids are at home over the holiday season.

What kid doesn’t love Christmas?! There’s so much fun and joy to be had over the festive period. These days the buildup to Christmas starts right after Halloween.

Children get so excited when Christmas is nearing. But often it’s too cold to go outside. So with that in mind, we’ve created this fun Christmas game to keep your kids occupied when they’re indoors.

Just print this off and grab some coloring pens and let them have fun! Your children can even play this on Christmas day to help keep them occupied and happy while you’re preparing Christmas dinner!

Our I Spy games are a great activity for kids because they can play a game and also color in too. So much fun in something so simple and exactly what kids love.

How to play this Christmas game

To play this game you simply have to find all the Christmas things that are hidden on the page and count how many of each kind you find and write the amount in the boxes. You can also color in the Christmas items to create a colorful picture that your kids can hang up somewhere in their home.

You can even color the background any color you like. By coloring the background your children can create a winter wonderland effect! Kids can be so creative!

We’ve created a huge amount of these games so you’ll be able to keep your kids entertained over the festive season while giving you some much-needed time to yourself. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Christmas Coloring Page Game

Free Printable I Spy Christmas Coloring Page Game

Our free Christmas-themed I Spy game is a great activity for kids to do to help them enjoy the festivities that excite them while giving them time to be creative and to keep busy.

Our I Spy games are very popular with kids of all ages and are a great way to keep kids busy while indoors and teach them visual discrimination which is the ability to detect differences and similarities in size, shape, and color.

Children love Christmas and coloring these Xmas items and objects is such a fun activity for them to do.

They can even write the names under each of these Christmas objects and each one can be colored separately as they don’t have to use the same colors for the same objects that they find.

We’ve also created tons of Christmas coloring pages that you can print and enjoy for free for hours of fun along with many more awesome coloring pages of all themes that kids love.

About this Christmas coloring page game

We’ve made a game out of this Christmas coloring page, by asking the player to search for each item shown at the top and counting the amount that they find of each item in the boxes below.

When they’re done finding the Christmas objects they can then color the page in. Christmas often has colors of reds and greens, but if they prefer they can just go wild and create a colorful picture that’s uniquely their own.

The Christmas theme coloring page features six different objects, including snowflakes, stockings, Santas, candy canes, gifts, and penguins. When it is completely colored in it creates such a pretty picture of Christmas that your children will love.

If you like this Christmas game, then be sure to check out all of our awesome Christmas coloring pages for lots more colorful fun. We’ve also got printable Christmas decorations that you can print and use for Christmas parties or decorations.

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Fun Christmas Facts For Kids

Did you know that Jingle Bells was the very first song played in space?

Jingle Bells was also originally a thanksgiving song.

If you want to send Santa a letter at Christmas, he even has his own postal code in Canada. You can send letters to: Santa Claus, North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada.

The statue of liberty was actually a holiday gift given to the USA from France in1886.

These days almost 2 billion Christmas cards are sent in the US alone at Christmas.

The largest-ever gingerbread house ever made was almost as big as a real house.

Did you know that you can donate your used Christmas tree to elephants? Many zoos give evergreens to hungry elephants who enjoy them as a seasonal treat.

See more awesome fun Christmas facts if you love these interesting tidbits

Print the I Spy Christmas Coloring Page below

Simply click the printable I Spy Christmas Coloring Page Game image to enlarge it and then save it to your computer before printing. Print as many as you want and remember to check out our other I Spy games

I recommend that you print a few of our I Spy games or coloring pages to give your kids variety and to keep them busy.

I Spy Christmas Coloring Page
I Spy Christmas Coloring Page - 2

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These Christmas coloring activities are a great way to relax, whether you’re giving them to your kids to do to keep them busy over the holidays so you can have time to yourself, or for you to do to help you relax and wind down.

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Be sure to grab as many printables as you can while you’re here and print them off whenever you need activities for your kids.

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I Spy Christmas Coloring Page Game
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