Christmas Worksheets

Christmas Worksheets – 100 Printable Christmas Activities

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Get into the festive spirit with our delightful Christmas worksheets! These engaging and creative activities are designed to bring holiday cheer to kids of all ages. From jolly puzzles to enchanting coloring activities, imaginative drawing exercises, and a whole lot more, our Christmas worksheets are the perfect way to celebrate the season and keep young minds entertained while embracing the joy of the holidays.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or simply looking to add some Christmas magic to your day, these worksheets offer a wonderful opportunity for fun and learning during the most wonderful time of the year!

To use any of our printable Christmas activities, simply open the image you like, save it to your computer, and then print it.

Bingo Dauber Christmas Printables

Kids will have a blast with printable Christmas bingo dauber worksheets, as they get to use colorful bingo daubers to fill in the circles, turning the holiday-themed pictures into their own vibrant masterpieces.

Free Printable Christmas Activities
Christmas Worksheets pdf
Christmas Preschool Worksheets Free
Christmas Preschool Printables
Christmas Fun Worksheet
Christmas Free Printable Activities
Christmas Day Worksheet
Christmas Activities Printable
Bingo Dauber Christmas Printables
Xmas Worksheets for Kindergarten

Decorate a Hat Christmas Worksheet

These Christmas worksheets allow kids to unleash their creativity by coloring and designing their very own festive headwear, making the holiday season even more enchanting.

Activity Sheets for Christmas
Activity Sheets for Christmas 10
Activity Sheets for Christmas 9
Activity Sheets for Christmas 8
Activity Sheets for Christmas 7
Activity Sheets for Christmas 6
Activity Sheets for Christmas 5
Activity Sheets for Christmas 4
Activity Sheets for Christmas 3
Activity Sheets for Christmas 2

Bingo Christmas Activity Sheets

Our printable Christmas bingo sheets are a fantastic way to bring holiday cheer to the whole family, as you mark off festive symbols while enjoying quality time together.

Printable Christmas Bingo
Christmas Bingo Sheets
Christmas Bingo Printable
Christmas Bingo 6
Christmas Bingo 5
Christmas Bingo 1
Christmas Bingo 7

Christmas Coloring Worksheet

Printable Christmas coloring worksheets make learning fun as children use numbers to discover the perfect colors for their pictures, adding a delightful educational twist to the holiday season.

Xmas Worksheet
Free Christmas Coloring Worksheets
Christmas Holiday Worksheets
Christmas Picture Printables
Christmas Fun Worksheet
Christmas Free Printable Worksheets
Christmas Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten
Christmas Coloring Worksheet
Christmas Coloring Activity Sheets
Christmas Activities Printable

Drawing Christmas Activities Printable

Enhance your holiday creativity with printable Christmas activity sheets that provide prompts for you to draw, turning each page into a canvas for your festive imagination.

Worksheet for Christmas for Kindergarten
Free Xmas Worksheets
Free Christmas Sheets
Christmas Worksheets for Kindergarten
Christmas Worksheet
Christmas Printable Worksheets
Christmas Drawing Worksheets
Christmas Drawing Worksheet
Christmas Art Worksheet
Activity Sheets for Christmas

Emotion Activity Sheets for Christmas

These educational worksheets come to life with emotional elves, reindeer, and Santa, helping kids understand feelings by drawing them on the characters’ faces, turning the learning experience into a merry and expressive journey.

Worksheets Christmas Free Printable
Xmas Activity Sheets
Christmas Work Sheet
Free Christmas Printables Activities
Christmas Activity Sheets Free Printable
Prek Christmas Worksheets
Christmas Activity Pages Free
Christmas Classroom Activities Free Printables
Fun Christmas Sheets
Christmas Worksheets Printable Free
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Christmas Pre K Worksheets

Christmas Math Worksheets

Use these printable counting worksheets to engage children in a festive learning adventure, as they count Christmas candy canes, reindeer, and Christmas trees, honing their number recognition skills with holiday charm.

Candy Cane Worksheet:

Candy Cane Worksheet
Candy Cane Worksheets Preschool
Christmas Math Worksheets
Xmas Maths Worksheets
Christmas Math Pages
Christmas Math Sheet
Christmas Counting Worksheet
Christmas Math Coloring Sheets
Christmas Math Worksheets Free
Free Christmas Math Sheets

Christmas Tree Worksheet:

Free Christmas Math Sheets
Christmas Math Worksheets
Christmas Math Pages
Christmas Tree Worksheet
Christmas Counting Worksheets Preschool
Christmas Math for Kindergarten
Christmas Math Free Printables
Christmas Math Fun Worksheets
Christmas Maths Colouring Sheets
Christmas Number Worksheets

Reindeer Worksheet:

Christmas Number Worksheets for Preschoolers
Christmas Number Worksheets
Christmas Printable Worksheets Kindergarten
Christmas Themed Math Worksheets
Christmas Math Worksheets
Christmas Printable Worksheet
Xmas Math Worksheets
Christmas Activity Sheets Printable
Christmas Counting Worksheet
Christmas Free Printable Activities

Ornament Christmas Counting Worksheet

These Christmas printable counting worksheets turn counting into a joyful activity as children adorn Christmas trees with the correct amount of ornaments, combining learning and holiday spirit in one delightful exercise.

Christmas Counting Worksheet
Christmas Counting Worksheet 2
Christmas Counting Worksheet 3
Christmas Counting Worksheet 4
Christmas Counting Worksheet 5
Christmas Counting Worksheet 6
Christmas Counting Worksheet 7
Christmas Counting Worksheet 8
Christmas Counting Worksheet 9
Christmas Counting Worksheet 10
Christmas Counting Worksheet 11

Same or Different Christmas Holiday Worksheets

Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas activity sheets that challenge children to spot the differences between festive elements, adding a fun and engaging twist to the season’s festivities.

Xmas Worksheet
Fun Christmas Activity Worksheets
Free Christmas Printables for Preschool
Free Christmas Activity Sheets
Christmas Holiday Worksheets

I hope these Christmas activities bring joy and excitement to your holiday season, providing both fun and educational experiences for children of all ages. From coloring worksheets to counting exercises and spotting the differences in festive scenes, these engaging activities are sure to create lasting memories and foster a deeper appreciation for the magic of Christmas

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