16 Awesome Diet And Fitness Printables

16 Awesome Diet And Fitness Printables To Help You Stay On Track

If you’re starting out on your fitness journey or just looking for something to help you stay on track and progress then we have some cool free fitness printables to help you out.

These free fitness printables will help you track your habits, prep your meals and stay motivated. Go ahead and check them out, maybe you will find something for you!

These free printable diet trackers are a great way to help you stay on track of what you are eating for each individual meal of the day on a weekly basis. Take charge of your food intake, water intake, and healthy snack intake.

Free Printable Minimalist Weekly Diet Tracker

This super cute and easy to use weekly diet tracker from World of Printables is such a great way to start and keep on track of your food, water and progress.

weekly diet tracker mockup (1)

Free Printable Weekly Fruit And Water Intake Tracker

Do you struggle to meet your fruit/veg and water targets? I know I do, I’m really bad. That’s why this free printable from World of Printables is a great option for helping you focus on those goals. It looks cute too.

Weekly Fruit And Water Intake Tracker Mockup1 (1)

Free Printable Weight loss Goal Tracker

Looking for a free printable to help you track your weight loss goals? This free printable weight loss goal tracker from World of Printables helps you track your weight loss journey over a 12 week period and make helpful notes to help you along the way.

Weightloss Goal Tracker

Free Fitness Tracker Printables

Free Printable Bold Stripe Workout Tracker

I love this bold workout tracker from World of Printables. The bold stripes make this free printable attractive and the layout is smart and easy to use.

Bold Stripe Workout Tracker Mockup

Free Printable Blush Workout Tracker

Looking for a simple, elegant, and functional workout tracker? We love this Blush Workout Tracker from World of Printables. It also matches the weekly diet tracker!

Blush Workout Tracker Mockup1 (1)

Free Printable Workout Schedule

This workout schedule from Printable Crush is so pretty and colorful. I love it. Use this free printable to focus on individual areas of your body and take helpful notes.

Idea from Printable Crush

100 Mile Challenge Printable

This 100 Mile Challenge printable from Exercise With Extra Fries ( that name kills me!) is so great. This challenge printable focuses on completing 100 miles over a 30 day period through walking or running. Check it out, it’s more achievable than it sounds.

Idea from Excercise With Extra Fries

Free Printable Meal Planners

When it comes to fitness you need to focus on more than just exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen, so they say and that’s why we’ve sourced these amazing meal planners to help you get started and stay on track.

Free Printable Minimalist Weekly Meal Planner

This weekly meal planner page from World of Printables is simple and easy to use. Covering Monday to Sunday, this meal planner has plenty of space to write notes and plan.

Minimalist Meal Planner Mockup

Free Printable Triangle Pattern Weekly Meal Planner

This pretty triangle pattern weekly meal planner from World of Printables is a quick and easy way to see your meals laid out for the week.

Triangle Pattern Meal Planner Mockup 3

Free Printable Colorful Weekly Meal Planner

This colorful weekly meal planner from World of Printables offers plenty of space to plan your meals from Monday to Sunday along with space to make any notes.

Colorful Meal Planner Mockup 3

Free Habit Tracker Printables

Habit trackers are such a great way of keeping track of those things that are important. Whether it’s strength training, cardio or fitness classes, use these simple habit trackers for free.

Free Printable Strength Training Habit Tracker

Use this free strength training habit tracker from World of Printables to keep on top of your workouts and sessions. These free habit trackers are perfect for sticking in your planner or journal.

Strength Training Habit Tracker

Free Printable Cardio Habit Tracker

This free cardio habit tracker from World of Printables is an easy and useful way of tracking your cardio. You can match this up with our strength training habit tracker too and stick them in your planner.

Cardio Habit Tracker Mockup 1

Free Fitness Motivation Printables

When it comes to getting on top of our fitness game, sometimes we need a little bit of motivation. Check out these free printables below, from wall art to planner stickers.

Free Fitness Printables: Vision Board Fitness Cutouts

These free vision board fitness cutouts from The Dumbelle are so feminine and pretty. Print these out today to help keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Idea from The Dumb Belle

FREE Fitness Planner Stickers Printable

I love these gorgeous fitness planner stickers from Sunny Day Family! They are so colorful, pretty and look amazing in a planner! Head over to the site to get yours today.

Idea from Sunny Day Family

Free Printable Wall Art – Work Hard Stay Humble

This free Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Art Print from World of Printables would be great for placing in your home gym or even downloading the file to use as a phone background or in your planner.

Work Hard Stay Humble mockup 2 - Printable Wall Art

Free Printable Wall Art – Eat Sleep Repeat

I really love this Eat Sleep Lift Repeat free print from World of Printables and think it is a great option for those who love to weight train or lift weights. Use this free print as motivation today.

eat sleep repeat mockup 2 - Printable Wall Art

Hopefully you find one or more of our free fitness freebies useful for your health and fitness journey. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on using any of these freebies and what things you would like to see in future!

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