Cute Animal Coloring Pages

Cute Animal Coloring Pages

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These cute animal coloring pages are a fun way to learn about animals and to also focus on your own development.

Coloring is an excellent way of improving concentration and practice focus in kids of all ages, along with developing motor skills in preschoolers and toddlers.

Adults and older children might find coloring a great way to relax and reduce anxiety and stress. It is a hobby that benefits everyone!

Printable Animal Coloring Pages

These animal coloring sheets feature so many different animals from zoo animals, jungle animals, and farm animals to sea animals.

Find pages of animals such as giraffes, butterflies, elephants, goats, foxes, alpacas, and adorable baby animals too.

To use a cute animals coloring sheet, select the image you like and save it to your device. You can then print it or color it digitally!

Cute animal coloring pages - A snail with bees
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Snail
Cute animal coloring pages - A red panda eating rice balls
Animal Coloring Pages – Red Panda
A curious racoon on a branch
Printable Animal Coloring Pages – Racoon
A pig in mud with the sun and a barn
Free Animal Coloring Pages – Pig
Two penguins sharing noodles under the moon
Animal Coloring Page Printable – Penguin
Cute animal coloring pages - A bold peacock
Cute Animal Colouring Pages – Peacock
A sleeping Panda
Panda Animal Coloring Pages
Cute animal coloring pages - An owl on a branch with the moon and stars
Owl Coloring Pages
A happy narwhal under the sea
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Narwhal
A llama with sunshades on, cacti in the front and the words "No Drama Llama"
Llama Coloring Page
Cute animal coloring pages - A happy lizard with cactus
Lizard Animal Coloring Pages
A hedgehog with a love heart and the words "be Brave"
Cute Animal Colouring Pages – Hedgehog
A hamster eating a strawberry surrounded by flowers
Cute Hamster Coloring Pages
goats standing by a river with the sun and flowers
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Goat
a cute frog on a lily pad
Cute Frog Coloring Page
Cute animal coloring pages - A cute frog in a pond with butterflies
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Frog with Butterflies
Cute animal coloring pages - A fox in a flowery meadow
Fox Coloring Pages
An elephant under a rainbow and sun with flowers
Zoo Animal Coloring Pages
A crab on the beach with a dolphin jumping out of the water
Sea Animal Coloring Pages
A chibi dog with his house and ball
Cute Dog Coloring Pages
A cute dinosaur with the words "rawr" and stars
Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages
A snail eating a leaf in a garden
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Cute Snail
A cute cow sitting next to a milk bucket
Farm Animal Coloring Pages
Cute animal coloring pages - A corgi dog with a union jack love heart and a crown
Corgi Animal Coloring Pages
A chick holding a flower surrounded by sun beams
Cute Chick Coloring Pages
A sleeping cat in the living room dreaming of fish.
Cute Cat Coloring Pages
Cute animal coloring pages - A cat playing with toys
Cute Animal Coloring Sheets
An Axolotl under the water with hearts
Cute Animal Coloring Pages – Axolotl
An alpaca with a birthday gift, a party hat and confetti falling
Alpaca Coloring Pages
A cat doing yoga in front of a snowy window with a candle and plant.
Fun Animal Coloring Pages – Yoga Cat

I hope you love these cute animal coloring pages and use your best pencils to color them!

Animal Fun Facts

Want to know some really cool facts about the animals on our planet? Here are 10 fun facts you should know:

  • A group of Hedgehogs is known as a prickle
  • A group of ferrets is called a business!
  • Although polar bear fur is white, their skin is actually black
  • Elephants can’t jump
  • The Vaquita is the rarest animal in the world
  • Starfish have no blood or heart
  • An Octopus has blue blood
  • Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent animals in the world
  • Koalas are lazy
  • Snakes don’t have ears

I love these facts! They are so interesting! Did you know any of these facts?

Free Printable Coloring Pages

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